We will include from the Central Lakes Conference: Sartell Sabres, Sauk Rapids Storm, St. Cloud Tech Tigers and Rocori Spartans. From the Granite Ridge Conference: Albany Huskies, Becker Bulldogs and the Foley Falcons. From the Park Region Conference the Royalton/Uspala Royals and from the Central Minnesota Conference the Eden Valley Watkins Eagles, Kimball Area Cubs and Holdingford Huskers.

Will bring you the individual results of the duals and Individual tournaments of all eleven teams. Also the list of upcoming of events, current state ratings and conference standings. You can get more of your wrestling news and results at www.theguillotine.com and more info on our local teams on my blog site: https://minnesotamatrats.wordpress.com for more on Section and Conference previews and Bi-weekly columns thru out the season.


Head Coach: Alex Evan

Assistant Coaches:

Adam Tate

Brady Nelson

Simon Bryce

Jr. High Coaches: (Special Note: Two former head coaches working with JH!)

Dan Anderson

Maury Meyer


8-12 Overall Duals              3-3 Granite Ridge

Section one placer/ One State Qualifier/One State Placer

Second Place: Big Lake “Hornet” Invite: 168.5 Pts. 11 Placers

Fifth Place: SCM Invite: 108 Pts. 9 Placers

Seventh Place: BBE “Jaguar” Invite: 95 Pts. 7 Placers

Third Place: NLS “Wildcat” Invite: 125 Pts. 10 Placers

Fourth Place: Albany “Purple Pride” Invite: 116 Pts. 11 Placers

The Huskies have back three section place winners, including a state place winner and nine with a range of experience. They posted 8-12 dual meet marks last season, with this young lineup they could possibly challenge those marks. They should continue to make strides of improvement thru the course of the season. Look for some up their middle school wrestlers to move up. Gabe Zierden, two time state medal winner, William Mergen, Dustin Schmitt and Riley Rakotz should be their key leaders thru out the season.

Returning Wrestlers:

Gabe Zierden                        12th                 38-1                1st Sec./2nd State/AC

William Mergen                   10th                 22-17              6th Section/AC

Dustin Schmitt                      11th                 20-19              4th Section/AC

Riley Rakotz             11th                 17-15

Connor Winkels                   10th                 10-22

Will Blattner             11th                   5-11

Carter Fish                             12th                   6-29

Hunter Tate                 9th                    3-11

Peyton Linn               11th                   2-12

Declan Crumley                     9th                    2-13

Tate Hofforth                        10th                   2-2

Devin Hanson                         8th                    1-6


Marvin Stang                        29-6                3rd Section/AC          (62-21 Career)

Austin Olmscheid    27-11              5th Section/AC          (42-33 Career)

Owen Meyer             19-18              5th Section

Javier Solis                16-24              6th Section

Logan Kittleson                      8-14

Rafael Salis                 3-11



Head Coach: Matt Aho

Assistant Coaches:

Jeff Zimmer

Dustin Weege

Daniel Rooney

Luke Salzer

Jaydon Grommersch 


10-6 Overall Duals  5-1 Granite Ridge

Eight Section Placers/ One State Qualifier

Second Place: Rogers “Holiday Matness” Invite: 139.5 Pts. 9 Placers

Fourth Place: CL “Takedown Cancer” Invite: 89 Pts. 7 Placers

Fifth Place: Delano “Tigers” Invite: 138.5 Pts. 8 Placers

Second Place: Albany “Purple Pride” Invite: 159.5 Pts. 9 Placers

Sixth Place: BBE “Jaguar” Invite: 97.5 Pts. 8 Placers

Seventh Place: South St. Paul “Pete Veldman” 93 Pts. 9 Placers


The Bulldogs have back from their 10-6 dual meet campaign five section place winners and seventeen with a great range of experience back. Look for the Bulldogs to improve on those dual meet numbers if they stay healthy thru the course of the season. They should make a strong challenge for conference honors. Lukas Paulson, Logan Jurek, Ethan Anderson, Jacob Berning, Kevin Andres,  Kylen Rish and Jake Nelson should give them a great deal of balance and experience thru out their line up. They could make a strong challenge for nearly anyone in the section with the right matchups.


