The College of Saint Benedict will have a new look for the upcoming school year and athletic season.

The school's athletes have been known as the "Blazers" since 1976, after the name was decided by a contest. The nickname was a reference to their status as trailblazers in women's athletics shortly after the passing of Title IX in 1972.

However, moving forward the school's athletes will be known as "Bennies."  CSB began rolling out the new logo and identity over the past year or so before making the official transition to the new nickname July 18th.

Courtesy: College of St. Benedict Athletics

"Girls and women in athletics have come a long way thanks to those ‘Blazers.’ Today, women come to CSB expecting a high level of competition and quality facilities," CSB Athletic Media Relations Director Leah Rado said in an email.

In 2011, the school conducted a program review and found that the college had an "identity crisis." While the school's athletes were known as the "Blazers", the students were nicknamed "Bennies" and a number of people simply referred to the school and athletics as "CSB."

The review recommended the college pick one identity of the three and move forward, so the school decided to go with "Bennies." The reviewer made note of an attendance gap and deducted that the general student body had a hard time identifying with the "Blazers" as they themselves were "Bennies."

"CSB’s emphasis on the development of women and inclusion makes this the perfect time to embrace Bennies as representing all CSB students from varsity athletes to club sport athletes, fine arts to alums," Rado said.