Foot golf is a relatively new sport that has now made its way to the St. Cloud area at Angushire Golf Club. The course is only the second in the state of Minnesota to offer foot golf.

The game is played on the normal golf course, but with a soccer ball instead of clubs and golf balls. The holes are between 100-200 yards from the tees, with most holes either a par three or par four.

Anyone who is physically able to kick a soccer ball can participate, making it a great way for all ages to stay in shape while doing something unique on a sunny afternoon.

Angushire general manager Terra O'Neil says the sport is great for families.

"Kids can come out with mom and kick the soccer ball, they can bring grandma and grandpa, or your foursome of guys or ladies can come out," O'Neil says.

O'Neil says that foot golf is to a golf course, what snowboarders are to a ski hill.

"I thought it would be a good supplement to our golf course," O'Neil said. "This is sort of our way of adding a driving range."