With sports on an indefinite hiatus, I have taken to YouTube to check out one game every day. Yesterday, I watched the 1990 World Series game four between Oakland and Cincinnati.

When I was a little kid, my dad would take me to a bar to watch the World Series. It was a different time.

For whatever reason, probably the fact they were the best team in baseball, I was a huge Oakland A's fan in the late 80's and early 90's. I saw the A's get upset by the Dodgers in '88, beat the Giants in '89 in the earthquake series, then get swept by the Reds in 1990.

The 1990 loss was devastating to eight year old Dave. I sat on a barstool and probably thoroughly embarrassed my dad by openly bawling for 15 minutes until he could get the tab sorted out.

It would be the last time the A's would make the World Series, and with the Twins catching fire in 1991 it turned out to be the last time that I cared about the Athletics.

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