Throughout the years, I was always under the impression that the Minnesota State High School League was at least partially funded by taxpayers. As it turns out, I was wrong.



I spoke with Minnesota State High School League Media Specialist John Millea on Wednesday, who enlightened me on many topics, including the way that the MSHSL is funded.

"We are not a state agency and we do not get any taxpayer money," Millea said. "We are funded by school fees, corporate sponsors and we make money state tournament ticket sales and state tournament television coverage."

Millea adds that the MSHSL doesn't make any money off of ticket sales for regular season or section tournament games.

"We're here to serve the kids and schools and families," Millea said. "We are just a nonprofit, one of hundreds or thousands in the state... we aren't here to make money."

The MSHSL was already up against it when it comes to the budget and the pandemic is throwing another wrench into the numbers.

"Basically, how we've been funded have been those ways I mentioned: Sponsorships, ticket sales and tournament coverage," Millea said. "The only thing that's concrete (among those sources) is the amount schools pay."

Millea says there are approximately 500 member schools, with each of them paying a fee based on the size of the school. The MSHSL is considering an increase in those fees to make up for the shortfall.

"The board is putting together a group to study how (the MSHSL) is funded," Millea said. "I think where we are headed is the fees would increase.. to give (MSHSL) solid funding every year, and if there's money left over the money would go back to the schools."

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