Tech Tigers 24, Willmar Cardinals 29

Willmar -- The game was 21-14.  Willmar moved the ball 80 yards down field to start the third quarter with a big 37 yard reception from Jarod Swoboda.  The drive was caped off with a 2 yard touchdown run by Nate Ackerman to make the score 21-20.

The first drive in the third quarter for Tech looked promising.  They were moving the ball down field until Ackerman intercepted a ball thrown by Tech's quarterback Chris Backes to put an end to the drive.

The second drive for Willmar was just like the first one.  They moved the ball down field in extreme fashion.  They had a big help with a 43 yard reception from Noah Slagter to help set up a 21 yard field goal from Ryan Limmatta to give Willmar their first lead of the game at 21-23.

Tech would drive the ball down the field late in the fourth quarter.  They would finally score on a 19 yard field goal from Kaleb Woodman to make the score 24-23 late in the fourth quarter.

Willmar got the ball back and they did not waste time.  They drove the ball 75 yards in 7 plays in just one minute.  With a big 38 yard touchdown reception from Colten Carlson to make the score 24-29 to seal the win.

For Tech Backes finishes the game 31-43 for 320 yards with 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.  He also had 9 carries for 26 yards.  Devin Vouk had 7 carries for 41 yards and 1 touchdown.  Brevyn Spann-ford had 9 catches for 101 yards and 2 touchdowns.  And James Kaczor had 14 catches for 183 yards and he was the player of the game.  Tech moves to 3-4 overall and will travel to Alexandria next week.