We will include from the Central Lakes Conference: Sartell Sabres, Sauk Rapids Storm, St. Cloud Tech Tigers and Rocori Spartans. From the Granite Ridge Conference: Albany Huskies, Foley Falcons and the Becker Bulldogs from the Mississippi 8 Conference. From the Central Minnesota Conference the Eden Valley Watkins Eagles, Kimball Area Cubs, Holdingford Huskers, Paynesville Bulldogs and Royalton/Upsala Royals.

Will bring you the individual results of the duals and Tri’s of the twelve teams. Also the list of upcoming of events, current state ratings and conference standings. You can get more of your wrestling news and results at www.theguillotine.com and more info on our local teams on the Forum Chat Box of the The Guillotine for more on Section and Conference previews and Bi-weekly columns thru out the season.

(NOTE: The wrestlers have qualified for an eight man bracket at the state tournament after last Saturday Super Section Action. In other words the wrestlers on Saturday did wrestle what would normally their first round state tournament matches.)

David Joseph Kimball Area Cubs Head Coach Ben Fox Kimball Area Cubs Assistant Coach of The Year PHOTO: Roger Mischke
David Joseph Kimball Area Cubs Head Coach Ben Fox Kimball Area Cubs Assistant Coach of The Year PHOTO: Roger Mischke


The Cubs had all fourteen of their wrestlers earn a place at the Section 4A tournament. Gavin Winter (126) 2nd place, Alex Nelson (138) 2nd place, Carter Holtz (195) 1st place,  Zach Holtz (160) 1st, Ashton Hanan (170) 1st place,  Brandon Guggisberg (220) 2nd place and Ace Meyer (285) 3rd place, Haden Rosenow (182) 2nd place, Mark Schiefelbein (106) 3rd place, Jack Bollman (113) 3rd place, Chase Anderson (120) 3rd place, Lucas Jurek (132) 3rd place, Brett Schiefelbein (145) 3rd place, Cody Leither (152) 3rd place. The Cubs is one of four Region Dual Champions and now wrestle in the final four (semifinals) of the state tournament against a Central Mn. Conference rival the Royalton-Upsala Royals. The Cubs overall had eleven place winners at the Super Region 1/4. Zack Holtz earned their lone championship at (160) he will enter the state with a 19-0 record. State qualifiers were: Carter Holtz (195) 28-3, Ashton Hanan (170) 27-1 and Gavin Winter (126) 23-6. Brandon Gussisberg, 3rd place (220) 27-4, Ace Meyer, 4th place (285) 14-18, Jack Bollman, 4th place (113) 19-9, Lucas Jurek, 5th place (132) 24-6, Hayden Rosenow 5th place (182) 11-2, Brett Schiefelbein, 5th place (145) 12-8 and Mark Schiefelbein, 5th place (106) 11-12.


The Royals had a very good Section 7A tournament with ten place winners, Jacob Leibold (145) 1st place, Gabe Gorecki (160) 1st place, Mason Novitzki (285) 1st place, Sawyer Simmons (138) 1st place, Will Gorecki (126) 1st place and Austin Wensmann (195) 2nd place. Aiden Olson (182) 3rd place, Michael Zimmerman (120) 3rd place, Lane Olson (106) 4th place and Eli Psyck (152) 4th place. Special Note: Section 7A Head Coach of The Year Terry Gorecki. Assistant Coach of the Year Shane Fensenmaier. The Royals will take on Central Mn. Conference rivals the Kimball Area Cubs in the final four next Saturday. The Royals had ten place winners and five state qualifiers at the Super Section 7/8 tournament. Those that qualified for the final eight man bracket area: Jacob Leibold, 1st place, (145) 20-1), Gabe Gorecki, 1st Place (160) 28-1, Mason Novitzki 1st Place (285) 28-4, Sawyer Simmons, 2nd place (138) 25-5 and Will Gorecki, 2nd Place (126) 21-10. Earning places were: Aiden Olson, fourth place (182) 22-8, Austin Wensmann, 4th place (220) 19-12, Michael Zimmerman, 5th place (120) 16-13 and Lane Olson, 5th place (106) 7-5.


The Huskers had seven place winners at the Section 7A tournament; Tate Lange (170) 1st Place, Masyn Patrick (113) 1st place, William Pilarski (120) 2nd place, Sam Harren (195) 1st place, Brandon Doll (285), 2nd place and Gabe Urbanski (220) 4th place. The Huskers had a good Super 7/8 Section tournament with seven place winners and two state qualifiers. Tate Lange, 1st place (170) 31-3 and Drew Lange, 1st place (126) 29-6, Masyn Patrick, 4th place (113) 30-8, William Pilarski, 3rd Place (120) 30-6, Sam Harren, 5th place, (195) 30-6, Brandon Doll, 3rd place (285) 23-9 and Gabe Urbanski, 4th Place (220) 12-7.


The Eagles had five Section 4A place winners, Austin Schlangen (285) 2nd place, Gavin Mathies (152) 1st Place, Teagyn Ludwig (120) 2nd place, Sam Nistler (160) 3rd place and Tryce Ludwig (126) 4th place. The Eagles five place winners at the Super 1/4 Section, with one state qualifier Austin Schlangen, 2nd place (285) 32-6, Teagyn Ludwig, 4th place (120) 29-9, Sam Nistler 4th place (160) 28-9, Gavin Mathies, 5th place (152) 25-10 and Tryce Ludwig, 4th place (126) 10-19.


