Roger Mischke
Roger Mischke


December 2, 2018


We will include from the Central Lakes Conference: Sartell Sabres, Sauk Rapids Storm, St. Cloud Tech Tigers and Rocori Spartans. From the Granite Ridge Conference: Albany Huskies, Becker Bulldogs and the Foley Falcons. From the Park Region Conference the Royalton/Uspala Royals and from the Central Minnesota Conference the Eden Valley Watkins Eagles, Kimball Area Cubs and Holdingford Huskers.

Will bring you the individual results of the duals and Individual tournaments of all eleven teams. Also the list of upcoming of events, current state ratings and conference standings. You can get more of your wrestling news and results at and more info on our local teams on my blog site: for more on Section and Conference previews and Bi-weekly columns thru out the season.


The Falcons went 4-1 in duals this past week; as they defeated their Granite Ridge Conference rivals the Milaca Wolves 61-6. They went 3-1 at the Dassel Cokato “Charger” Duals; with big wins over their Section 6AA rivals Dassel Cokato 48-24, Section 2AA Lean and Mean the Delano Tigers 36-25 and Section 3A the Pipestone Area Arrows 69-6. They dropped a dual to to number No. 12AA ranked Marshall Tigers 35-26. Connor Thorsten went 4-0, Alex Jennissen, Evan Milejezak, Caden Ruhoff, Ethan Oswald, Logan Thorsten, Isaiah Fitch and Max Lefevbre all went 3-1. Mark Dierkes, Elijah Novak and Hunter Gorecki all went 2-1.


The Sabres traveled to Bemidji to take of the Lumberjacks to take on the No. 5AAA ranked, Section 8AAA rivals. They dropped the dual to the Lumberjacks 34-24, they splits the matches at seven a piece. The Sabres dropped their first dual meet of the season.


The Storm had a good week, they went 4-1 in duals on the week. They split duals at the Albany “Husky” triangular, they defeated Section 6AA foe Albany 43-25 and they dropped a close one to Section 6AA the Becker Bulldogs 28-21. Dante Haywood, Jared Spohn, Jacob Ackerman and Marcus Santilla all went 2-0 at the Albany triangular. The Storm traveled to Richfield on Saturday, where they went 3-0. They earned the championship at the Richfield “Charlie Turner” Duals, with wins over Richfield Spartans 65-15, Roseville Raiders 41-27 and the Cloquet-Esko-Carlton Lumberjacks 54-13. The Storm had eight wrestlers go 3-0; Jared Spohn (12-1), Jacob Ackerman (12-2), Andrew Wollak (8-3), Cole Ackerman (9-5), Marcus Santillana (9-5), Benjamin Gilbertson (8-6), Sawyer Simmons (4-3) and Joey Hoeschen. Hunter Farnick went 2-0 and Dante Haywood (7-6) went 2-1.


The Bulldogs went 4-1 on the week in their dual meets, they won both duals at the Albany “Husky” triangular. They defeated Granite Ridge Conference rivals Albany 43-21 and Section 8AAA foe the Sauk Rapids/Rice Storm 28-21. Kalen Rish, Ethan Anders, Jake Nelson, Lukas Paulson, Kevin Andres, Logan Jurek and Caden Dewall all went 2-0 at the Husky triangular. The Bulldogs earned second place at the Glencoe-Silver Lake “Panther” Duals with wins over Section 6AA rivals the Annandale/Maple Lake Lightning 42-25 and Section 4A foe the Norwood Young America Raiders 61-18. They dropped the championship dual to Section 2AA foe, The Tri City United Titans 31-30. Jake Nelson, Lukas Paulson, Kevin Andres, Kylen Rish and Brayden Weber all went 3-0, Caden Dewall went 2-1 and Logan Jurek went 2-1 at the Glencoe-Silver Lake duals.


The Tigers defeated Section 8AAA and Central Lakes Conference rival the Rocori Spartans 58-18. This dual was hosted by Cathedral High school. The Tigers competed at the Cass Lake “Big Bear” Invitational, a field of over forty teams. Taylor Hugg earned seventh place at 170, he is now 12-4 on the season. Drew Kiffmeyer went 3-2 at 195, he was one match short of being a place winner, he is 8-4 on the season. Tylar Zachman at 145 went 2-2, he is 7-7 on the season. The Tigers finished with 51 points for 27th place in this huge field of teams.


The Royals split their duals at the Eden Valley-Watkins “Eagles” Triangular. They defeated Section 4A foe Eden Valley-Watkins 52-25 and they dropped a dual to the No. 4A ranked Section 4A foe, the Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City Falcons 50-21. Jackson Held and Jacob Leibold both went 2-0 at the Eagles triangular. Royals earned 107.5 points to take seventh place out of a field of fifteen teams, with seven place winners. Jackson Held led the way, he won the championship at 160, his now 6-0 on the season. For his tournament performance, he was voted the Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament. Jackson defeated a very good wrestler, No. 2A ranked wrestler from Goodhue. He was also a returning state place winner, he defeated the No. 5AAA ranked wrestler in the semifinals. Will Gorecki @ 113 earned third place (7-4), Mason Novitzki @ 285 earned third place (6-4) and Jacob Leibold @ 138 earned fourth place (5-3). Gage Louden @ 195 earned fourth place (5-5), Wyatt Lahr @ 132 took sixth place (8-4) and Gabe Gorecki @ 145 took sixth place (7-5).


The Huskies dropped a pair of duals at the triangular, they were defeated by Granite Ridge Conference and Section 6AA rivals Becker Bulldogs 43-21 and by AAA Sauk Rapids/Rice Storm 43-25. Gabe Zierden and Wyatt Mergen both went 2-0 at their triangular. The Huskies went 1-3 at the Dassel Cokato “Chargers” Duals; they defeated Section 3A Pipestone Area Arrows 48-28. They dropped a close duals to Section 6AA rivals the Dassel Cokato Chargers 42-30 and to AAA Elk River 38-37. They dropped a dual to the No. 12AA ranked Marshall Tigers 65-12. Dustin Schmitt, Riley Rakotz and Gabe Zierden all went 3-1 at the Charger duals.


