February 18, 2019

We will include from the Central Lakes Conference: Sartell Sabres, Sauk Rapids Storm, St. Cloud Tech Tigers and Rocori Spartans. From the Granite Ridge Conference: Albany Huskies, Becker Bulldogs and the Foley Falcons. From the Park Region Conference the Royalton/Uspala Royals and from the Central Minnesota Conference the Eden Valley Watkins Eagles, Kimball Area Cubs and Holdingford Huskers.

Will bring you the individual results of the duals and Individual tournaments of all eleven teams. Also the list of upcoming of events, current state ratings and conference standings. You can get more of your wrestling news and results at www.theguillotine.com and more info on our local teams on my blog site: https://minnesotamatrats.wordpress.com for more on Section and Conference previews and Bi-weekly columns thru out the season.

Dave Overlund
Dave Overlund


The Falcons entered the Section 6AA Dual tournament as the number one seed. They defeated three rivals to defend their title for the twelfth year in a row. The Falcons defeated the Monticello Magic in the quarterfinals 66-9, they won twelve of the fourteen matches. In the semifinals they defeated AA Lean and Mean the Big Lake Hornets 48-18, they won nine of the fourteen matches. In the championship they defeated another AA Lean and Mean rival the Becker Bulldogs 35-22, they split matches at seven apiece in the championship. Logan Thorsten, Isaiah Fitch, Mark Dierkes, Connor Thorsten, Hunter Gorecki and Elijah Novak all went 3-0 and Levi Jacobson and Max Lefebrve both went 2-1 in the section duals.


The Bulldogs were seeded no. 2 in the Section 6AA duals, they defeated their Granite Ridge Conference rival the Albany Huskies in the quarterfinals 46-19, the Bulldogs won nine of fourteen matches. The Bulldogs defeated the AA Lean and Mean Dassel Cokato Chargers in the semifinals 36-28, they won eight of fourteen matches. The Bulldogs were defeated by their Granite Ridge Conference rivals the No. 7AA ranked Foley Falcons, they split the matches at seven apiece. Ethan Anderson, Jake Nelson, Caden Dewall and Brayden Weber all went 3-0 and Logan Jurek and Lukas Paulson both went 2-1 at the section duals.

Roger Mischke
Roger Mischke


The Royals were seeded no. 2 and for the second year in the row, they earned second place, in Section 7A.  They defeated their rivals the Holdingford Huskiers 54-15, winning eleven of thirteen matches. In the semifinals they defeated their rivals the Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena Bear 37-25, the Royals won eight matches. In the championship the Royals were defeated by Class A Lean and Mean rivals the Aitkin Gobblers 37-25, the Royals won six matches. This was a very exciting dual, with the outcome not decided to the final matches of the dual. Mason Novitzki and Wyatt Lahr both went 3-0, Sam Costanzo, Jackson Held, Will Gorecki, Jacob Leibold and Damion Theisen all went 2-1 and Gage Louden went 2-0 at the Section duals.


The Sabres defeated their cross town rivals the Sauk Rapids-Rice Storm in the Section 8AAA quarterfinals 32-26, they spilt the matches at seven apiece. In the semifinals they were defeated by the No. 6AAA rivals the Willmar Cardinals 51-18, they won four of fourteen matches. Dylan Enriquez, Jackson Penk, Sam Fernholtz and Cole Fibranz all went 2-0 in the section duals.


The Spartans defeated their rivals in the Section 8AAA preliminary dual, the  Little Falls Flyers 40-36, the Spartans won eight of fourteen matches. In the quarterfinals they were defeated by the No. 8AAA ranked Bemidji Lumberjacks 70-11, they won two of fourteen matches. Austin Moscho and Gavin Winter both went 2-0 at the section duals.


The Eagles were seeded fourth at the Section 4A Section Duals, they defeated the Norwood Young America Raiders 52-24. The Eagles defeated the Raiders ten of the fourteen matches. In the semifinals to ran into the No. 3A ranked Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City Falcons, they were defeated 71-3, the Eagles did battle thru out the dual. Zach Nistler was the lone Eagle that went 2-0 at the section duals.


The Storm were defeated by their crosstown rivals the Sartell-St. Stephen Sabres 32-26, they split the matches seven apiece. This was the best dual of the day at the Section 8AAA dual tournament.


