With sports on an indefinite hiatus, I have taken to YouTube to check out one game every day. Yesterday, I watched the 1998 Thanksgiving Day game between the Vikings and Cowboys.

I'm not sure why I chose this particular game other than the fact it was available, commercial-free, on YouTube. It was really cool to hear Pat Summerall and John Madden calling the game.

NFL/Fox via YouTube
NFL/Fox via YouTube

I remember the game being much more of a blowout than it actually was. In fact, it was a one-score game until midway through the third quarter.

Dallas was playing without Deion Sanders and Kevin Smith was no match for Vikings wideout Randy Moss, especially on play-action passes. Moss famously torched the Dallas defense for 3-163-3, while Cris Carter had seven catches for 135 yards and a long touchdown.

The Cowboys were their own worst enemy offensively, dropping six passes in the first half alone. The game also featured an unusual number of fumbles, though most of them were recovered by the offense.

Overall, I would recommend watching this game to see some familiar faces that you may have forgotten about like Andrew Glover, Leroy Hoard and Chris Walsh.

TRIGGER WARNING: YouTube will auto-play the 1998 NFC Championship game against Atlanta when the Cowboys game ends. You have been warned.

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