UNDATED -- Boys volleyball is proving to be a very popular sport in the Twin Cities metro area.

Hugh McCutcheon is the head coach of the University of Minnesota women's volleyball team, and one of the people instrumental in getting the new club league off the ground this spring.

He says in this inaugural season they've got as many as 40 teams participating.

Which is incredible. I think when we first were discussing it about a year ago we thought we'd get maybe eight or nine.  So to be at 40 is just amazing.  In addition, some schools have been up to 90 plus sign-ups.

McCutcheon says boys in grades 9th through 12th are eligible to play, and they play on Monday nights.

He says they've already had interest from areas outside the Twin Cities in setting up their own league.

Absolutely, there's been strong interest in Rochester and other areas.  So we're trying to find time to go and chat with them a little bit about what we did to get things going here.

He says their goal is to eventually be an official sport sanctioned by the Minnesota State High School League.  He says about 20 states including Wisconsin and Illinois offer high school boys volleyball.

According to the league website, volleyball is the most popular girls' sport in Minnesota, and it ranks second for girls nationwide.

Football is the most popular Minnesota State High School League boys sport.