The Huskies were defeated in the first Section 6AA dual by Granite Ridge Conference rivals the Becker Bulldogs 46-19. The Huskies won five on the nine matches.


The Tigers were defeated by AAA Lean and Mean rivals the Brainerd Warriors 40-33, the Tigers split matches at seven apiece.


The Huskers defeated their preliminary dual, the Walker-Hackensack-Ackley-Nevis Wolves 40-21 of the Section 7A duals, they won nine of fourteen matches. In the quarterfinals they were defeated by Class A Lean and Mean Royalton/Upsala Royals 56-15, they won three of the fourteen matches. James Welle and Sam Harren both went 2-0 in the Section 7A duals.


The Cubs defeated the Sibley East Wolverines 54-15, winning eleven of fourteen matches in the quarterfinals of the Section 4A quarterfinals. In the semifinals they defeated their Central Minnesota Conference rivals the Howard Lake/Waverly/Winsted Lakers 37-33, they split the matches at seven apiece. In the Championship, the Cubs were defeated by the No. 3A ranked Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City Falcons 56-10, they won three matches. Carter Holtz, Zach Holtz and Ashton Hanan all went 3-0 and Alex Nelson, Cody Leither and Brandon Gussisberg all went 2-1 in the Section 4A duals.

SECTION 6AA Championship

Foley 35 Becker 22
106  Levi Jacobson (FOL) Tech. Fall Ethan Duncombe (BEC)

113  Ethan Anderson (BEC) Dec. Evan Milejczak (FOL) 10-4

120  Mason Doucette (BEC) Dec. Ethan Oswald (FOL) 8-3

126  Jake Nelson (BEC) Maj. Dec Caden Ruhoff (FOL) 11-0

132  Logan Thorsten (FOL) Dec. Adam Jurek (BEC) 8-3

138  Isaiah Fitch (FOL) Fall Lukas Paulson (BEC)

145  Mark Dierkes (FOL) Dec. Logan Jurek (BEC) 6-2

152  Kylen Rish (BEC) Dec. Michael Rothfork (FOL) 8-6

160  Connor Thorsten (FOL) Fall Jacob Berning (BEC)

170  Reid Kraus (BEC) Dec. Andy Knutson (FOL) 9-6

182  Caden Dewall (BEC) Dec. Max Lefebvre (FOL) 11-7

195  Hunter Gorecki (FOL) Fall Nicholas Goth (BEC)

220  Brayden Weber (BEC) Dec. Carter Svihla (FOL) 2-1

285  Elijah Novak (FOL) Won by Forfeit


Foley 48 Big Lake 18
106 Christian Noble (BL) Dec. Levi Jacobson (FOL) 7-0

113  Jayden Mclearen (BL) Dec. Evan Milejczak (FOL) 4-2

120  Rocco Visci (BL) Dec. Ethan Oswald (FOL) 8-2

126  Logan Thorsten (FOL) Dec. Dillon Browen (BL) 4-0

132  Dillon Browen (BL) Fall Joey Thorsten (FOL)

138  Isaiah Fitch (FOL) Fall Nick Merten (BL)

145  Michael Rothfork (FOL) Fall Lance Christensen (BL)

152  Mark Dierkes (FOL) Dec. Tyler Dehmer (BL) 5-2

160  Connor Thorsten (FOL) Fall Ryan Helgoe (BL)

170  Charlie Gellerman (BL) Dec. Max Henne (FOL) 14-8

182  Max Lefebvre (FOL) Fall Alex Hanrahan (BL)

195  Hunter Gorecki (FOL) Fall Wyatt Christian (BL)

220  Carter Svihla (FOL) Won by Forfeit

285  Elijah Novak (FOL) Won by Forfeit

Becker 36 Dassel-Cokato 28
106  Carson Amundson (DC) Maj. Dec. Kaden Rish (BEC) 15-2

