I talked with Tom Frericks on WJON today.  He is the owner of the Ultimate Sports Bar and Grill in Waite Park and the father of T.J. Frericks.  T.J. was recently diagnosed with CML Leukemia.  This is a rare form or leukemia that requires the use of the "miracle pill" which costs the Frericks family $14,000 a month.

T.J. made news a month ago when he and his 52-year old father played a Amateur baseball game together in Watkins for the Watkins Clippers.  T.J. pitched as Tom caught.

Listen to my conversation with Tom below.

Sunday September 6 the Ultimate Sports Bar will hold a CML Leukemia Outdoor Music Fest Benefit.  The money raised will go to benefit the Frericks family.  The event begins at noon and continues until 10pm.  Musical performances by Darin Essery, BLT and by Slip Twister.  The Silent Auction will take place from noon-6pm.