The Cubs went 4-0 in their duals this past week; they went 3-0 at the St. Agnes “Aggies” quadrangular. They defeated their rivals from Section 4A Sibley East Wolverines 45-30, Section 4A foe St. Agnes Aggies 50-25 and a section 4AA foe Washington Tech. Magnet School 48-27. Brett Schiefelbein (7-4), Alex Nelson (8-4), Ashton Hanan (7-4), Nicholas Bowen (6-6), Carter Holtz (12-1) and Jimmy Wicker (7-2) went 3-0 and Brandon Guggisberg, Evan Nienaber (6-2) and Marcellus Jensen all went 2-1 at the Aggies Quadrangular.

The Cubs defeated Section 5A, Class A Lean and Mean Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg Fight Saints 39-38



The Spartans dropped a dual to their Section 8AAA and Central Lakes Conference rivals the St. Cloud Tech Tigers 58-18. Special note: Austin Moscho won his 50th career match.


The Huskers had a good week, they went 4-1, with a pair of wins at the Zimmerman “Thunder” triangular. They defeated Section 6AA Zimmerman Thunder 40-27 and the Section 4AA North Branch Vikings 32-27. Drew Lange, James Welle, Alex Lange, Sam Harren and Tate Lange all went 2-0 at the Thunder triangular. The Huskies went 2-1 at the St. Agnes “Aggies” Quadrangular. They defeated the Minneapolis South Tigers 39-30 and the Section 4A St. Agnes Aggies 69-0. They dropped a dual to St.Thomas Cadets 40-26. Grant Welle, Maxwell Secord and Tate Lange all went 3-0, Drew Lange, Blake Sigler and Sam Harren all went 2-1 and Michael Miller and Alex Lange went 2-0 at the Aggies Quadrangular.


The Eagles dropped a pair of duals at the home triangular; they lost to the No. 4A ranked and Section 4A rivals Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City Falcons 53-14 and the Section 7A Royalton/Upsala Royals 52-25. Ethan Kay and Zach Nistler both went 2-0 at the Eagles triangular.


