Photo – Dave Overlund, The FAN

Saint Cloud -- At halftime the score was 30-36, with the score favoring the Tech Tigers.  Tech during the first half was playing there style of basketball to take the lead into the half, while Brainerd even though still in it they were trying to get a string of shots to fall.  Their game plan for the second half was to get back into the game while Tech's game plan was to keep the lead and to continue to play their style of basketball.

Brainerd went on an 8-0 run to start the second half to take the lead with a score of 38-36.  Tech answered though with a run of their own by score 14 straight points.  They wouldn't look back and would go on to win the game with a final score of 61-80.  Kobe Ahonen lead the way for Brainerd by scoring 15 points.  Rauch Choul lead the way for Tech by scoring 32 points.  With the loss Brainerd moves to 18-5 on the season and with the win Tech moves to 11-10 on the season.