I've been a Vikings Fan for a long, long time. My first memories of watching the Vikings goes back to when Joe Capp was quarterback, yeah, that long.

The frustration over the years was pretty tough to take until I finally figured out that when the Vikings lose, it affects my life in no way. I learned to just enjoy watching the games, win or lose.

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So, on some level, I can sort of relate to Jackie Thompson's frustration. Evidently, Jackie aka Cadillac Jack, has been the star of her daughter's Tic Tok videos. The last 3 minute long video put up on Tik Tok has gone viral with over 260,000 views so far and just like that Jackie Thompson is an internet star.

Jackie's daughter, Jaycee Thompson, told FOX 9 News that her mom has a few cocktails and does some pretty colorful commentary.

"It's pretty crazy. I think a lot of people can relate to what she was saying. I think a lot of Vikings fans felt that way during the game yesterday", Jaycee said. "She doesn't have a filter. She says what she wants,"

Jaycee, has kind of made a hobby of documenting her mothers hilarious antics on Tic Tok but this one of Jackie watching the Viking's season opener resonated with many Vikings fans.

"She's so passionate," said Jaycee. "She loves the Vikings…just depends on how the game is going."

I certainly hope Jaycee keeps chronicling her mother's colorful commentary. At lest if the Vikings lose, I can always look forward to another entertaining video of Jackie's commentary.

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