Foley 48 Dassel-Cokato 24

(Section 6AA Dual

106 Alex Jennissen (FOL) Dec. Carson Amundson (DC) 7-2

113 Evan Milejczak (FOL) Won by Forfeit

120 Caden Ruhoff (FOL) Won by Forfeit

126 Ethan Oswald (FOL) Fall Ben Zobel (DC) 3:15

132 Jude Link (DC) Dec. Logan Thorsen (FOL) 12-5

138 Isaiah Fitch (FOL) Dec. Noah Halonen (DC) 9-2

145 Prestin Bradley (DC) Fall Sutherlin Schmit (FOL) 1:14

152 Mark Dierkes (FOL) Fall Christian Johnson (DC) 1:45

160 Hayden Hoememann (DC) Fall Joe Jovanovich (FOL) 1:52

170 Connor Thorsen (FOL) Fall Riley Jarman (DC) 1:51

182 Max Lefevbre (FOL) Fall Beau Nelson (DC) 3:45

195 Jacob Schmitz (DC) Fall Levi Henry (FOL) :32

220 Josh Deboer (DC) Dec. Carter Svihla (FOL) 3-2

285 Elijah Novak (FOL) fall Devan Campbell (DC) 1:16

Foley 36 Delano 25

106 Alex Jennison (FOL) Maj. Dec. Cael Olson (DEL) 8-0

113 Tyson Kroells (DEL) Dec. Evan Milejczak (FOL) 4-0

120 Ethan Oswald (FOL) Fall Aiden Quast (DEL) 1:40

126 Clete Scherer (DEL) Dec. Caden Ruhoff (FOL) 9-4

132 Logan Thorsten (FOL) Dec. Reier Sjomeling (DEL) 6-4

138 Carson Tschudi (DEL) Maj. Dec. Isaiah Fitch (FOL) 13-5

145 Sutherlin Schmit (FOL) Maj. Dec. Dylan McIntire (DEL) 10-2

152 Tanner Kroells (DEL) Fall Joe Jovnovich (FOL)

160 Mark Dierkes (FOL) Fall Ethan Quast (DEL) 3:25

170 Connor Thorsten (FOL) Fall Hayden Lynch (DEL) 3:02

182 Max Lefebvre (FOL) Maj. Dec. Eric Rasmussen (DEL) 13-4

195 Hunter Gorecki (FOL) Dec. Jack Russel (DEL) 3-2

220 Edward Hajas (DEL) Dec. Carter Svihla (FOL) 2-0

285 Spencer Poll (DEL) Fall Elijah Novak (FOL) 4:30

Marshall 35 Foley 26

106 Dylan Louwagie (MAR) Fall Alex Jennison (FOL) 1:25

113 Evan Milejczak (FOL) Maj. Dec. Lar Khee Sa (MAR) 13-4

120 Caden Ruhoff (FOL) Dec. Connor Roth (MAR) 8-5

126 Hsa Lawch (MAR) Fall Ethan Oswald (FOL) 3:27

132 Logan Thorsten (FOL) Maj. Dec. Colton Marcy (MAR) 10-1

138 Isaiah Fitch (FOL) Fall Lucas Hodges (MAR) 4:57

145 Noah Jensen (MAR) Maj. Dec. Sutherlin Schmidt (FOL) 11-2

152 Jackson Hughes (MAR) Dec. Mark Dierkes (FOL) 6-5

160 Connor Thorsten (FOL) Maj. Dec. Elijah Sterner (MAR) 14-4

170 Grant Louwagie (MAR) Dec. Max Lefebvre (FOL) 5-2

182 Zach Stahl (MAR) Fall Max Henne (FOL) 1:11

195 Jaiden Bahr (MAR) Dec. Hunter Gorecki (FOL) 5-2

220 Carter Svihla (FOL) Dec. Zach Felcyn (MAR) 8-1

285 Elijah Novak (FOL) Fall Cole Felcyn (MAR) 1:47

Foley 69 Pipestone Area 6

106 Alex Jennissen (FOL) Fall JJ Martens (PA) 3:04

113 Evan Milejczak (FOL) Won by Forfeit

120 Ethan Oswald (FOL) Fall Nate Bobendrier (PA) :47

126 Caden Ruhoff (FOL) Fall Allan Tubbs (PA) 2:28

132 Logan Thorsen (FOL) Won by Forfeit

138 Isiah Fitch (FOL) Dec. Grant Budden (PA) 5-1

145 Carson Wipf (PA) Dec. Mike Moulsolf (FOL) 2-1

152 Joe Jovanovich (FOL) Fall Jesse Fenton (PA) 3:42

160 Conner Thosten (FOL) Dec. Eric Lange (PA) 11-4

170 Max Lefebvre (FOL) Fall Angel Campos (PA) 3:12

182 Max Hennen (FOL) Dec. Nick Colvin (PA) 4-0

195 Hunter Gorecki (FOL) Won by Forfeit

220 Levi Henry (FOL) Fall Mason Krakow (PA) 3:26

285 Carter Svihla (FOL) Fall Tyler Degroot (PA) 1:23

Dassel-Cokato 42 Albany 30

(Section 6AA Dual)

106 Carson Amundson (DC) Maj. Dec. Devin Hanson (ALB) 14-2

113 Joseph Schmitt (ALB) Won by Forfeit

120 Dustin Schmitt (ALB) Won by Forfeit

126 Ben Zobel (DC) Dec. Declan Crumley (ALB) 3-1 OT

132 Jude Link (DC) Fall Payton Krumrie (ALB) :45

138 Noah Halonen (DC) Dec. Will Mergen (ALB) 2-0

145 Prestin Bradley (DC) Fall Tate Hoffarth (ALB) 2:47

152 Christian Johnson (DC) Fall Hunter Tate (ALB) 2:47

160 Hayden Hoerneman (DC) Tech. Fall Logan Helton (ALB)

170 Peyton Linn (ALB) Fall Riley Jarman (DC) 3:20

182 Riley Rakotz (ALB) Fall Beau Nelson (DC) 2:45

195 Jacob Schmitz (DC) Dec. Gabe Zierden (ALB) 7-3

220 Josh Deboer (DC) Won by Default Carter Fish (ALB)

285 Wyatt Mergen (ALB) Fall Jace Butcher (DC) 1:21

Albany 48 Pipestone Area 28

106 JJ Martin (PA) Maj. Dec. Devin Hansen (ALB) 12-2

113 Joseph Schmidt (ALB) Won by Forfeit

120 Dustin Schmidt (ALB) Won by Forfeit

126 Nate Bobendrier (PA) Fall Declan Crumley (ALB) 4:12

132 Peyton Krumeri (ALB) Fall Allen Tubbs (PA) :50

138 Grant Budden (PA) Fall Will Mergen (ALB) 1:50

145 Carson Wipf (PA) Dec. Tate Hoffarth (ALB) 6-1

152 Jess Fenton (PA) Fall Hunter Tate (ALB) 4:45

160 Logan Hassen (ALB) Fall Angel Campas (PA) 3:39

170 Eric Lange (PA) Dec. Peyton Linn (ALB) 10-4

182 Riley Rakotz (ALB) Fall Nick Edwin (PA) 3:37

195 Will Blattner (ALB) Won by Forfeit

220 Gabe Zierden (ALB) Fall Tyler Degiet (ALB) :36

285 Wyatt Mergen (ALB) Fall Mason Krakow (PA)

Elk River 38 Albany 37

106 Gage Clem (ER) Fall Devin Hanson (ALB) 3:49

113 Gavin Hillary (ER) Fall Joseph Schmitt (ALB) 1:42

120 Dustin Schmitt (ALB) Fall Eli Williams (ER) 1:34

126 Wyatt Schimmelman (ER) all Declan Crumley (ALB) 2:21

132 Peyton Krumeri (ALB) Fall Cade Sabby (ER) :38

138 Will Mergen (ALB) Dec. Colton Strain (ER) 7-5

145 Alex Sanborn (ER) Fall Tate Hoffarth (ALB) 3:24

152 Tyler Benson (ER) Tech. Fall Hunter Tate (ALB)

160 Hunter Larson (ER) Fall Logan Hassen (ALB) :27

170 Peyton LInn (ALB) Fall Eli Greenberg (ER) 1:25

182 Riley Rakotz (ALB) Won by Forfeit

195 Gabe Zierden (ALB) Fall John Krivich (ER) :35

220 Carter Fish (ALB) Fall Brady Thompson (ER) 1:21

285 Lafayette Bade (ER) Dec. Wyatt Mergen (ALB) 8-2


Marshall 65 Albany 12

106 Dylan Louwagie (MAR) Fall Devin Hansen (ALB) :48

113 Eh Dow Wah (MAR) Tech. Fall Joseph Schmitt (ALB) 15-0

120 Hsa La Eh (MAR) Dec. Dustin Schmitt (ALB) 8-1

126 Andrew Williams (MAR) Fall Declan Crumley (ALB) :24

132 Colton M (MAR) Fall Peyton Krumrei (ALB) 1:40

138 Will Mergen (ALB) Fall April Htoo (MAR) 2:30

145 Lucas Hodges (MAR) Fall Tate Hoffarth (ALB) 1:48

152 Noah Jensen (MAR) Tech. Fall Hunter Tate (ALB) 24-9

160 Elijah Sterner (MAR) Won by Forfeit

170 Grant Louwagie (MAR) Fall Peyton Linn (ALB) 3:56

182 Tyler Timm (MAR) Maj. Dec. Riley Rakotz (ALB) 11-2

195 Gabe Zierden (ALB) Fall Jaiden Bahr (MAR) 1:52

220 Zach Felcyn (MAR) Won by Forfeit

285 Thad Pease (MAR) Fall Wyatt Mergen (ALB) 3:25

Bemidji 42 Sartell-St. Stephen 34

(Section 8AAA Dual)