Returning Wrestlers:

Lukas Paulson                      10th                 29-10              2nd Section

Logan Jurek              12th                 23-14              4th Section

Ethan Anderson                      9th                  22-10              3rd Section

Jacob Berning                       12th                 21-9                Injured

Kevin Andres                        12th                 18-15              6th Section

Kylen Rish                            10th                 14-13              3rd Section

Jake Nelson               11th                   9-3                Injured

Conor Eickhoff                     12th                 12-15

Adam Jurek                 8th                  11-15

Mason Doucette                    9th                   10-8

Brayden Weber                    10th                 10-2

Lincoln Carlson                    12th                   8-20

Caden Deuall                        10th                   7-6

Alexandria Berglund           12th                   4-4

Nick Goth                              12th                   4-19

Jacob Jurek               10th                   3-6

Tyson Richer                          8th                    3-2

Reid Tripp                             11th                   3-15

Jon Lipinski              10th                   1-1

Bennett Edling                      10th                   1-1

Dylan Weber               8th                    1-2

Braeden Beutz                      12th                   1-8



Nick Radunz             26-8                4th Section

Blake Paulson                       19-17              4th Section




Head Coach: Dan Berg

Assistant Coaches:

Heath Kramer

Jeff Forcier

Joe Holdvogt


1-20 Overall Duals  0-6 Central Minnesota

Five Section Place Winners/One State Qualifier

Eighth Place: SCM “Early Bird” Invite: 74 Pts. 7 Placers

Seventh Place: Litchfield “Dragon” Invite: 40 Pts. 4 Placers

Seventh Place: Willmar “Cardinal” Invite: 64 Pts. 7 Placers

Eighth Place: NYA “Central” Invite” 59 Pts. 8 Placers

Fifth Place: Alexandria “Big Ole” Invite” 78 Pts 5 Placers

Seventh Place: Paynesville “Bulldog” Invite: 51 Pts 6 Placers

Eighth Place: NLS “Wildcat” Invite” 72 Pts 7 Placers


Look for the Eagles of Eden Valley-Watkins to possibly make a challenge for one of those top four in this dual meet campaign. They will have five section place winners back, including one state qualifier. The Eagles should improve on their dual marks from last season. Look for them to move up in the conference standings. Taylor Ludwig (30-15 @ 126), Trevyn Ludwig, Zach Nistler and Ethan Kay should be their key leaders.


Returning Wrestlers:

Taylor Ludwig                      11th                 30-15              1st Section

Zach Nistler              11th                 33-18              3rd Section

Trevyn Ludwig                     12th                 28-21              3rd Section/AC

Sam Nistler                  8th                  14-13

Ethan Kay                              12th                 19-28              3rd Section

Gavin Mathies                      10th                   9-18

Carter Mathies                      10th                   5-11              6th Section

Ryan Schueller                       9th                    2-7

Payton Thul               12th                   4-32

Nick Stetzel                 9th                    2-2

Gavin Caron                8th                    1-1

Ian Nistler                                9th                    1-2

Jackson Geislinger     9th                    1-1



Matt Schindler                                                          Injured           (112-53 Career)

Jack Bates                             4-23

Aaron Holmberg                   2-6

Cody Hunt                             0-1




Head Coach: Scott Gorecki

Assistant Coaches:

Evan Warnert

Mathias Baker

Chris Ratke

Dustin Gilyard

Taylor Lewandowski


The Falcons will have back five section place winners and fourteen others with a wide range of experience. Look for this young team to make great strides of improvement thru out the course of the season. They should make a strong challenge to defend those conference and section dual meet honors, in which should be competitive between several teams. They will have a difficult time challenging those great dual meet numbers from last season, but look for a good season from this young team. Michael Rothfork, Hunter Gorecki, Conner Thorsten  and Levi Jacobson should be their key leaders thru out the season.