113  Ethan Anderson (BEC) Fall Gabe Nelson (DC)

120  Mason Doucette (BEC) Dec. Monte Gillman (DC) 10-6

126  Jude Link (DC) Fall Dylan Riedinger (BEC)

132  Jake Nelson (BEC) Fall Axel Stenberg (DC)

138  Lukas Paulson (BEC) Dec. Noah Halonen (DC) 6-3

145  Prestin Bradley (DC) Fall Alexander Berglund (BEC)

152 Logan Jurek (BEC) Dec. Christian Johnson (DC) 10-5

160  Kylen Rish (BEC) Dec. Will O`Brien (DC) 10-7

170 Caden Dewall (BEC) Fall Hayden Hoernemann (DC)

182 Beau Nelson (DC) Dec. Reid Kraus (BEC) 2-0

195 Jacob Schmitz (DC) Fall Lincoln Carlson (BEC)

220 Josh DeBoer (DC) Dec. Nicholas Goth (BEC) 9-3

285  Brayden Weber (BEC) Fall Jace Butcher (DC)


Foley 66 Monticello 9
106  Levi Jacobson (FOL) Dec. Quinn McCalla (MONT) 7-3

113  Evan Milejczak (FOL) Fall TJ Dumbuya (MONT)

120  Ethan Oswald (FOL) Won by Forfeit

126  Logan Thorsten (FOL) Dec. Nelson Anderson (MONT) 4-3

132  Alex Fearing (MONT) Dec. Joey Thorsten (FOL) 7-2

138  Isaiah Fitch (FOL) Won by Forfeit

145  Mark Dierkes (FOL) Fall Alec Smieja (MONT)

152  Sutherlin Schmit (FOL) Fall Triston South (MONT)

160  Connor Thorsten (FOL) Fall Jayshaun Hinz (MONT)

170  Max Lefebvre (FOL) Fall Jeremiah Schmidt (MONT)

182  Levi Henry (FOL) Fall John Humphreys (MONT)

195  Hunter Gorecki (FOL) Won by Forfeit

220  Jesse Midas (MONT) Fall Carter Svihla (FOL)

285  Elijah Novak (FOL) Won by Forfeit


Becker 46 Albany 19
106  Carson Holthaus (ALB) Maj. Dec. Ethan Duncombe (BEC) 9-1

