ST. CLOUD -- Four years later the goal remains the same for a group of St. Cloud residents, keep Clark Field green.

The Friends of Clark Field have been continuously working to keep the historic athletic stadium located in the heart of St. Cloud.

With the old Tech High School now turned over to the city and the new Tech High School welcoming students, efforts grow strong to not have Clark Field sit idle.

Ruth Kaczor is the spokesperson for the Friends of Clark Field. She says there is lots of opportunity, but lots of work needs to be done to get there.

Certainly we had a goal of this happen much sooner and it didn't and here we are. But I think it's wonderful to see the kids out there enjoying this space and people still excited about the potential of what it could be for our community.

The overall goal would be to renovate the facility with a quality turf field for soccer, lacrosse, football and rugby at both varsity and youth levels as well as community events.

Kaczor says they've recently met with folks from the Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Core and the National Register of Historic Places talking about the possibilities for Clark Field.

We've had some great input from them in more potential for funding and grants. So we had a site visit from several members from there and they took a tour of Clark Field and it was interesting for them. Our next step would be an eligibility study which our task force will discuss that at our September 6th meeting.

Kaczor says while they remain active in fundraising in hopes to renovate the field, they are still outside of their $2-million goal.

She says if anyone is interested in joining their task force they meet every other month at the LEAF Foundation Office in downtown St. Cloud.

If you wish to donated click the link below and select Friends of Clark Field Fund.

The proposed Clark Field Renovations. This shows what it might look like after the first two phases of the project. (Photo: Miller Architects and Builders)