The Gopher men's basketball team hired a new coach, the Huskies are headed to the NCAA hockey tournament, the Twins are putting tickets on sale this week and the Wolves are apparently still trash.

Ovie and the Franchise wade through the all-too-often murky waters of Minnesota sports in order to tell you what to think about everything. It's basically "Clarissa Explains It All" but with two middle-aged men doing the explaining of it all.

- The Gophers named former assistant Ben Johnson as the program's new head coach. Johnson has not been warmly received by Gopher fans on social media, with most pointing to his lack of head coaching experience. Jay is a huge Gopher basketball fan, what does he think of the hire?

- The Gopher job has been described as "not desirable" and the expectations for the program are consistently low. What needs to happen in order for this perception to change? Would signing Chet Holmgren to play at the U of MN turn around their slump when it comes to inking Minnesota players?

- Twins tickets will go on sale to the general public on Thursday. What will demand be like? Dave says he isn't really interested in sitting outside with a mask on for over three hours, while Jay says it really wouldn't bother him. What kind of demand will the team see Thursday?

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