After a few too many instances of buying a game ticket and then not being able to get to the game for various dumb reasons, I'm finally (fingers crossed) going to make my personal debut at CHS Field in St Paul tomorrow.

The weather looks perfect for baseball (partly cloudy, high in the upper 70s). If you're going to a Saints game soon, make sure you're prepared ahead of time and leave your bullhorn at home.

Where Do I Park For a St Paul Saints Game?

Parking Near CHS Field (image via
Parking Near CHS Field (image via

Surface-level parking in the area is cash-only, so keep some green on you if you plan to park there. There are parking ramps close to the field. will give you the full rundown of parking options.

I like to book a parking spot in advance to avoid the stress of finding a spot. CHS Field recommends SpotHero.

What Time Can I Enter CHS Field?

The gates open about 90 minutes before first pitch.

What Isn't Allowed at CHS Field?

  • Unlike Target Field, you're not allowed to bring outside food & beverages into CHS Field
  • No illegal drugs (duh)
  • No ice chests and hard-sided coolers
  • No camera tripods
  • No sticks or clubs, even if there's a sign attached to it
  • No bullhorns or noisemakers (THANK YOU!)
  • No confetti
  • No animals except Certified Service Animals. Exceptions are made for specific promotional days like "Dog Days" and "Anything on a Leash" games.
  • No inflatables like beach balls
  • No bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, or hoverboards
  • No weapons of any kind, even water/squirt guns
  • No laser pointers

Can I Bring a Bag Into CHS Field?

There isn't a specific size limitation, but you are requested to only bring a small purse. CHS Field makes exceptions for medical and diaper bags.

Can I Get a Message Onto the CHS Field Video Board?

Yes! There are only so many slots available, so it's recommended that you stop by the Fan Services Booth (behind Section 105) before the first pitch. It's only $10 cash.

Can I Buy Food at CHS Field With Cash?

No. Cashless transactions are at all points of sale. You can exchange cash for "Saints Bucks" at the Saints ticket office or Fan Services Booth. Saints Bucks can only be used at CHS Field.

What Kind of Food Does CHS Field Offer?

There's some good eatins at CHS Field. They offer a Food Map online so you can plan ahead.

Where Are the Family Restrooms at CHS Field?

Family restrooms are behind sections 107 (behind home plate on the first base side) and 112 (along the third base line).

What's the Rainout Policy at CHS Field?

According to the website, "Games will *NOT* be postponed prior to first pitch." No refunds are given for tickets, but if a game is postponed or cancelled you can exchange your ticket for a future Saints game ticket of equal or lesser value. The team does recommend following them on social media to stay up-to-date on weather announcements, especially if you're traveling a ways.

Can I Leave CHS Field and Go Back In?

Re-entry is allowed. Be sure to see a gate supervisor about getting a hand stamp before leaving.

Can I Smoke at CHS Field?

What? No. Gross.

Check out the full Ballpark Guide and enjoy the game!

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