113  Ethan Anderson (ALB) Fall Joseph Schmitt (ALB)

120  Dustin Schmitt (ALB) Dec. Mason Doucette (BEC) 8-6

126  Jake Nelson (BEC) Fall Declan Crumley (ALB)

132  Lukas Paulson (BEC) Dec. William Mergen (ALB) 5-4

138  Adam Jurek (BEC) Dec. Hunter Tate (ALB) 3-2

145  Logan Jurek (BEC) Fall Petyon Krumrei (ALB)

152  Alexander Berglund (BEC) Dec. Logan Harren (ALB) 8-3

160  Kylen Rish (BEC) Fall Andrew Huckenpohler (ALB)

170  Caden Dewall (BEC) Maj. Dec. Peyton Linn (ALB) 12-0

182  Riley Rakotz (ALB) Fall Reid Kraus (BEC)

195  Gabe Zierden (ALB) Fall Lincoln Carlson (BEC)

220  Nicholas Goth (BEC) Won by Forfeit

285  Brayden Weber (BEC) Dec. Wyatt Mergen (ALB) 4-0


Section 7A Championship

Aitkin 37 Royalton/Upsala 25

106 Marshall Larson (AIT) Dec. Sam Costanzo (R/U) 6-3

113 Will Gorecki (R/U) Maj. Dec. Walker Jones (AIT) 10-2

120 Carson Kullhem (AIT) Maj. Dec. Hunter Novitzki (R/U) 18-6

126 Wyatt Lahr (R/U) Dec. Nathan Rom (AIT) 9-3

132 Jack Gravelle (AIT) Dec. Jacob Leibold (R/U) 8-5

138 Luke Pelarski (AIT) Fall Brady Conrad (R/U) 1:12

145 Carter Endrizzi (AIT) Tech. Fall Gabe Gorecki (R/U) 6:00

152 Tyler Spolarich (AIT) Fall Chris Borash (R/U) 1:25

160 Damion Theisen (R/U) Dec. Quin Miller (AIT) 6-4

170 Jackson Held (R/U) Fall Tyler Decent (AIT) 1:06

182 Jack Workman (AIT) Maj. Dec. Austin Wensmann (R/U) 17-4

195 Gage Louden (R/U) Dec. Craig Ashton (AIT) 9-5

220 Cody Snyder (AIT) Fall Matthew Kasella (R/U) 5:03

285 Mason Novitzki (R/U) Fall Nathan Stifter (AIT) :23


Royalton/Upsala 37 Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena 25

106 Sam Costanzo (R/U) Dec. Eli Sharbono (BCLB) 8-7

113 Christian Pater (BCLB) Maj. Dec. Will Gorecki (R/U) 14-0

120 Trevor Janssen (BCLB) Fall Hunter Novitzki (R/U) :35

126 Wyatt Lahr (R/U) Maj. Dec. Landon Gross (BCLB) 15-3

132 Jacob Leibold (R/U) Fall Hunter Reeves (BCLB) :55

138 Xayvion Rodgers (BCLB) Fall  Brady Conrad (R/U) 3:59

145 Trenten Juelson (BCLB) Dec. Gabe Gorecki (R/U) 11-6

152 Damian Theisen (R/U) Dec. Logan Dobmeier (BCLB) 4-0

160 Aiden Olson (R/U) Dec. Jastyn Rogers (BCLB) 12-7

170 Ian Frenzel (BCLB) Dec. Jackson Held (R/U) 7-6

182 Mason Smid (BCLB) Dec. Austin Wensmann (R/U) 8-4

195 Gage Louden (R/U) Fall Colter Humphrey (BCLB) 5:37

220 Matthew Kasella (R/U) Fall Brayden Rose (R/U) 3:15

285 Mason Novitzki (R/U) Fall Billy Roberts (BCLB) :38



Royalton/Upsala 54 Holdingford 15

106 Sam Costanzo (R/U) Dec. Drew Lange (HOLD) 4-1

113 Will Gorecki (R/U) Fall Evan Petron (HOLD) 1:01

120 Hunter Novitzki (R/U) Dec. Cohl Clear (HOLD) 8-2

126 Wyatt Lahr (R/U))

132 Jacob Leibold (R/U)

138 Brady Conrad (R/U)

145 Gabe Gorecki (R/U) Dec. Blake Sigler (HOLD) 7-0

152 James Welle (HOLD) Dec. Damion Theisen (R/U) 8-4

160 Jackson Held (R/U) Fall Michael Miller (HOLD) 1:13

170 Tate Lange (HOLD) Fall Isaac Kasella (R/U) 4:58

182 Austin Wensmann (R/U) Dec. Maxwell Secord (R/U) 4-2

195 Sam Harren (HOLD) Default Matthew Kasella (R/U)

220 Aaron Block (R/U) Won by Forfeit

285 Mason Novitzki (R/U) Won by Forfeit



Holdingford 40 WHAN 21

106 Evan Petron (HOLD)  Fall Dylan JohnsonTate  (WHAN) 4:17

113 Drew Lange (HOLD) Dec. Dawson McGee (WHAN) 7-0

120 Cohl Clear (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Gavin Damar (WHAN) 12-3

126 Double Forfeit

132 Carter Rettke (WHAN) Won by Forfeit

138 Alex Hein (WHAN) Won by Forfeit

145 Blake Sigler (HOLD) Dec. Kenner Bell (WHAN) 7-4

152 James Welle (HOLD) Fall Drew Erickson (WHAN) 2:45

160 Colton Jacob (WHAN) Fall Tate Lange (HOLD) 3:02

170 Michael Miller (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

182 Maxwell Secord (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

195 Austin Smith (WHAN) Dec. Alex Lange (HOLD) 3-2 OT

220 Sam Harren (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

285 Double Forfeit


Section 8AAA Semifinals

Willmar 51 Sartell-St. Stephen 18
106 Dylan Enriquez (SSS) Fall Max Gatewood (WIL) :32

113 Braeden Erickson (WIL) Maj. Dec. Andy Heckman (SSS) 10-0

120 Caden Carlson (WIL) Dec. Tim Stephens (SSS) 4-3

126 Josh Miley (WIL) Fall Dutch Nordby (SSS) 2:55

132 Jack Roehl (WIL) Fall Ashton Lipinski (SSS) 1:24

138 Jackson Penk (SSS) Dec. Alex Backes (WIL) 8-4

145 Sam Fernholz (SSS) Dec. Jonas Anez (WIL) 4-2

152 Grant Deegan (WIL) Tech. Fall Avery Kouba (SSS)

160 Cael Carlson (WIL) Fall Austin Frauenholtz (SSS) :44

170 Ethan Roux (WIL) Fall Theron Dohm (SSS) 1:02

182 Kaden Streed (WIL) Dec. Jack Engle (SSS) 7-0

195 Lincoln Shinn (WIL) Fall Cody Neitzke (SSS) :43

220 Andrew Reigstad (WIL) Fall Matthew Lindstrom (SSS) :16

285 Cole Fibranz (SSS) Fall Taggert Reynolds (WIL) 1:19



Sartell-St. Stephen 32 Sauk Rapids-Rice 26
106 Dylan Enriquez (SSS) Fall Zander Pelton (SRR) 2:37

