Former Tech Tiger multi-sport athlete James Kaczor is preparing this summer for his sophomore season at North Dakota State, where he plays safety for the football team.

Kaczor's freshman season was a memorable one in which he appeared in 12 games, mostly as a member of the special teams unit. The Bison took home another national championship and visited the White House after the season.

"It was a ton of fun, going to Frisco (Texas for the national championship game) and going undefeated," Kaczor said. "It was a lot of fun and a blessing for me."

NDSU has won seven championships over the past eight seasons, and Kaczor says he gets the question of how the Bison remain so successful "a lot."

"Nothing really I can pinpoint," Kaczor said. "Just attention to detail and working every day has gotten us to where we are."

Kaczor says he keeps in touch with a lot of his former teammates, including a pair of his classmates from Tech who currently attend, and play sports for, NDSU in Austin Nikolas (baseball) and Austin Brenner (wrestling).

Another of his former high school teammates who he keeps in close contact with is Brevyn Spann-Ford of the University of Minnesota. With Spann-Ford at tight end and Kaczor at safety, who would prevail in the open field?

"You can tell him I'm winning that," a laughing Kaczor said. "He's too tall, so I'm gonna cut his legs and he's probably flipping head-over-heels."

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