As the late great Ernie Banks would say: "It's a beautiful day for a ballgame!"

It was the polar opposite of my usual weather preference, but it was perfect weather to check out CHS Field for a AAA baseball game between the St Paul Saints and the Iowa Cubs.

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The fanciest graphic I could come up with on such a limited attention span (Image by Choad/Canva)

It was sunny and upper 70s with a decent breeze in St Paul on Saturday (4/13/24). I bought the tickets during a $4 Flash Sale in February...and completely forgot about the game until a reminder email (thank you!) from the Saints last Friday. Ope.

Fortunately, I now live half an hour away from CHS Field instead of two hours away, so planning wasn't an issue.

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If you didn't already know, the St Paul Saints are the AAA minor league affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. The Iowa Cubs are the AAA minor league affiliate of...the Chicago Cubs.

CHS Field is big enough to feel like you're watching quality baseball while being small enough to warrant multiple laps around the stadium. The food selection is stellar (I do wish I'd seen more N/A beer options besides Budweiser Zero and Summit Nialas).

I can't iterate and reiterate this enough: plan ahead for parking. It was by far the most stressful part of the day. We still got inside the gates before first pitch, but I was kicking myself for not reserving a parking spot ahead of time like I usually do.

The game was entertaining, in-game entertainment was fun, and I learned that players can challenge balls & strikes in the minors. This should be standard in the majors, if only for every single game umpired by Angel Hernandez.

Choad on the Road: CHS Field for Saints vs (Iowa) Cubs

I finally made it to CHS Field to watch the St Paul Saints!

Gallery Credit: Choad

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