The Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Sports Authority are at odds over how to accomodate high school and college baseball players who currently use the Metrodome during cold spring days for games when the new Vikings stadium opens in a few years.

The SCSU baseball team is scheduled to play 10 games in the Dome in 2013, with more games likely to be added as the season approaches and more rental times become available.

The issue is that a new Vikings stadium's baseball configuration would have a right field foul line only 289 feet away from home plate, and a right field power alley just 319 feet away. The Metrodome's current dimensions are 327 feet to right field and 367 to right-center.

The Vikings say they want to give their fans the ability to be closer to the game than any other stadium when the new building opens.

SCSU baseball head coach Pat Dolan says that the Huskies are already facing the challenge of scheduling games in 2014 and 2015 when the Dome begins to be brought down in place of the new stadium. Beyond that, he says, it's anyone's guess.

Convenience is not the only benefit to having Husky games in the new Vikings stadium. Coach Dolan estimates that the baseball program spent $30,000 extra dollars two seasons ago when the Metrodome roof collapse forced the team to reschedule games.

Coach Dolan says the main issue seems to be the location of luxury suites in the new stadium. Currently, the Metrodome has retractable seating in right field to accomodate baseball. Dolan says he hopes that Vikings fans will see the big picture.

While Dolan does not think a separate domed stadium is likely in the cards, he does say he was surprised the issue of having a roof was not approached during the recent approvals of Target Field and the still unnamed St. Paul Saints and Minnesota Gophers stadiums.

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