The Sartell Sabres are hoping the lessons learned in their 0-9 2017 season turn into wins in 2018. The Sabres will have 19 seniors bringing valuable experience to the field this season.

Among those seniors are multi-position athlete Ryan Giguere, and big offensive lineman Drake Lalim. Both say they are optimistic about the upcoming season.

“I’ve seen a lot of improvement throughout the team,” Giguere said. “We have a lot of guys returning, which is always a good sign and we are all working together.”

Lalim says that the experience the seniors gained last year has led to better communication, which has been a team goal heading into camp. Giguere adds that he has noticed an elevated level of passion this offseason.

“I feel like we connect a lot more on and off the field, so I feel like the ball is getting around better,” Lalim said. “Everything is communicated a lot better.

“Our key goal is to working together and building team chemistry, along with running the football well,” Lalim said. “If we can do that, that’s the key to winning games.”

“I think we are all close as friends, we all know one another,” Giguere said. “We have a lot of passion and desire to come out and try to win every week.”

Lalim says that he has noticed a difference in how teammates approach him since he has been named a senior captain.

“Being a senior is important, and as a captain they really look up to you,” Lalim said. “You are expected to do things right and you should be, since you have been playing for a while.”

Giguere says that fans who come out to see the Sabres should expect an exciting brand of football.

“Expect excitement and a lot of energy,” Giguere said.

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