Returning Wrestlers:

Michael Rothfork                 11th                 24-18              3rd Section/AC

Conner Thorsten                  11th                 24-13              3rd Section/AC

Hunter Gorecki                     10th                 21-14              4th Section/AC

Levi Jacobson                         9th                  21-19              4th Section

Max Lefebvre                       12th                 22-16              5th Section/AC

Mark Dierkes                        12th                 16-11

Logan Thorsten                    10th                 13-15

Logan Kipka             12th                 11-11

Carter Svihla             12th                   8-15

Daniel Halverson                 11th                   7-7

Dylan Luithian                     10th                   6-12

Ethan Oswald                        11th                   5-6

Christian Halverson 12th                   5-14

Evan Milejczak                    10th                   4-1

Sutherlin Schmit                   11th                   2-9

Greg Miller                            10th                   1-1

Max Hennen             11th                   1-4

Mike Goulet              12th                   1-0

Mike Moulszolf                    10th                   1-0



Mitch Trigg               47-3                1st Sec./2nd State/AC           (130-24 Career)

Saylor Schmitt          26-2                1st Sec./2nd State      (143-22 Career)

Nathan Garceau        36-5                1st Sec./4th StateAC (109-17 Career)

Cameron Kowitz      41-11              2nd Section/AC                      (41-11 Career)

John Dierkes 37-10              2nd Sec./2nd State/AC          (110-53 Career)

Justin Henry  40-14              2nd Sec./2nd State/AC          (81-53 Career)

Mitch Rothfork         32-11              2nd Section/AC                      (101-65 Career)

Alex Moulzlf            1-4




Head Coach: Logan Oellien

Assistant Coach:

Chad Emery

Junior High/Assistant Coach:

Jamey Koetter


3-13 Overall Duals              1-6 Central Minnesota

Six Section Placers

Ninth Place: Big Lake “Hornets” Invite: 64.5 Pts. 6 Placers

Ninth Place: Foley “Tom Keating” Invite: 37 Pts. 2 Placers

Ninth Place: Paynesville “Bulldogs” Invite: 26 Pts. 3 Placers

Tenth Place: BBE “Jaguar” Invite:  27 Pts.  2 Placers


The Huskies will have back six section place winners and six with a wide range of experience. This young team should make strides of improvement during the course of the season. If they can stay healthy they should improve on their dual meet numbers from last season. They could move up in the conference standings. Look for this crew to surprise someone along the way. Alex Lange, James Welle, Blake Sigler, Chase Boeckman and Tate Lange should be their leaders thru out the season.


Returning Wrestlers:

Alex Lange                            11th                 24-17              4th Section

James Welle              11th                 22-13              5th Section

Blake Sigler               12th                 19-17              4th Section

Chase Boeckman      11th                 15-11

Tate Lange                             10th                 14-13              4th Section

Trent Sand                             12th                   9-14              6th Section

Brandon Doll                        10th                   6-11              6th Section

Cohl Clear                               9th                    5-8

Sam Harren                 9th                    5-8

Maxwell Secord                   10th                   5-9

Caleb Loomis                        11th                   2-4

Alex Welle                              9th                    1-3




Head Coach: David Joseph

Assistant Coaches:

Joe Anderson

Jesse Lesnau

Marcus Hamer

Quinten Berres

Jordan Joseph

Devon Kelley


7-15 Overall                   3-3 Central Minnesota

Final Four Section 4A

Eleven Section Place Winners/Four State Qualifiers/One State Placer

Third Place Albany “Purple Pride” Invite: 154 Pts. 12 Placers

Fifth Place: GSL “Don Hall” Invite: 75 Pts. 9 Placers

Fourth Place: NLS “Wildcat” Invite: 113 Pts. 9 Placers

Eighth Place: Rogers “Holiday” Invite: 87.5 6 Placer

Seventh Place: Cannon Falls “Bombers” Invite: 87.5 Pts. 6 Placers


The Cubs of the Kimball Area should make a strong challenge for a top four spot in this dual meet campaign. Look for the Cubs to move up in the conference standings. Back from their 7-15 dual meet campaign, they have nine section place winners, including two state qualifiers and three with experience. Their key leaders will be returning state place winner; Zach Holtz (40-8 @ 145) earned fourth place state honors and Austin Donnay (16-27 @ 152). Section place winners; Alex Nelson, Carter Holtz and Cody Leither and Zack Schiefelbein. Zack did suffer an off season injury and may not be back.


