As we reach our third month of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jay and Dave wonder which of the four major men's pro sports will be the first to actually step foot onto a field/court/rink/diamond this summer (if any).

While baseball would be the most obvious contender due to the built-in social distancing and the fact that it has already worked in other countries. However, the owners and players are having trouble coming up with a financial plan that pleases all sides and no deal seems imminent any time soon.

The NBA recently said they would be back on the floor on July 31st in Orlando to finish some regular season games and then hold a playoff tournament, but July 31st is a long time away and a lot can happen from now until then.

The NHL has a bunch of plans in a bunch of places, but it is the NHL and nothing has been actually scheduled or planned.

It will be interesting to see how the NFL will proceed with their season beginning in just a few months. They will need to tackle (no pun intended) two big issues: the sheer number of people on an NFL sideline and the fact that there is constant physical contact between players.

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