Major League Baseball will have to overcome some serious hurdles to successfully complete the 2020 season under the looming specter of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jay and Dave address some of the issues surrounding the season on this week's edition of "Ovie and The Franchise."

Should there be an asterisk associated with any team who wins such a short season? What about if a team's top two or three starting pitchers gets diagnosed with COVID-19 right before a playoff series or the World Series?

Another question that remains to be answered would be at what point are there so many players infected and quarantined that you are forced to postpone or ultimately cancel the season. What if a player, coach or umpire dies?

What will the game be like without fans? Will we notice any difference on TV: more swearing, less emotion, etc?

All of these questions and more are answered on this week's podcast:

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