Baseball is as American as Apple Pie, right?  And dogs are our best friend.  Put the two together and you've got Bruno the foul ball loving dog.  Al and Aggie Shulte's dog Bruno has been going to the Shulte's grandson's baseball games for 4 years.

Now, I'm sure your dog can fetch and and play.  But can your dog differentiate between a foul ball and a one that's in-bounds?  Bruno stares down the pitcher and the hitter and as soon as he sees a foul ball, he's off and running to retrieve that ball and bring it back.  But he'll only bring it back to Al or Aggie.

Photo by Unsplash
Photo by Unsplash
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It all started when Al began going to watch his grandson, Gavan, play baseball for Sartell High School and Legion baseball. He's always brought Bruno along as well.  Now, Bruno's become so well known that many of the kids try to beat him to the ball, but that doesn't happen often.

Bruno is a hunting dog, so it makes sense why Bruno is so good with the foul balls.  Al Shulte told St. Cloud Live:

He's a phenomenal pheasant dog. He's probably had more than 500 pheasant retrievals," Schulte said with a proud smile. "He's just a great hunting dog. I've probably had 20 dogs during my life and usually two at a time. Now I just have Bruno and he can retrieve with the best of them. He really fits the bill.

Next time you're at a Sartell High School baseball game, keep an eye out for Bruno!


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