113 Andy Heckman (SSS) Dec. Dante Haywood (SRR) 9-5

120 Sawyer Simmons (SRR) Dec. Tim Stephens (SSS) 8-2

126 Jared Spohn (SRR) Maj. Dec. Ashton Lipinski (SSS) 11-0

132 Jackson Penk (SSS) Dec. Andrew Wollak (SRR) 4-1

138 Benjamin Gilbertson (SRR) Dec. William Budge (SSS) 8-2

145 Dylan Joyce (SSS) Tech. Fall Jacob Kruger (SRR)

152 Sam Fernholz (SSS) Dec. Cole Ackerman (SRR) 3-1

160 Jacob Ackerman (SRR) Maj. Dec. Avery Kouba (SSS) 10-1

170 Marcus Santillana (SRR) Dec. Alex Moritz (SSS) 6-1

182 Jack Engle (SSS) Fall Dane Dingmann (SRR) 2:36

195 Joey Hoeschen (SRR) Dec. Cody Neitzke (SSS) 7-3

220 Cole Fibranz (SSS) Fall Ben Konz (SRR) 1:23

285 Hunter Farnick (SRR) Fall Bret Thayer (SSS) :24


Brainerd 40 Saint Cloud Tech 33
106 Jaxon Kenning (SCT) Dec. Isaiah Jillson (BRD) UTB 4-4