Returning Wrestlers:

Zack Holtz                     10th             40-8            1st Sec./4th State/AC

Michael Donnay            12th             26-17 3rd Section

Zack Schiefelbein 12th             25-21 4th Section

Alex Nelson                   10th             23-21 3rd Section

Cody Leither                    9th             16-22 4th Section

Austin Donnay              10th             16-27 2nd Section

Carter Holtz                     9th             16-23 3rd Section

Brandon Guggisberg      10th             11-26 5th Section

Nicholas Bowen     9th               9-28 6th Section

Auston Hanon                 9th               4-3

Brett Schiefelbein   8th               2-1

Caden Guggisberg            8th               1-1



Payton Schiefelbein                 36-8            1st Section/AC      (129-76 Career)

Ben Zipoy                               30-7            2nd Section/AC     (74-67 Career)

Jakob Zobeck                            3-24



Head Coach: Dustin Kramer

Assistant Coaches:

Nate Humbert

Chuck Griffith

Junior High Assistants:

Grant Johnson

Nick Hoff

(Special note)

Paul Court has retired from coaching wrestling with 18 great years with the ROCORI Spartans.


10-11 Overall Duals      4-4 Central Lakes

Third Place: SCM “Early Bird” Invite: 146 Pts. 11 Placers

First Place: Minnewaska “Lakers” Invite: 184 Pts. 11 Placers

Fourth Place: Alexandria “Big Ole” Invite: 136 Pts. 11 Placers


The Spartans have back from their 10-11 dual meet campaign, three section place winners and ten with a wide range of experience. This young team should be looking to make a big improvement during the course of the season. They could challenge those dual meet numbers from last season. The Spartans could be a spoiler in both the Central Lakes Conference and the section dual meet campaign.


Returning Wrestlers:

Austin Moscho                9th             26-16 4th Section

Nate Evens           12th              17-17 5th Section

Gavin Winter                   8th             17-15 6th Section

Ben Primus          11th             15-22

Brock Humbert              11th             13-20

James Mann                   12th             13-18

Luke Hemmesch     9th             11-9

Trent Kerzmann   12th               7-11

Ben Hanson                   10th               5-15

Henry Theis                   10th               2-6

Braden Wood                  9th                2-0

Mathew Goebel                8th               2-1

Ryan Kunz                     10th               1-2



Max Court                     23-14 4th Section/AC      (88-61 Career)

Gunner Feldhege  25-6            Injured                  (138-59 Career)

Dylan Schafer                22-10 5th Section/AC      (45-41 Career)

Zach Swanson               10-15




Head Coach: Terry Gorecki

Assistants Coaches:

Shane Fesenmaier

Mariano Portillo

Brett Louden

Travis Holm

Kevin Hines

Charley Rudy


14-9 Overall Duals  3-2 Park Region

Section 7A Runner Ups

Thirteen Section Placers/Six State Qualifiers/Three State Placers

Second Place: Ogilvie “Lions” Invite: 201 Pts. 13 Placers

Fifth Place: Maple Grove “Crimson” Invite: 130.5 Pts. 9 Placers

Fifth Place: Andover “Husky” Invite: 105 Pts. 7 Placers

Third Place: HLWW “Lakers” Invite: 142.5 Pts. 10 Placers

Second Place: Royalton “Royal” Duals: 2-1

Sixth Place: Park Region Conference: 124 Pts. 9 Placers


The Royals of Royalton/Upsala should move up in the conference standings. Look for the Royals to make a strong challenge for a top four spot in this dual meet campaign. If they can stay healthy thru out, they could challenge for another championship match up. They have back from 14-9 dual meet campaign, that was filled with injuries to key wrestlers. They have nine section place winners, including two state qualifiers, of which one earned state honors and six with a win range of experience. Jackson Held (43-6 @ 160) earned fourth place honors and Jacob Leibold (31-16 @ 120) was a state qualifier. Damion Theisen (34-14), Sam Costanzo (17-12), Wyatt Lahr (16-24) and Mason Novitzki (19-16) should be their key leaders thru out the season. They did graduate six last spring, including four section place winners, of which three were state qualifiers and two earned state honors


Returning Wrestlers:

Jackson Held                        12th                 43-6                1st Sec./4th State/AC

Damion Theisen                   12th                 31-16              5th Section/AC

Jacob Leibold                         9th                  31-16              2nd Section/AC

Brady Conrad                       10th                 21-24              5th Section

Sam Costanzo                       12th                 17-12              4th Section