106 Dylan Enriquez (SSS) Won by Forfeit

113 Andy Heckman (SSS) Won by Forfeit

120 Dutch Norby (SSS) Won by Forfeit

126 Seth Newby (BEM) Fall Tim Stephens (SSS) 1:44

132 Jackson Penk (SSS) Dec. Joe Hudson (BEM) 8-2

138 Nick Pelach (SSS) Dec. Dane Jorgensen (BEM) 11-6

145 Sam Fernholz (SSS) Maj. Dec. Darren Roth (BEM) 15-6

152 Alan Wuori (BEM) Fall Avery Kouba (SSS) 1:11

160 Clay Olsen (BEM) Fall Logan Rodebush (SSS) 3:37

170 Chance Hinrichs (BEM) Fall Theron Dohm (SSS) 2:54

182 Nic Geiger (BEM) Fall Jack Engle (SSS) 5:44

195 Peter Moen (BEM) Fall Matthew Lindstrom (SSS) 3:10

220 Cole Fibranz (SSS) Fall Chase Smith (BEM) 1:41

285 Kaleb Beam (BEM) Won by Forfeit

Foley 61 Milaca-Faith Christian 6

(Granite Ridge Conference Dual)

106 Evan Miller (FOL) Fall Jack Schoenborn (MFC) 2:19

113 Tanyon Black (MFC) Won by Forfeit

120 Evan Milejczak (FOL) Fall Jack Nord (MFC) 1:13

126 Ethan Oswald (FOL) Fall David Goebel (MFC) 1:43

132 Logan Thorsten (FOL) Fall Leyton Black (MFC) 5:23

138 Isaiah Fitch (FOL) Maj. Dec. William Danilyuk (MFC) 15-2

145 Sutherlin Schmit (FOL) Fall Owen VanderPlaats (MFC) 1:05

152 Mark Dierkes (FOL) Dec. Garrett Hall (MFC) 5-2

160 Connor Thorsten (FOL) Tech. Fall Austin Mollet (MFC) 4:40

170 Max Lefebvre (FOL) Dec. Ian Hanson (MFC) 5-2

182 Max Henne (FOL) Dec. Ben Hanson (MFC) 3-0

195 Hunter Gorecki (FOL) Won by Forfeit

220 Carter Svihla (FOL) Dec. Bodee Zens (MFC) 2-1

285 Elijah Novak (FOL) Maj. Dec. Brody Ash (MFC) 10-0


St. Cloud Tech Coop 58  Rocori 18

(Section 8AAA/Central Lakes Conference Dual)

106 Jaxon Kenning (SCT) Fall Jack Major (ROC)

113 Nick Hamak (SCT) Fall Gavin Winter (ROC)

120 Trey Toenjes (SCT)  Won by Forfeit

126 Carter Thelen (ROC) Fall Mahamat Hissein (SCT)

132 Austin Moscho (ROC) Fall Aiden Orth (SCT)

138 Mason Thompson (SCT) Maj. Dec. Ryan Kunz (ROC)

145 Tyler Zachman (SCT) Fall Ben Hanson (ROC)

152 Jack Latterell (SCT) Fall Ryan Rose (ROC)

160 Jackson Poetz (SCT) Dec. Grady Minnerath (ROC)

170 Taylor Hugg (SCT) Won by Forfeit

182 Logan Hanson (SCT) Won by Forfeit

195 Drew Kiffmeyer (SCT) Won by Forfeit

220 Tucker Hugg (SCT) Won by Forfeit

285 Carlos Agee (SCT) Dec. Nate Evans (ROC)


Becker 49 Annandale-Maple Lake 24

(Section 6AA Dual)

