Once again, Jay and Dave have dropped all their very important, world-impacting radio duties to record another episode of "Ovie and the Franchise." You are welcome.

- Who is the greatest Twins player of all time, and which current player has the best chance to stake a claim to that title? Our MLB discussion continues with the question of whether the Dodgers are good or bad for baseball.

-Will Tim Walz be Governor Walz the Powerful and keep Twins fans from attending games this spring? Or will he turn into Governor Walz the merciful and allow the peasants to enjoy peanuts and beers at our taxpayer-funded stadium this summer?

- Isn't it kind of weird to make Richard Pitino coach in the Big Ten Tournament? It's like breaking up with someone and then making them come with you to your sister's wedding that weekend.

- March Madness is coming up soon. Who are the favorites coming into the tourney and who does Jay think might be able to make a run at winning the whole thing?

- The St. Cloud Rox added pitcher Brady Posch from Sauk Rapids, giving them four local players on the 2021 roster. How much intrigue does this add to the team for the summer?

- Is there such a thing as "in season" when it comes to wearing sporting apparel? Dave says that Wild/Vikings/Wolves gear during the summer, while Jay says no one should ever wear Wolves gear no matter the season.

"Ovie and The Franchise" airs every Tuesday on AM 1240 and FM 95.3 WJON.

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