113 Nick Hamak (SCT) Fall Tommy Daniels (BRD) 3:57

120 Mahamat Hissein (SCT) Won by Forfeit

126 Kyle Eschenbacher (BRD) Fall Aiden Orth (SCT) 3:04

132 Denny Busbey (BRD) Tech. Fall Brett Kayfes (SCT)

138 Gabe Wagner (BRD) Fall Andy Johnson (SCT) 1:44

145 Tyler Zachman (SCT) Dec. Kyle Patnode (BRD) 2-0

152 Brad Patnode (BRD) Fall Jack Latterell (SCT) 1:57

160 Braden Kramer (BRD) Fall Jackson Poetz (SCT) :41

170 Taylor Hugg (SCT) Fall Isaiah Boberg (BRD) 1:10

182 Logan Hanson (SCT) Dec. Forrest Gibson (BRD) 3-2

195 Morgan Gibson (BRD) Tech. Fall Tucker Hugg (SCT)

220 Cade Barrett (BRD) Fall Spencer Gustin (SCT) :31

285 Carlos Agee (SCT) Won by Forfeit


Bemidji 70 Rocori 11
106 Coy Olsen (BEM) Fall Jack Major (ROC) 5:55

113 Gavin Winter (ROC) Tech. Fall Logan Willard (BEM)

120 Seth Newby (BEM) Fall Evan Moscho (ROC) 1:32

126 Austin Moscho (ROC) Fall Thade Osborn (BEM) 5:38

132 Joe Hudson (BEM) Fall Luke Hemmesch (ROC) 1:20

138 Bryce Golden (BEM) Maj. Dec. Ryan Kunz (ROC) 11-2

145 Darren Roth (BEM) Fall Ben Hansen (ROC) :25

152 Alan Wuori (BEM) Fall Ryan Rose (ROC) :30

160 Colton Hinrichs (BEM) Won by Forfeit

170 Chance Hinrichs (BEM) Won by Forfeit

182 Nic Geiger (BEM) Fall Ben Primus (ROC) 3:32

195 Peter Moen (BEM) Won by Forfeit

220 Chase Smith (BEM) Fall Nate Evens (ROC) 1:30

285 Kaleb Beam (BEM) Won by Forfeit



Rocori 40 Little Falls 36
106 Austin Litke (LF) Fall Jack Major (ROC) 3:59

113 Gavin Winter (ROC) Fall Dane Ballou (LF):32

120 Evan Moscho (ROC) Fall Bryce Udy (LF) 3:06

126 Austin Moscho (ROC) Won by Forfeit

132 Luke Hemmesch (ROC) Dec. Kole Kern (LF) 10-5

138 Simon Pantzke (LF) Fall Ryan Kunz (ROC) 2:40

145 Ben Hansen (ROC) Maj. Dec. Nathaniel Kludt (LF) 11-2

152 Ryan Rose (ROC) Fall Jacob Usher (LF) 3:09

160 Gabe Nagel (LF) Won by Forfeit

170 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Dec. Peyton Carll (LF) 5-0

182 Grant Litke (LF) Won by Forfeit

195 Sam Nagel (LF) Fall Ben Primus (ROC) 5:14

220 Nate Evens (ROC) Fall Eli VanRisseghem (LF) 1:33

285 Luke Venske (LF) Won by Forfeit



Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 56 Kimball Area 10

106 Cole Holien (ACGC) Fall Chase Anderson (KIM) 1:02

113 Brady Holien (ACGC) Dec. Lucas Jurek (KIM) 4-2

120 Kelvin Andrade-Ponce (ACGC) Tech. Fall Brett Schiefelbein (KIM) 6:00

126 Ramzee Molinaro (ACGC) Maj. Dec. Alex Nelson (KIM) 10-0

132 Hayden Straumann (ACGC) Fall Cody Leither (KIM) 3:57

138 Jake Mortenson (ACGC) Tech. Fall Brandon Guggisberg (KIM)

145 Skye Powers (ACGC) Fall Haden Rosenow (KIM) 1:09

152 Zach Holtz (KIM) Dec. Chase Arndt (ACGC) 11-8

160 Ashton Hanan (KIM) Dec. Jaxon Behn (ACGC) 5-1

170 Taylor Fester (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

182 Logan Sherwood (ACGC) Fall Nicholas Bowen (KIM) 1:16

195 Carter Holtz (KIM) Maj. Dec. Jesus Cardenas (ACGC) 9-1

220 Travys Lawver (ACGC) Fall Marcellus Jensen (KIM) 3:10

285 Tanner Berghuis (ACGC) Dec. Jimmy Wicker (KIM) 9-Semifinals


Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City 71 Eden Valley-Watkins 3