106 Mitchell Koss (AN/ML) Dec. Kaden Rish (BEC) 6-4

113 Noah Gindele (AN/ML) Dec. Ethan Duncombe (BEC) 8-5

120 Ethan Anderson (BEC) Fall Carson Cooper (AN/ML) 1:16

126 Jed Wester (AN/ML) Fall Mason Doucette (BEC) 1:05

132 Dylan Riedinger (BEC) Won by Forfeit

138 Jake Nelson (BEC) Fall Riley Hall (AN/ML) 1:33

145 Lukas Paulson (BEC) Won by Forfeit

152 Kevin Andres (BEC) Dec. Ben Schuldt (AN/ML) 4-2

160 Adam Neuman (AN/ML) Maj. Dec. Logan Jurek (BEC) 13-0

170 Kylen Rish (BEC) Fall Logan Arnold (AN/ML) 3:06

182 Caden Dewall (BEC) Fall Alex Klatt (AN/ML) 2:41

195 Linus Brown (AN/ML) Dec. Nicholas Goth (BEC) 2-0

220 Brayden Weber (BEC) Dec. Kessler Kenning (AN/ML) 7-2

285 Kolbe Braun (BEC) Fall Cole Patch (AN/ML) 2:40

Becker 61 Norwood Young America 18

106 Kaden Rish (BEC) Fall Gabriel Michels (NYA) 4:18

113 Tristan Wirtz (NYA) Won by Forfeit

120 Ethan Anderson (BEC) Fall Isaac Mueller (NYA) 1:48

126 Mason Doucette (BEC) Fall Wyatt Lemke (NYA) 3:30

132 Jake Nelson (BEC) Fall Riley Lentson (NYA) :49

138 Adam Jurek (BEC) Dec. Joash Lord (NYA) 3-2

145 Lukas Paulson (BEC) Fall Blake Kipling (NYA) :41

152 Kevin Andres (BEC) Maj. Dec. Jared Kleindl (NYA) 16-4

160 Logan Jurek (BEC)  Won by Forfeit

170 Kylen Rish (BEC) Fall Sean Weckman (NYA) 3:41

182 Ike Elgren (NYA) Fall Kole Spiczka (BEC) 1:14

195 Sam Meeker (NYA) Won by Forfeit

220 Nicholas Goth (BEC) Fall Jacob Thimsen (NYA) 2:21

285 Brayden Weber (BEC) Fall Sean Franck (NYA) 2:42

Tri-City United 31 Becker 30

106 Zach Balma (TRI) Dec. Kaden Rish (BEC) 6-5

113 Cole Franek (TRI) Won by Forfeit

120 Nick Johnson (TRI) Maj. Dec. Ethan Anderson (BEC) 9-1

126 Caleb Whipps (TRI) Dec. Mason Doucette (BEC) 3-2

132 Jake Nelson (BEC) Fall Caden O’Malley (TRI) 1:15

138 Lukas Paulson (BEC) Maj. Dec. Marco Reyes (TRI) 15-5

145 Kevin Andres (BEC) Maj. Dec. Hunter Rutt (TRI) 17-5

152 Logan Jurek (BEC) Dec. Adam Fredrickson (TRI) 7-1

160 Kylen Rish (BEC) Fall Brandon Balma (TRI) :55

170 Caden Dewall (BEC) Maj. Dec. Steve Miller (TRI) 8-0

182 Tyler Schroer (TRI) Fall Kole Spiczka (BEC) :48

195 Brody Rud (TRI) Dec. Nicholas Goth (BEC) 2-0

220 Brayden Weber (BEC) Dec. Sam Miller (TRI) 5-3

285 Robert Bastyr (TRI) Fall Kolbe Braun (BEC) :40


Becker 43 Albany 21

(Granite Ridge Conference Dual)

