Fans of the local 9 didn't get the results they wanted yesterday as the Twins lost their Opening Day game to the Cleveland Guardians 4-2. But in the process, the Twins gained a partner for their Community Fund for the next month.

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Red's Savoy Pizza, a Twin Cities institution, recently welcomed the Twins to the "'Sota-Style" family, a phrase that Red's Savoy has used to describe its thin-crust pizza. Red's Savoy doesn't seem to mind the use of "'Sota-Style" by the Twins it seems like it only brought the two businesses closer.

Red's Savoy posted an open letter on its social media page, stating that they were teaming up with the Twins during April, to donate a dollar from every Ballpark Pizza they sell to the Twins Community Fund.

The post from Red's online says:

An Open Letter From Red's Savoy Pizza To The Local Nine

Dear local baseball team that rhymes with Minnesota Chagrins, 

Our fans have been noticing how similar your new "baseball 'Soda-Style" campaign is to our 'Sota-Style' branding and we're compelled to reply. 

That is to say...."Welcome to the "Sota-Style" family!"

For us 'Sota-Style pizza is about cracker thin crust. Red's passive-aggressive pizza sauce, piled high with delicious, quality toppings, smothered in cheese and cut into squares. (the proper way a pizza is to be cut)

There are few other things that are Minnesota enough to warrant the title of 'Sota-Style, and the local baseball team that rhymes with Minnesota Chagrins and summer baseball at 1 Twins Way, Minneapolis MN is absolutely one of them. 

Soooooo.....We are thrilled to be announcing our new Ballpark Pizza. Think about that amazing, mouthwatering Italian sausage at the ballgame that's loaded with kraut and peppers with a little yellow mustard. We've deconstructed it and made it into a pizza and it's damn good! 

Starting today Wednesday April 3rd, customers can order this all-star pizza. And for the first 30 days, we'll be donating a $1 of each Ballpark pizza to your community fund, to help in your mission of supporting our local communities with all things baseball and softball. 

-Your neighbor in all that is 'Sota-Style, 

Red's Savoy Pizza

This is a pretty cool move from the local pizza chain when they maybe had a case to tell the Twins to cease and desist from using that phrase.

If you are curious about trying the latest pizza from Red's Savoy you can find a location near you by heading here.

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