106 Cole Holien (ACGC) Fall Teagyn Ludwig (EVW) 1:35

113 Brady Holien (ACGC) Fall Gavin Caron (EVW) 1:13

120 Kelvin Andrade-Ponce (ACGC) Fall Gavin Mathies (EVW) 4:44

126 Ramzee Molinaro (ACGC) Maj. Dec. Taylor Ludwig (EVW) 14-4

132 Hayden Straumann (ACGC) Fall Sam Nistler (EVW) 4:48

138 Jake Mortensen (ACGC) Dec. Trevyn Ludwig (EVW) 4-0

145 Zach Nistler (EVW) Dec. Skye Powers (ACGC) 2-0

152 Chase Arndt (ACGC) Fall Nick Stetzel (EVW) :32

160 Jaxon Behm (ACGC) Fall Takota Mucciaccairo (EVW) :32

170 Taylor Fester (ACGC) Fall Carter Mathies (EVW) :17

182 Logan Sherwood (ACGC) Fall Armando Walker (EVW) :25

195 Jesus Cardenas (ACGC) Won by Forfeit

220 Travis Lawver (ACGC) Maj. Dec. Austin Schlangen (EVW) 13-0

285 Tanner Berghuis (ACGC) Fall Ethan Kay (EVW) :20


Kimball Area 37 Howard Lake/WaverlyWinsted 33

106 Chase Anderson (KIM) Dec. Steve Heber (HLWW) 6-2

113 Wiley Wiegert (HLWW) Maj. Dec. Lucas Jurek (KIM) 9-1

120 Mitchell Mallak (HLWW) Maj. Dec. Brett Schiefelbein (KIM) 10-2

126 Alex Nelson (KIM) Maj. Dec. Casey Diers (HLWW) 12-2

132 Cody Leither (KIM) Fall Brandon Knott (HLWW) 4:49

138 Collin Boese (HLWW) Fall Haden Rosenow (KIM) 1:19

145 Brandon Guggisberg (KIM) Fall Hunter Decker (HLWW) 3:17

152 Zach Holtz (KIM) Fall Remington Albright (HLWW) :31

160 Ryan Tuchtenhagen (HLWW) Maj. Dec. Josh Donnay (KIM) 15-6

170 Austin Hanan (KIM) Fall Blake Peterson (HLWW) :43

182 Joseph Schanus (HLWW) Fall Nicholas Bowen (KIM) 4:39

195 Carter Holtz (KIM) Fall Colton Long (HLWW) 1:16

220 Danny Mosford (HLWW) Dec. Marcellus Jensen (KIM) 3-1

285 Quinn Mathisen (HLWW) Fall  Jimmy Wicker (KIM) 1:46



Eden Valley Valley-Watkins 52  Norwood Young America 24

106 Teagyn Ludwig (EVW) Fall Reese Lentsch (NYA) 1:32

113 Gavin Caron (EVW) Maj. Dec. Tristan Wirtz (NYA) 13-0

120 Gavin Mathies (EVW) Fall Terrace Eddings (NYA) 5:09

126 Taylor Ludwig (EVW) Fall Wyatt Lemke (NYA) 1:28

132 Sam Nistler (EVW) Fall Riley Lentsch (NYA) :39

138 Joesh Lord (NYA) Fall Trevyn Ludwig (EVW) 3:45

145 Nick Stetzel (EVW) Dec. Blake Kimpling (NYA) 6-2

152 Zach Nistler (EVW) Fall Lucas Urness (NYA) 1:06

160 Jared Kleindl (NYA) Fall Takota Mucciaccairo (EVW) 2:50

170 Carter Mathies (EVW) Dec. Sean Weckmann (NYA) 3-2

182 Ike Elgren (NYA) Fall Armando Walker (EVW) 2:46

195 Sam Meeker (NYA) Won by Forfeit

220 Austin Schlangen (EVW) Fall Brody Poppler (NYA) 2:31

285 Ethan Kay (EVW) Fall Sean Franek (NYA) 2:31


Kimball Area 54 Sibley East 15

106 Drayden Morton (SE) Fall Chase Anderson (KIM) 2:00

113 Derek Steele (SE) Maj. Dec. Lucas Jurek (KIM) 15-3

120 Brett Schiefelbein (KIM) Dec. Josh Sotelo (SE) 9-3

126 Alex Nelson (KIM) Fall Fernando Chapa (SE) 3:03

132 Cody Leither (KIM) Fall Bryce Klancke (SE) :56

138 Lincoln Carpenter (SE) Tech. Fall Haden Rosenau (KIM)

145 Brandon Guggisberg (KIM) Dec. Jathen Mendoza (SE) 11-10 OT

152 Zach Holtz (KIM) Fall Colton Harens (SE) 1:22

160 Josh Donnay (KIM) Dec. Aaron Elseth (SE) 6-1

170 Ashton Hanan (KIM) Won by Forfeit

182 Nicholas Bowen (KIM) Fall Miguel Maves (SE) 1:52

195 Carter Holtz (KIM) Fall Omar Martinez (SE) 2:00

220 Marcellus Jensen (KIM) Dec. Ben Quast (SE) 4-0

285 Jimmy Wicker (KIM) Caleb Sharpe (SE) :38


(Make up duals from Snow out Dates)


Central Lakes Conference/Central Lakes Conference Dual

Sartell 54  Alexandria 19

106 Dylan Enriquez (SSS) Dec. Kelly Johnson (ALEX) 6-1

113 Andy Heckman (SSS) Fall Isaac Saffert (ALEX) 1:36

120 Ryan Borris (ALEX) Maj. Dec. Tim Stephens (SSS) 8-0

126 Ashton Lipinski (SSS) Dec. AJ Sparr (ALEX) 3-0

132 Jackson Penk (SSS) Fall Kyler Miller (ALEX) 4:23

138 Tate Runge (ALEX) Default Nick Pelach (SSS)

145 Sam Fernholz (SSS) Fall Cody Vatsndal (ALEX) :48

152 Avery Kouba (SSS) Fall JP Rodel (ALEX) 4:41

160 Trappier Botz (ALEX) Fall Austin Frauenholtz (ALEX) 1:22

170 Cody Richardson (ALEX) Dec. Theron Dohm (SSS) 5-1

182 Jack Engle (SSS)           Won by Forfeit

195 Cody Neitzke (SSS) Won by Forfeit

220 Matt Lindstrom (SSS) Won by Forfeit

285 Cole Fibranz (SSS)       Fall Jack Roth (ALEX) 2:55


(Central Lakes Conference/Section 8AAA Dual)