106 Kaden Rish (BEC) Dec. Devin Hansen (ALB) 8-7

113 Joseph Schmitt (ALB) Dec. Ethan Duncombe (BEC) 7-0

120 Ethan Anderson (BEC) Dec. Dustin Schmitt (ALB) 7-4

126 Mason Doucette (BEC) Maj. Dec. Delan Crumley (ALB) 12-4

132 Jake Nelson (BEC) Fall Peyton Krumrei (ALB) 1:44

138 Lukas Paulson (BEC) Maj. Dec. William Mergen (ALB) 12-4

145 Kevin Andres (BEC) Dec. Tate Hoffarth (ALB) 7-3

152 Logan Jurek (BEC) Tech. Fall Hunter Tate (ALB)

160 Kyle Rish (BEC) Fall Logan Harren (ALB) 2:19

170 Caden Dewall (BEC) Dec. Peyton Linn (ALB) 8-1

182 Riley Rakotz (ALB) Fall Kole Spiczka (SRR) :52

195 Gabe Zierden (ALB) Fall Nicholas Goth (BEC) 1:04

220 Brayden Weber (BEC) Fall Carter Fish (ALB) 1:50

285 Wyatt Mergen (ALB) Fall Kolbe Braun (BEC) 1:20


Becker 40 Sauk Rapids/Rice 27

106 Kadne Rish (BEC) Disq. Sebastian Heath (SRR)

113 Dante Haywood (SRR) Won by Forfeit

120 Ethan Anderson (BEC) Dec. Sawyer Simmons (SRR) 3-0

126 Jared Spohn (SRR) Fall Mason Doucette (BEC) 1:33

132 Jake Nelson (BEC) Dec. Andrew Wollak (SRR) 6-0

138 Lukas Paulson (BEC) Dec. Benjamin Gilbertson (SRR) 9-2

145 Kevin Andres (BEC) Maj. Dec. Jacob Kruger (SRR) 12-1

152 Logan Jurek (BEC) Dec. Cole Ackerman (SRR) 4-0

160 Jacob Ackerman (SRR) Dec. Kylen Rish (BEC) 11-7

170 Marcus Santillana (SRR) Won by Forfeit

182 Caden Dewall (BEC) Fall Dane Dingmann (SRR) 1:58

195 Nicholas Goth (BEC) Won by Forfeit

220 Brayden Weber (BEC) Disq. Ben Konz (SRR)

285 Hunter Farnick (SRR) Fall Kolbe Braun (BEC) 1:23


Sauk Rapids/Rice 43 Albany 25

106 Devin Hansen (ALB) Fall Sebastian Heath (SRR) 5:11

113 Dante Haywood (SRR) Fall Joseph Schmitt (ALB) 1:38

120 Dustin Schmitt (ALB) Dec. Sawyer Simmons (SRR) 9-2

126 Jared Spohn (SRR) Fall Declan Crumley (ALB) 1:32

132 Andrew Wollak (SRR) Fall Peyton Krumrei (ALB) 3:22

138 William Mergen (ALB) Maj. Dec. Jacob Kruger (SRR) 12-0

145 Benjamin Gilbertson (SRR) Maj. Dec Tate Hoffarth (ALB) 15-3

152 Cole Ackerman (SRR) Fall Hunter Tate (ALB) 1:24

160 Jacob Ackerman (SRR) Won by Forfeit

170 Peyton Linn (ALB) Dec. Matt Krepp (SRR) 4-0

182 Marcus Santillana (SRR) Dec. Riley Rakotz (ALB) 10-9

195 Gabe Zierden (ALB) Fall Aden Rollins (SRR) :41

220 Ben Konz (SRR) Fall Carter Fish (ALB) 1:53

285 Wyatt Mergen (ALB) Dec. Hunter Farnick (SRR) 6-0


Richfield “Charley Turner” Duals


Sauk Rapids/Rice 54 Cloquet-Esko-Carlton 13

106 Dylan Marciulonis (CEC) Dec. Zander Peyton (SRR) 3-0

113 Alex Peterson (CEC) Dec. Dante Haywood (SRR) 8-6 OT

120 Sawyer Simmons (SRR) Fall Alex Yrjansen (CEC) 1:51

126 Jared Spohn (SRR) Fall Deeken Fjeld (CEC) :33

132 Andrew Wollok (SRR) Dec. Jordan Allen (CEC) 6-0

138 Benjamin Gilbertson (SRR) Dec. Tyler Harms-Synkiew (CEC) 6-0

145 Griffin Feld (CEC) Maj. Dec. Jacob Kruger (SRR) 9-0

152 Cole Ackerman (SRR) Fall Zeb Wehr (CEC) 5:53

160 Jacob Ackerman (SRR) Fall Trevor Lund (CEC) :41

170 Reese Sheldon (CEC) Dec. Matt Krepp (SRR) 5-0

182 Marcus Santillana (SRR) Fall Hunter Senarighi (CEC) 3:18

195 Joey Hoeschen (SRR) Fall Graham Neumeyer (CEC) 1:12

220 Aden Rollins (SRR) Fall William Wilkerson (CEC) 1:52

285 Hunter Farnick (SRR) Won by Forfeit


Sauk Rapids/Rice 41 Roseville Area 27

106 Birash Budathoki (RA) Fall Zander Peyton (SRR) 5:39

113 Dante Haywood (SRR) Fall Eh Moo Thaw (RA) 1:37

120 Saywer Simmons (SRR) Maj. Dec. Will Sagstetter (RA) 14-0

126 Jared Spohn (SRR) Fall Nedra Upreti (RA) 1:20

132 Andrew Wollak (SRR) Maj. Dec. Jared Ruskin (RA) 12-0

138 Joel Vargas (RA) Dec Jacob Kruger (SRR) 4-0

145 Benjamin Gilbertson (SRR) Dec. Pee Doh (RA) 6-2

152 Cole Akerman (SRR) Won by Forfeit

160 Matt Toe (RA) Fall Matt Krepp (SRR) 1:04

170 Jacob Akerman (SRR) Dec. Mack Dungey (RA) 3-1

182 Marcus Santillana (SRR) Dec. Mesheer Tat-Siaka (RA) 8-7

195 Joey Hoeschen (SRR) Fall Christie Baw (RA) 5:00

220 Zeb Kalthoff (RA) Won by Forfeit

285 Will Peterson (RA) Won by Forfeit


Sauk Rapids/Rice 65 Richfield 15

106 Vishall Manikaran (RICH) Fall Sebastian Heath (SRR) 1:41

113 Dante Haywood (SRR) Won by Forfeit

120 Sawyer Simmons (SRR) Won by Forfeit

126 Jared Spohn (SRR) Fall Cole Linders (RICH) :26

132 Andrew Wollak (SRR) Fall Drake Elling (RICH) 1:08

138 William Voigt (RICH) Dec. Jacob Kruger (SRR) 4-2 OT

145 Benjamin Gilbertson (SRR) Tech. Fall Jace Pulkrabek (RICH)

152 Cole Ackerman (SRR) Fall Tritia Zornes (RICH) 3:21

160 Matt Krepp (SRR) Fall Justin Owens (RICH) 1:20

170 Jacob Ackerman (SRR) Fall Jon Woodard (RICH) :47

182 Marcus Santillana (SRR) Fall Rook Rowe (RICH) 1:53

195 Joey Hoeschen (SRR) Fall Ethan Thompson (RICH) :27

220 Rollin Rowe (RICH) Fall Aden Rollins (SRR) 1:40

285 Hunter Farnick (SRR) Fall Elder Zalazar (RICH) :56


St. Agnes “Aggies” Quadrangular


Kimball Area 45 Sibley East 30

(Section 4A Dual)

106 Drayton Morton (SE) Won by Forfeit

113 Derek Steele (SE) Fall Chase Anderson (KA) :26

120 Brett Schiefelbein (KA) Fall Wyatt Taylor (SE) 3:10

126 Alex Nelson (KA) Fall Josh Sotelo (SE) 2:49

132 Sibley East Won by Forfeit

138 Brandon Guggisberg (KA) Fall Jason Al-Sattem (SE) 2:02

145 Lincoln Carpenter (SE) Fall Josh Donnay (KA) 2:41

152 Evan Nienaber (KA) Dec. Jathan Mendoza (SE) 9-7

160 Ashton Hanan (KA) Fall Aaron Elseth (SE) :35

170 Double Forfeit

182 Nicholas Bowen (KA) Fall Jacob Hernandez (SE) 5:27

195 Carter Holtz (KA) Fall Ben Quast (SE) :11

220 Mario Mendoza (SE) Fall Marcellus Jensen (KA) 4:55

285 Jimmy Wicker (KA) Won by Forfeit


Kimball Area 50 St. Agnes 25

(Section 4A Dual)

