The St. Cloud State men’s and women’s basketball teams are hosting their annual week-long day camp this week at Halenbeck Hall.  The camp runs from July 9-13th and includes a t-shirt, lunch and awards.

“We talk to our team all the time about giving back,” Reimer said in between sessions on Tuesday. “Someone helped them when they were this age, so we try to promote the game of basketball and give back to the community.”

This week’s camp was open to boys and girls ranging from third grade to high school freshmen. Reimer says it is important to have fun while also cultivating a love for the game.

“First of all you want to have fun,” Reimer said. “You want them to enjoy basketball and continue to want to play basketball.

“Then, it’s a lot of fundamentals,” Reimer said. “With young kids you try to work with the basics like layups, proper form shooting and making sure it is fun for them.”

Reimer says it is a chance to not only coach some young kids in the game’s finer points, but also to familiarize them with the team.

“I hope that (the kids) form a good relationship with the players,” Reimer said. “You’d hope that we see a lot of those kids come back throughout the season.”

A lot of familiar faces have made their way through the SCSU basketball camps throughout the year, including former NBA player and current Lithuanian pro Nate Wolters.

“Nate Wolters would be the biggest name, but also a lot of guys who have gone on to play with us,” Reimer said. “Nate Miller, Alex Carlson, the Witt brothers (Forrest and Tyson), (Cathedral’s) Brindley Thiesen and (Tech’s) Andy Foley have all made their way through our camp.”

More information on SCSU basketball camps can be found HERE.

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