It's been a slow offseason for the Twins to this point. The team did not come to terms with, or chose not to re-sign, players such as Trevor May, Eddie Rosario, Nelson Cruz, Eihre Adrianza, Tyler Clippard, Matt Wisler and others.

However, Twins Daily writer Seth Stohs reminds us, there is still a lot of time left in the offseason. More importantly, Stohs says, there are still a lot of players available on the free agent market so it's not time to panic... yet.

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"It's interesting that we look at it as a time thing, and most years that is the case," Stohs said. "Right now there are still so many reported available players out there through free agency or a trade.

"The time issue is when spring training starts, I think the time to panic would be once the number of available impact players has reduced," Stohs said.

Stohs is also a big fan of the Twins naming Toby Gardenhire as manager of their new AAA affiliate, the St. Paul Saints.

"A lot of the great managers were guys who weren't necessarily great players," Stohs said. "He understands the game, the little things, communicating well and being a leader."

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Seth Stohs joins WJON's "Hang Up and Listen" every Tuesday to talk Twins baseball.

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