106 Scott Luke (SA) Won by Forfeit

113 Chase Anderson (KA) Maj. Dec. Johnny Cummings (SA) 14-2

120 Brett Schiefelbein (KA) Fall Adam Hernandez (SA) :47

126 Alex Nelson (KA) Maj. Dec. Jonah Petrie (SA) 13-0

132 Caden Guggisberg (KA) Won by Forfeit

138 Brandon Guggisberg (KA) Fall Josh Hernandez (SA) 2:37

145 Andrew Tarnowski (SA) Dec. Josh Donnay (KA) 6-0

152 Tommy Jackson (SA) Maj. Dec. Evan Nienaber (KA) 12-2

160 Ashton Hanan (KA) Won by Forfeit

170 Elie Doby (SA) Default Michael Donnay (KA)

182 Nicholas Bowen (KA) Fall Daniel Romero (SA) :50

195 Carter Holtz (KA) Won by Forfeit

220 Marcellus Jensen (KA) Fall Patrick Wanschura (SA) :21

285 Jimmy Wicker (KA) Won by Forfeit


Kimball Area 48 Washington Tech 27

106 Klehr Kue (WT) Won by Forfeit

113 Bay Mu (WT) Maj. Dec. Chase Anderson (KA) 14-6

120 Brett Schiefelbein (KA) Fall Cheng Xiong (WT) 5:12

126 Alex Nelson (KA) Fall Moscow Nah (WT). 4:03

132 Has Mu (WT) Fall Caden Guggisberg (KA) :09

138 Christ Oh (WT) Fall Brandon Guggisberg (KA) 1:31

145 Chit Ko (WT) Tech. Fall Josh Donnay (KA)

152 Evan Nienaber (KA) Fall Jeremiah Searcie (WT) 5:44

160 Ashton Hanan (KA) Won by Forfeit

170 Double Forfeit

182 Nicholas Bowen (KA) Fall Eh Ku (WT) 5:57

195 Carter Holtz (KA) Fall Nay Soe (WT) :53

220 Marcellus Jensen (KA) Fall Shalen Woods (WT) 1:49

285 Jimmy Wicker (KA) Fall Brong Lee (WT) :56

Kimball Area 39 Kerhoven-Murdock-Sunburg 38


106 Jack Bollman (KA) Dec. Tanner Wilts (KMS) 8-3

113 Coy Gunderson (KMS) Fall Chase Anderson (KA) 2:38

120 Chase Magaard (KMS) Dec. Brett Schiefelbein (KA) 8-2

126 Alex Nelson (KA) Fall Ely Johnson (KMS) 2:22

132 Will Magaard (KMS) Fall Caden Guggisberg (KA) :32

138 Jared Carlson (KMS) Won by Forfeit

145 Brandon Guggisberg (KA) Won by Forfeit

152 Evan Nienaber (Kimball Area) Fall Aiden Miller (KMS) 1:24

160 Ashton Hanan (KA) Won by Forfeit

170 Brandon Kallstrom (KMS) Won by Forfeit

182 Richard Jones (KMS) Tech. Fall Nicholas Bowon (KA) 4:13

195 Carter Holtz (KA) Fall Marc Collins (KMS) 2:17

220 Brody Forsell (KMS) Fall Marcellus Jensen (KA) 2:35

285 Jimmy Wicker (KA) Fall Jason Jones (KMS) 1:26



Royalton/Upsala 52 Eden Valley-Watkins 25

106 Sam Constanzo (R/U) Won by Forfeit

113 Will Gorecki (R/U) Maj. Dec. Teagan Ludwig (EVW) 13-3

120 Nick Leibold (R/U) Fall Conner Lincoln (EVW) 5:02

126 Gavin Mathies (EVW) Fall Brock Costanzo (R/U) :54

132 Taylor Ludwig (EVW) Dec. Wyatt Lahr (R/U) 8-2

138 Jacob Leibold (R/U) Fall Sam Nistler (EVW) 2:52

145 Trevyn Ludwig (EVW) Maj. Dec. Gabe Gorecki (R/U) 21-9

152 Zach Nistler (EVW) Won by Forfeit

160 Jackson Held (R/U) Fall Rylan Schueler (EVW) 1:18

170 Aiden Olson (R/U) Fall Carter Mathies (EVW) 3:46

182 Austin Wensman (R/U) Fall Armando Walker (EVW) 5:49

195 Gage Louden (R/U) Won by Forfeit

220 Ethan Kay (EVW) Fall Justin Howdawl (R/U)

285 Mason Novitzki (R/U) Fall Austin Schlangen (EVW) 3:09

Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 50 Royalton/Upsala 21

106 Cole Holien (ACGC) Maj. Dec. Sam Costanzo (R/U) 9-1

113 Brady Holien (ACGC) Maj. Dec. Will Gorecki (R/U) 15-3

120 Kelvin Ponce (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

126 Ramzee Molinaro (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

132 Wyatt Lahr (R/U) Dec. Hayden Straumann (ACGC) 10-8

138 Jacob Leibold (R/U) Fall Logan Straumann (ACGC) 4:56

145 Gabe Gorecki (R/U) Fall Skye Powers (ACGC) 3:53

152 Jaxon Behm (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

160 Jackson Held (R/U) Fall Chase Arndt (ACGC) 3:12

170 Brennen Arndt (ACGC) Dec. Aiden Olson (R/U) 12-6

182 Taylor Fester (ACGC) Fall Austin Wensman (R/U) 1:19

195 Logan Sherwood (ACGC) Dec. Gage Louden (R/U) 9-3

220 Jesse Cardenas (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

285 Tanner Berghuis (ACGC) Fall Mason Novitzki (R/U) :27


Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 53 Eden Valley-Watkins 14

(Section 4A Dual)