Will Gorecki               8th                  19-27              4th Section

Mason Novitzki                    10th                 19-16              4th Section

Gabe Gorecki                          9th                  18-16              6th Section

Wyatt Lahr                            12th                 16-24              3rd Section

Aaron Block              10th                   7-14

Gavin Sowada                       11th                   4-9

Gage Louden             11th                   4-13

Max Lange                              8th                    3-5

Tyson Leners                          8th                    2-3

Brock Costanzo                      8th                    1-1



Jason Kasella                        42-2                1st Sec./2nd State/AC           (110-22 Career)

Marshall Meehl                    29-13              1st. Sec./5th State/AC

Lyle Zimmerman                  22-10              2nd Section

Cole Wentland                        4-3                3rd Section (Injured)

Phillip Kroll                          10-13

Dalton Lauden                        7-3                Injured






Head Coach: Bob Boeck

Assistant Coaches: 

Dale Wahnschaffe,

Ross Lefebvre

Brad Salveson

Randy Dorn

Tony Kenning

Mitch Voigt


13-5 Overall Duals        6-1 Central Lakes

Final Four Section 8AAA

Ten Section Placers/Five State Qualifiers/Four State Placers

Second Place: Willmar “Cardinal Classic” Invite: 217 Pts. 14 Placers

Fifth Place: STMA “Knights” Invite” 157 Pts. 12 Placers

Ninth Place: Fargo “Rumble on The Red” Invite: 107 Pts. 3 Placers

Third Place: Foley “Tom Keating Memorial” Invite: 149 Pts. 10 Placers

Nineteenth Place: Mn. Christmas Invite: 82.5 Pts. 2 Placers

First Place: Rogers “Royal Rumble” Duals: (3-0)

Second Place: Orono “Spartan” Invite: 184 Pts. 9 Placers


The Tigers have back from their 13-5 dual meet campaign four section place winners, including a state qualifier that earned a medal. They also return a dozen with a wide range of experience. Look for this team to make great strides of improvement over the course of the season. They could challenge for Central Lakes Conference honors, if they get their weights spread out and stay healthy. The Tigers should challenge for one of the top four spots in this section dual meet campaign. Isaiah Green, Taylor Hugg, Drew Kiffmeyer and Aaron Voight should be their key leaders thru out the season.


Returning Wrestlers:

Isaiah Green                            11th             33-9            2nd Sec./5th State

Taylor Hugg                            11th             25-11 4th Section/AC

Drew Kiffmeyer                       12th             24-16 3rd Section/AC

Tyler Zachman                        12th             16-19

Aaron Voight                          11th             12-10 6th Section

Nick Hamak                               9th               7-13

Payton Christianson                12th               7-4

Jack Latterell                           11th               6-12

Ramos Santiago Federico  10th                      7-11

Drevion Hemmingway   11th               6-10

Logan Hanson                         11th               4-6

Aiden Orth                       8th              3-4

Preston Garceau            12th               2-3

Rheave Danford             10th               1-4

Mason Thompson                   11th               1-2

Trey Toenjes                           10th               1-7

Isaac Erickson-Thoemek         12th             18-24 6th Section

Carlos Agee                             11th             16-19

Trevor Schroeder           11th             16-23

Mahamat Hissein           10th               4-18

Jordan Fretty                           12th               3-12

Brett Kayles                            11th               2-14

Jacob Onofrey                         12th               1-9            6th Section



Austin Brenner              44-4            1st Sec./2nd State/AC  (205-46 Career

Dallas Hooper               40-10 1st Sec./4th State/AC      (129-39 Career

Graham Nistler              39-12 2nd Section/AC               (134-56 Career

Alex Kern                      29-8            1st Sec./5th State   (115-37 Career

Jayden Sundstrom         27-15 3rd Section/AC               (76-66 Career)

Luka Rajkic                   27-11 All Conference               (58-43 Career)

Brett Kirchner                34-10 2nd Section/AC

Zach Willard                  19-23 5th Section

Nick Gill                        14-24 3rd Section

Braxton Garceau    8-8

Dawson Welaski    2-6

Brett Kirchner                34-10 2nd Section/AC

Zach Willard                  19-23 5th Section

Nick Gill                        14-24 3rd Section



Head Coach: Cody Olson

Assistant Coaches:

