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SCSU Basketball Coach Matt Reimer [PODCAST]
St. Cloud State coach Matt Reimer joined WJON's "Hang Up and Listen" Thursday to discuss his unusual offseason, the plight of his international players in returning to St. Cloud, a potential start date and format for the NSIC season and the upcoming Huskies 101 event.
SCSU Basketball Coach Matt Reimer [PODCAST]
Reimer discusses how he is keeping in touch with his players, what level of accountability he expects from his team when they receive drills and lessons to do on their own, how COVID is affecting recruiting, what he took away from "The Last Dance," whether there could be a two-sport male a…
SCSU Women's Basketball History in Pictures [GALLERY]
The St. Cloud State women's basketball team advanced to the NCAA Division II in March but were unable to play due to Covid-19. With the help of St. Cloud State Assistant Athletic Director of Strategy Communications Tom Nelson we are reliving SCSU women's basketball in pictures.
SJU Basketball Coach Pat McKenzie [PODCAST]
McKenzie talks about his team's season, his senior class, the outlook for next season, what his players can learn from Michael Jordan and "The Last Dance," and which of his players would make the most entertaining documentary subject.

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