The Bulldogs had Section 5A place winners; Craig Schmitz (138) 2nd place, Peyton Hemmesch (182) 4th and Spencer Eisenbraun (220) 4th place. The Bulldogs had two earn places at the Super Section 5/6; Craig Schmitz, 5th place (138) 17-11 and Peyton Hemmesch, 6th place (182) 16-10.


The Bulldogs had a good Section 6AA tournament with ten place winners; Caden DeWall (182) 1st place, Lukas Paulson (145) 1st place, Adam Jurek (160) 2nd place, Bryce Kuschel (220) 2nd place, Dylan Weber (195) 1st place, Tyson Richer (170) 2nd place, Landen Kujawa (113) 2nd place, Kaden Nicolas (106) 2nd place, Mason Doucette (152) 3rd place, Dylan Kolby (285) 3rd place. The Bulldogs had ten that earned places at the Super Section 5/6 tournament. Four state qualifiers: Caden Dewall, 1st place (182) 32-0, Lukas Paulson, 1st place (145) 32-0, Bryce Kuschel, 1st place (220) 17-6 and Kaden Nicolas, 2nd place (106) 31-3. Dylan Kolby, 3rd place (285) 27-6, Dylan Weber, 3rd place (19-4), Adam Jurek, 4th place (160) 23-7, Mason Doucette, 4th place (152) 20-5, Tyson Richer, 4th place (170) 22-6 and Landen Kujawa, 4th place (113) 22-8.


The Falcons had a good Section 7AA tournament with eleven place winners, including Hunter Gorecki (220) 1st place, Elijah Novak (285) 1st place, Logan Thorsten (152) 1st place, Cyler Ruhoff (106) 1st place, Andy Knutson (182) 2nd place, Austin Malickowski (120) 3rd place, Evan Miller (126) 3rd place, Michael Moulzolf (160) 4th place, Alex Jennisson (138) and Josiah Peterson (170) 4th place. The Falcons had nine place winners at the Super Section 7/8 tournament, including four state qualifiers. Hunter Gorecki, 1st place (220) 37-1, Elijah Novak,1st place (285) 31-3, Logan Thorsten, 2nd place (152) 37-1 and Austin Malchowski, 2nd place (120) 13-3. Cyler Ruhoff, 3rd place (106) 32-7, Andy Knutson, 4th place (182) 30-6, Michael Moulzolf, 5th place (160) 27-7, Evan Miller, 4th place (126) 24-13 and Alex Jennesson, 5th place (138) 19-12.


The Huskies had six Section 6AA place winners: Owen Carlson (120) 4th place, Devin Hanson (126) 4th place, William Mergen (138) 4th place, Petyon Krumrei (145) 4th place, Tate Hoffarth (160) 4th place and Jacob Adrian (285) 4th place.

The Huskies had five place winners at the Super Section 5/6 tournament: Peyton Krumrei, 3rd place (145) 19-8, Owen Carlson, 4th place (120) 18-14, Tate Hoffarth, 5th place (160) 18-8, Jacob Adrian, 5th place (285) 17-17 and Devin Hansen, 5th place (126) 11-7.


The Spartans had five place winners at the Section 6AA Section: Evan Moscho (138) 3rd place, Austin Moscho (152) 3rd place, Grady Minnerath (220) 3rd place, Mason Orth (182) 4th place and Carter Thelen (145) 4th place. Special Note: Carter Thelen earned his 60 Career Win.  The Spartans had five place winners at the Super Section 5/6 tournament; Austin Moscho, 2nd place (152) 26-3, Evan Moscho, 3rd place (138) 27-4, Grady Minnerath, 3rd place (220) 20-10), Mason Orth, 4th place (182) 18-9 and Carter Thelen, 4th place (145) 16-12.


The Tigers had five Section 8AAA place winners; Jaxon Kenning (126) 1st place, Spencer Gustin (285) 2nd place, Tucker Hugg (220) 3rd place, Cody Brott (182) 4th place and Aidan Orth (152) 4th place. The Tigers had three Super Section 7/8 tournament place winners. Jaxon Kenning, 2nd place (126) 21-4, Cody Brott, 4th place (182) 14-5 and Spencer Gustin, 5th place (285) 12-5.


The Storm had four Section 8AAA place winners: Cole Ackerman (170) 2nd place, Alex Diederich (113) 2nd place, Andrew Wollak (138) 3rd place and Vance Barz (106) 2nd place. The Storm had four place winners and one state qualifier at their Super Section 7//8 tournament. Cole Ackerman, 2nd place (170) 17-3, Van Barz, third place (106) 18-3, Alex Diederich, 4th place (113) 13-4 and Andrew Wollak, 4th place (138) 13-5).


The Sabres had five Section 8AAA place winners: Spencer Johnson (120) 2nd place, Ethan Torgrimson (220) 2nd place, Dylan Enriquez (126) 2nd place, Ashton Lipinski (145) 4th place and Austin Frauenholtz (182) 4th place.

The Sabres had three place winners, including two state qualifiers at the Super Section 7/8 tournament. Ethan Torgrimson, 1st Place (220) 24-4 and Spencer Johnson 1st place (120) 27-2 both state qualifiers and Dylan Enriquez, 4th place (126) 20-3.

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