Noel Meyer

Beau Penk

Josh Halicke

Josh Stewart

Cory Luke

Logan Adnak

Jeff Stang

Vince Burr


9-13 Overall Duals        4-4 Central Lakes

Eight Section Placers/Three State Qualifiers/One State Place Winner

Third Place: Big Lake “Hornet” Invite: 149 Pts. 10 Placers

Fourth Place: SCM “Early Bird” Invite: 131.5 Pts. 10 Placers

Ninth Place: Redwood “River Riot” Invite: 97 Pts. 4 Placers

Second Place: Paynesville “Bulldog” Invite: 181.5 Pts. 12 Placers


The Sabres will have back six section place winners, including three state qualifiers, of which one earned a state medal. They will also return ten with a wide range of experience. Look for the Sabres to make steady improvement over the course of the season. They should challenge their dual meet numbers from last season. If they get their weights spread out, they should have a pretty balanced team. Look for the Sabres to be a possible spoiler in the Central Lakes Conference. They should make a challenge for a top four spot in this dual meet campaign. Cole Fibranz, Jackson Penk, Nick Pelach, Sam Fernholz and Dylan Enriquez should be their key leaders thru out the season


Returning Wrestlers:

Cole Fibranz                  12th             43-2            1st Sec./3rd State/AC

Jackson Penk                 12th             41-10 2nd Section/AC

Nick Pelach          12th             32-10 2nd Section/AC

Sam Fernholz                 11th             26-17 5th Section

Dylan Enriquez                9th             25-14 5th Section

Jack Engle            11th             20-22 5th Section

Dylan Gerdes                 11th             11-27

Andy Heckman              11th             10-5

Austin Frauenholtz        10th               8-25

Ashton Lipinski               9th               7-14

Avery Kouba                 10th               4-19

Alex Moritz                   12th               4-21

Matthew LIndstrom       12th               2-23

Tim Stephens                 12th               1-6

Cody Neitzke                 12th               1-12

Dutch Norby                  10th               1-2



Patrick Hesse                 19-23 6th Section   (50 Wins)

Nick Daffinrud                 3-13

Bryan Hanna                   2-1




Head Coach: Cole Wilson

Enrollment: 1182

Conference: Central Lakes

Section 8AAA


Assistant Coaches:

Cole Wilson

Derik Gilbertson

Zach Brown

Scott McCabe

Heath Wilson


16-9 Overall Duals        4-4 Central Lakes

Five Section Place Winners/One State Qualifier

Seventh Place: STMA “Knights” Invite: 56 Pts. 5 Placers

Fourth Place: Shakopee “Saber” Invite: 136.5 Pts. 6 Placers

First Place: Richfield “Charley Turner” Duals: (3-0)

Sixth Place: Cannon Falls “Bomber” Invite: 92 Pts. 5 Placers

Fifth Place: SCT “Kiffmeyer” Duals:

Seventh Place: Eastview “Lightning” Invite: 88 Pts. 10 Placers


The Storm will have back from their good 16-9 dual meet campaign three section place winners, including one state qualifier and ten others with a great deal of experience. Look for this young team to make big strides of improvement during the course of the season. They could challenge their dual meet numbers from last year. Look for them to make a challenge for a top four spot in this section dual meet campaign. Jared Spohn, Andrew Wollok and Marcus Santillana should give them good leadership thru out the season.


Returning Wrestlers:

Jared Spohn                   11th             37-4            1st Section/AC

Andrew Wollok             10th             28-11 6th Section/AC

Marcus Santillana          12th             22-22 5th Section/AC

Ben Konz                       11th             17-12

Ben Gilbertson               11th             16-14

Peyton Olson                   9th             16-12

Cole Ackerman                9th             16-15

Jacob Ackerman   12th             10-6

Dante Haywood               8th             10-6

Darrius Robinson 12th               7-10

Matt Krepp          10th               4-19

Jacob Weber                  12th               7-10

Joey Hoeschen               10th               2-8



Andrew Syvertson         21-9            4th Section

Zach Spohn                   14-7            Injured        (77-22 Career)

