On this day (November 19th) ten years ago, the St. Cloud State University football team hosted Wayne State for a first round playoff matchup. The game memorably featured a heavy snowstorm that ended up producing about 10.5 inches of snow throughout the game.

The Huskies jumped out to a 21-6 lead early in the game before Wayne State came storming back (pun intended) and ultimately pulled away for a 48-38 win at Husky Stadium.

The game itself was fairly memorable, with SCSU quarterback Phil Klaphake passing for 284 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions. Wayne State running back Toney Davis set a school record with 326 rushing yards on 38 carries, including five touchdowns.

The Warriors would go on to beat Nebraska-Kearney, Minnesota-Duluth and Winston-Salem (all on the road) before falling to Pittsburg State in the National Championship Game.

I broadcasted the game for SCSU's student station KVSC.  I remember very little from the game itself, but I definitely remember the snow falling and the futile (and lengthy) efforts to remove the snow during the game.

I'm sure the erosion of my memory over time comes into play here, but I seem to recall halftime taking nearly an hour as the Bobcats used sweepers to try to clear the field. They would start in one end zone and by the time they reached the 50 yard line, their path would fill in with more piles of freshly-fallen snow.

I also remember the poor fans who weren't in the heated press box who tried to stay warm and dry with blankets that were absolutely covered in snow by the time the second half started.

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