Moorhead -- The score was 14-21 at halftime.  Moorhead came into halftime with the momentum and they continued to carry it in the begging of the second half.  They moved down field swiftly as they scored on a 1 yard touchdown run by quarterback Matt Bye to make the score 14-28.

Sartell would get the ball looking to make it a one score game.  They attempted to move the football downfield.  However Moorhead's defense continued to make strides as they stopped Sartell and forced them to punt the ball.

Moorhead was looking to continue to pile on the points to make it a three score game.  They moved the ball down field until quarterback Bye under threw a wide receiver and was intercepted by Sartell's Jonah Nebosis.  

Nebosis's return was a big one as it is brought back to the one yard line.  Running back John Schmidt punched in the ball for a one yard touchdown to make the game 21-28.

After Sartell got the score Moorhead was looking to forget about the interception that was thrown on the previous drive.  They moved the ball down the field but not very far as they were forced to punt the ball back to Sartell.

Sartell would be looking to continue to build momentum and to even up the score on this drive.  Unfortunately they were unable to move the ball at all.  They were forced to punt on their 15 yard line.

No one would score until the fourth quarter.  Moorhead still had possession of the ball when we headed into the fourth quarter.  They moved the ball downfield and scored on a 20 touchdown reception by Mike Dugnski to make the score 21-35.

Getting the ball back Sartell was looking to answer back with a touchdown of their own to make it a one score game.  They moved the ball efficiently.  Then came the long bomb from quarterback Chris Belling to Jake Lieberg.  It was a 55 yard touchdown reception.  With a missed extra point the score was 27-35.

Moorhead got the ball looking to take time off the clock and ice the game looking for the score to do it.  They were unable to move the ball downfield as they gave Sartell the ball back.

Looking to tie things up Sartell was on the move.  And they decided to take a shot in the endzone.  Belling tossed the ball into double coverage looking for  Brandan Walz but he was intercepted on the one yard line.

The plan was to run down the clock Moorhead was just running simply plays and to stay in bounds to let the clock run down.  But running back Dugnski had other plans as he took off and ran for a 76 yard touchdown run to seal the victory at 27-41.

Sartell's quarterback Chris Belling finishes the game 16-31 for 268 yards with 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.  Sartell finishes the season 4-6.

Moorhead's quarterback Matt Bye finishes the game 9-14 for 129 yards with 3 touchdowns and 1 interception.  Moorhead improves to 9-0 and will play Alexandria next week.