Brainerd 48 Rocori 21

106 Tommy Daniels (BRD) Dec. Jack Major (ROC) 2-0

113 Gavin Winter (ROC) Dec. Isaiah Jillson (BRD) 6-0

120 Cole Ostrowski (BRD) Fall Carter Thelen (BRD)3:52

126 Austin Moscho (ROC) Fall Kyle Eschenbacher (BRD) 3:54

132 Denny Busbey (BRD) Dec. Luke Hemmesch (ROC) 7-2

138 Kyle Patnode (BRD) Won by Forfeit

145 Brad Patnode (BRD) Won by Forfeit

152 Braden Kramer (BRD) Won by Forfeit

160 Caleb Kramer (BRD) Fall Grady Minnerath (ROC) 1:48

170 Brock Humbert (ROC) Fall Isaiah Boberg (BRD) 1:49

182 Ben Primus (ROC) Fall Forest Gibson (BRD) 1:38

195 Morgan Gibson (BRD) Won by Forfeit

220 Cade Barrett (BRD)  Fall Nate Evans (ROC) :23

285 Double forfeit




Section 8AAA

@ Rocori High School

Saturday February 23    (9:45 First Round/Final Four 5:00)

Teams: Alexandria Area Cardinals, Bemidji Lumberjacks,Moorhead Rocori Spartans, Sartell-Saint Stephen Sabres, Sauk Rapids-Rice Storm, Willmar Cardinals, Brainerd Warriors, Little Falls Flyers, St. Cloud Tech Tigers Coop


Section 6AA

@ Becker High School

Saturday February 23    (10:00 First Round/5:00 Final Round)

Teams: Albany Huskies, Becker Bulldogs, Big Lake Hornets, Dassel-Cokato Chargers, Foley Falcons, Litchfield Dragons, Monticello Magic, Rockford Rockets, Zimmerman Thunder, Annandale/Maple Lake LIghtning

Section 7A

@ Ogilvie High School  (11:45 First Round/Final Four 3:00)

Saturday February 23

Teams: Aitkin Gobblers, Crosby-Ironton Rangers, Deer River Warriors, Holdingford Huskers, Ogilvie Lions, Blackduck/Cass Lake Bena Bears, Rush City/ Braham Tigers, Mille Lacs Raiders, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley Wolves, Royalton/Upsala Royals,

Section 4A

@ Kimball Area High School  (11:00 First Round/Final Four 2:30/True Seconds 4:00)

Saturday February 23

Teams: Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City Falcons, Eden Valley-Watkins Eagles, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted Lakers, Kimball Area Cubs, MPLS North Polars, Norwood Young America Raiders, Sibley East Wolverines, Spectrum Sting, St. Agnes Aggies, Trinity School at River Ridge Tri-Hawks




Foley Falcons No. 7AA

Mark Dierkes #145 No. 8AA

Connor Thorsten #152 No. 8AA

Levi Jacobson #106 No. 4AA


Becker Bulldogs AA Lean and Mean

Lukas Paulson #138 No. 9AA


Sartell-St. Stephen Sabres AAA Lean and Mean

Cole Fibranz #220 No. 2AAA

Dylan Enriquez #106 No. 9AAA

Jackson Penk #132 No. 6AAA

Nick Pelach #138 No. 5AAA


Jared Spohn Sauk Rapids-Rice #120 No. 5AAA


Taylor Hugg St. Cloud Tech #170 No. 10AAA

Gabe Zierden Albany #195 No. 4A

Royalton/Upsala Royals Class A Lean and Mean

Jackson Held R/U 12th Grade #160 No. 3A

Jacob Leibold R/U 9th Grade #132 No. 8A

Sam Costanzo R/U 12th Grade #106 No. 7A


Zach Holtz Kimball Area #152 No. 6A

Carter Holtz Kimball Area #195 No. 6A


Alex Lange Holdingford #170 No. 8A


Taylor Ludwig Eden Valley-Watkins #126 No. 10A

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