106 Cole Holien (ACGC) Fall Teagyn Ludwig (EVW) 5:52

113 Brady Holien (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

120 Kelvin Ponce (ACGC) Tech. Fall Conner Lincoln (EVW)

126 Ramzee Molinaro (ACGC) Fall Gavin Mathies (EVW) :54

132 Hayden Straumann (ACGC) Dec. Taylor Ludwig (EVW) 9-2

138 Sam Nistler (EVW) Fall Logan Straumann (ACGC) 2:26

145 Skye Powers (ACGC) Dec. Trevyn Ludwig (EVW) 13-9

152 Zach Nistler (EVW) Maj. Dec. Jaxon Behm (ACGC) 11-2

160 Chase Arndt (ACGC) Fall Rylan Schueller (EVW) 2:41

170 Taylor Fester (ACGC) Fall Carter Mathies (EVW) :48

195 Logan Sherwood (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

220 Ethan Kay (EVW) Maj. Dec. Jesse Cardenas (ACGC) 13-3

285 Tanner Berghuis (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

Zimmerman “Thunder” Triangular


Holdingford 32 North Branch 27
106 Double Forfeit

113 Zachary Wendel (NB) Dec. Evan Petron (HOLD) 8-5

120 Drew Lange (HOLD) Fall Gage Krech (NB) 2:55

126 Ashton LaBelle (NB) Won by Forfeit

132 Double Forfeit

138 Josh Logan (NB) Won by Forfeit

145 Austin Sonnek (NB) Fall Blake Sigler (HOLD) 3:55

152 James Welle (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Trevor Anderson (NB) 11-0

160 Tate Lange (HOLD) Fall Sam Sonnek (NB) 1:33

170 Maxwell Secord (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

182 Alex Lange (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Isaac Maki (NB) 12-0

195 Sam Harren (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

220 Double Forfeit

285 Brandon Swanson (NB) Fall Brandon Doll (HOLD) :06


Holdingford 40 Zimmerman 27
113 Drew Lange (HOLD) Fall Sam Miller (ZIM) 3:35

120 Joe Montplaisir (ZIM) Won by Forfeit

126 Mike Johnson (ZIM) Won by Forfeit

132 Joe Gardas (ZIM) Won by Forfeit

138 Brandon Schnellman (ZIM) Won by Forfeit

145 Blake Sigler (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Steven Weiser (ZIM) 11-3

152 Tate Lange (HOLD) Fall Sam Freeberg (ZIM) 1:35

160 James Welle (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

170 Ryan Bouley (ZIM) Dec. Chase Boeckman (HOLD) 3-1

182 Alex Lange (HOLD) Fall Aiden Pardino (ZIM) 3:05

220 Sam Harren (HOLD) Fall Donny Peters (ZIM) 1:24

285 Brandon Doll (HOLD) Fall Cody Frederick (ZIM) 3:21

St. Agnes “Aggies” Quadrangular


Holdingford 39 Minneapolis South 30

106 Grant Welle (HOLD) Fall Brandon Reyes (MS) :59

113 Drew Lange (HOLD) Fall Kareem Alkhaleefa (MS) 1:57

120 Ryan Fratzke (MS) Won by Forfeit

126 Double Forfeit

132 Gideon Cole (MS) Won by Forfeit

138 Jasper Doyle (MS) Won by Forfeit

145 Blake Sigler (HOLD) Dec. Micah Reff (MS) 5-2

152 Tate Lange (HOLD) Fall Andrew Thoraldson (MS) 1:27

160 Brian Avre (MS) Fall James Welle (HOLD) 3:53

170 Eli Cole (MS) Dec. Chase Boeckman (HOLD) 4-0

182 Maxwell Secord (HOLD) Fall Jimmy Jackaon (MS) 4:3

195 Alex Lange (HOLD) Fall Sergio Altamirano (MS) :36

220 Sam Harren (HOLD) Fall Ames Wyeth (MS) 4:32

285 Jadin Decora  (MS) Dec. Brandon Doll (HOLD) 5-3


St. Thomas Academy 40 Holdingford 24


106 Grant Welle (HOLD) Won by Forfeit


113 Colton Zwiefel (STA) Won by Forfeit


120 Sam Bute (STA) Maj. Dec. Drew Lange (HOLD) 12-3


126 Nathan Nepstad (STA) Won by Forfeit


132 Jacob Weinzettel (STA) Won by Forfeit


138 Double Forfeit


145 Jacob Draxler (STA) Dec. Blake Sigler (HOLD) 9-3


152 Tate Lange (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Juan Almeida (STA) 13-0


160 Michael Miller (HOLD) Won by Forfeit


170 James Welle (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Michael Kenney (STA) 10-2


182 Maxwell Secord (HOLD) Won by Forfeit


195 Garrison Solliday (STA) Won by Forfeit


220 Phil Skeps (STA) Fall Sam Harren (HOLD) :55


285 Leo Bluhm (STA) Dec. Brandon Doll (HOLD) 12-7




Holdingford 69 St. Agnes 0


106 Grant Welle (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Luke Scott (SA) 10-2

113 Drew Lange (HOLD) Fall Johnny Cummings (SA) :26

120 Holdingford Won by Forfeit

126 Holdingford Won by Forfeit

132 Double Forfeit

138 Holdingford Won by Forfeit

145 Blake Sigler (HOLD) Tech. Fall Matthew Jurek (SA)

152 Michael Miller (HOLD) Dec. Isaac Schmidt (SA) 9-7

160 Tate Lange (HOLD) Dec. Tommy Jackson (ST) 4-2

170 Chase Boeckman (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

182 Maxwell Secord (HOLD) Fall Daniel Romero (SA) :31

195 Alex Lange (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

220 Sam Harren (HOLD) Fall Patrick Wanschura (SA) :32

285 Brandon Doll (HOLD) Won by Forfeit










Tuesday December 18th


SAUK RAPIDS/RICE “STORM” Quadrangular (5:00)

Brainerd Warriors, Moorhead Spuds, Sartell/St. Stephen Sabres, Sauk Rapids/Rice Storm


HOLDINGFORD “HUSKERS” Triangular (5:00)

Albany Huskies, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars, Holdingford Huskers



KIMBALL AREA “CUBS” Triangular (5:00)

New London-Spicer Wildcats, Norwood Young America Raiders, Kimball Area Cubs






Thursday December 20


ROYALTON/UPSALA “ROYALS” Triangular (5:00)

BHV/PP, HLWW Lakers, Royalton/Upsala Royals


OGILVIE “LIONS” Quadrangular (5:00)

Ogilvie Lions, Spectrum Sting, Roosevelt Teddies, Eden Valle-Watkins Eagles



St. Cloud Tech Tigers, Glencoe/Silver Lake Panthers, Annandale/Maple


Sauk Rapids/Rice Storm @ Little Falls Flyers (6:15)


Willmar Cardinals @ Rocori Spartans (6:15)








Friday December 21


BECKER “BULLDOGS” Quadrangular (5:00)

Buffalo Bison, Moorhead Spuds, United South Central Rebels, Becker Bulldogs



Brainerd Warriors, Foley Falcons, Royalton/Upsala Royals



Friday December 21st/Saturday December 22nd



Teams: Adrian Area Dragons, Alexandria Cardinals, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City Falcons, Benson Braves, Blue Earth Area Buccaneers, BOLD Warriors, Canby Lancers, DB/LQPV/MONTI UNITED, Fairmont County West Red Bull's, Fulda/Murray County Central, Holdingford Huskers, KMS Fighting Saints, LeSeuer-Henderson Giants, Litchfield Dragons, Luverne Cardinals, Madelia-Truman/Martin Luther Jayhawks, Mankato West Scarlets, Maple Grove Crimson, Maple River Eagles, Marshall Tigers, Minneapolis South Tigers, New London-Spicer Wildcats, NRHEG Panthers, New Ulm Eagles, Redwood-River Valley Cardinals, Rocori Spartans, Sartell-St. Stephen Sabres, Sibley East Wolverines, St. Paul Johnson Goveners, St. Peter Saints, TMBWWG Panthers, Tri-City United Titans, Wabasso-Red Rock Central Bobcats, Windom/Mountain Lake Cobras, Worthington Trojans

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