Sports Curses, are they for real? Minnesota Twins fans have been believing they are for the last 18 years, but the team exercised the demons of playoffs past with a win on Tuesday against Toronto.

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And Minneapolis TV Station Fox 9 captured the fans' reaction to the win in the most natural, raw way- LIVE ON THE AIR. As fans exited Target Field,Jim Rich was broadcasting LIVE and put some of them on the air as they walked by. The first fan grabbed Jim and was only really able to put the words "We Won" together.  

At one point Jim was mobbed by a group of fans whose words were mostly unintelligible, but you still understood everything perfectly. One fan wearing a hat from the 1987 World Series offered the input that “we win” in the odd number years.

As a former Play-By-Play Broadcaster, I saw first-hand how fans live and die with their team. How they carry losses around a lot longer than some coaches and most players, and when the breakthrough finally comes, some fans have a "black-out" moment when they can't remember what they said or did when that moment arrived.

At one point Jim Rich said, “they’re thanking me, and I didn’t even do anything”. This “Live Hit” would have been characterized as chaos on LIVE TV but only for the fact that the whole state was feeling the same way.

Each year, these fans keep buying in to “this could be our year” knowing the dark cloud of past playoffs was always going to be there, until it isn’t. And today, it isn’t.

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