Gage Donovan                 9-26 6th Section

Brent Nelson                    5-10

Sam Stallmach                 1-12

Tyler Och                         1-8







No. 10 Dylan Enriquez 106 LBS 9th

No.   4 Jackson Penk 132 LBS 12th

No.   3 Nick Pelach 138 LBS 12th

No.   2 Cole Fibranz 220 LBS 12th



No. 5 Isaiah Green 220 LBS 11



No. 7 Jared Spohn 120 LBS 11th





No. 10 Mark Dierkes 145 LBS 12th

No.   7 Conor Thorsten 160 LBS 11

No.   9 Hunter Gorecki 195 LBS 10



No. 10 Lukas Paulson 138 LBS 10th



No. 2 Gabe Zierden 195 LBS 12





No. 3 Jackson Held 170 LBS 12th



No. 8 Zack Holtz 152 LBS 10th



No. 8 Taylor Ludwig 132 LBS 11th







November 30

BELGRADE-BROOTEN-ELROSA “Jaguar” Invitational (2:30)

Teams: Annandale/Maple Lake Lightning, Benson Braves, Eden Valley-Watkins Eagles, Holdingford Huskers, Morris Area Tigers, New London-Spicer Wildcats, Ortonville Trojans, Redwood Valley/River Valley Cardinals, Willmar Cardinals, Quad County Cobras,  Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars


MELROSE “EARLY BIRD” Invitational (2:00)

Teams: Albany Huskies, Bemidji Lumberjacks, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg Fighting Saints, Osakis, Silverstreaks, Sauk Centre/Melrose, Rocori Spartans, Sartell Sabres, Spectrum Sting


BECKER “Bulldog” Quadrangular (5:00)

Teams: Monticello Magic, Pine City/Hinckley-Finlayson Dragons and St. Agnes Aggies



December 1st

  1. MICHAEL-ALBERTVILLE “Knights” Invitational (9:30)

Teams: Delano Tigers, Dassel Cokato Chargers, Elk River Elks, Forest Lake Rangers, Irondale Knights, Perham Yellow Jackets, Robbinsdale Cooper Hawks, Sauk Rapids/Rice Storm, St. Cloud Tech Tigers, Waconia Wildcats, St. Michael-Albertville Knights


LITCHFIELD Dragons Invitational (10:00)

Teams: Alexandria Cardinals, Hutchinson Tigers, Milaca Wolves, Totino Grace Eagles, Minneota Vikings, Monticello Magic, Litchfield Dragons


GLENCOE-SILVER LAKE “Don Hall” Invitational (9:30)

Teams: Watertown-Mayer Royals, Bold Warriors, Howard Lake/Waverly/Winsted Lakers, LeSueur-Henderson Giants, Kimball Area Cubs, New Ulm Eagles, St. Clair Cyclones, Trinity At River Edge Tri-Hawks, Windom/Mountain Lake Cobras, Zumbrota-Mazeppa Cougars and Glencoe-Silver Lake Panthers



Teams: Cambridge-Isanti Bluejackets, Centennial Cougars, Foley Falcons, Hibbing Bluejackets, Kenyon-Wanamingo Knights, Little Falls Flyers, Chisago Lakes Wildcats


EDINA Hornets Invitational (9:00)

Teams: Farmington Tigers, Grand Rapids Thundhawks, Lake City Tigers, Royatlon/Upsala Royals, Sibley East Wolverines, Spectrum Sting, St. Thomas Cadets, Edina Hornets



December 4th

FOLEY “Falcons” Triangular (5:00)

Teams: Annandale/Maple Lake Lightning, Big Lake Hornets, Foley Falcons


LITTLE FALLS “Flyers” Triangular (5:00)

Teams: Albany Huskies, Little Falls Flyers, Rocori Spartans



December 6th

WILLMAR “Cardinals” Double Dual

Teams: Willmar Cardinals, Sauk Rapids/Rice Storm, St. Cloud Tech Tigers

St. Cloud Tech vs. Willmar 6:00

Sauk Rapids/Rice vs. Willmar 7:30


ATWATER-COSMOS-GROVE CITY “Falcons Triangular (5:00)

Kimball Area Cubs vs. ACGC Falcons (5:00)

BOLD Warriors vs Kimball Area Cubs (6:30)

BOLD Warriors vs. ACGC Falcons (8:00)dn 

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