We will include from the Central Lakes Conference: Sartell Sabres, Sauk Rapids Storm, St. Cloud Tech Tigers and Rocori Spartans. From the Granite Ridge Conference: Albany Huskies, Foley Falcons and the Becker Bulldogs from the Mississippi 8 Conference. From the Central Minnesota Conference the Eden Valley Watkins Eagles, Kimball Area Cubs, Holdingford Huskers, Paynesville Bulldogs and Royalton/Upsala Royals.

Will bring you the individual results of the duals and Individual tournaments of all twelve teams. Also the list of upcoming of events, current state ratings and conference standings. You can get more of your wrestling news and results at and more info on our local teams on my blog site: for more on Section and Conference previews and Bi-weekly columns thru out the season.

(See the First State Ratings at the Bottom)



Head Coach: Cody Olson

Section 8AAA


Josh Halicke

Noel Meyer

Josh Stewart

Cole Stiel

Jackson Penk

The Sabres will have back three section place winners, including two state qualifiers, one section place returning from injury last season and fourteen others with a wide range of experience. They did graduate five seniors, including four section place winners of which two were state qualifiers. Despite that loss, look for the Sabres to challenge those dual meet marks from last season. If they stay healthy they could go for a potential top four in this section. The key leaders should include: Dylan Enriquez (37-5) back from injury, Ashton Lipinski (32-9) 1st Section, Spencer Johnson (27-9) 1st Section and Dutch Nordby (16-10).

8-6 overall Duals                     4-3 Central Lakes

-Seven Section Placers Winners/Three State Qualifiers

-Silver Plaque MWCA Academic

-Second Place: Paynesville “Bulldog” Invite: 189.5 pts. 14 placers

-First Place: Robbinsdale Cooper “Hawk” Invite: 224 pts. 14 placers

-Seventh Place: Big Lake “Hornets” Invite: 99.5 pts 6 placers (10 Teams)

-Twelveth Place: Redwood Valley “River Riot” Invite: 78 pts. 4 placers (36 Teams)

-Fourth Place: Fargo “Rumble on The Red” Invite: 53 pts. 2 placers


Returning Wrestlers:

Dylan Enriquez                       11th                 37-5     (Injured) 2 yrs ago 3rd Section/AC

Ashton Lipinski                      11th                 32-9                 1st Section/AC

Spencer Johnson                     11th                 27-9                 1st Section/AC

Dutch Nordby             11th                 16-10

William Budge                        11th                 14-13

Austin Frauenholtz     12th                 13-16               3rd Section

Ayden Frauenholtz       9th                 12-11

Kade Hendrickson                  11th                 10-11

Brett Thayer                12th                   8-17

Logan Rodebush                     12th                   7-25

Dylan Welle                            11th                   4-15

Dagan LaSart              12th                   4-14

Zach Randolph                       11th                   3-5

Aidan Toivola             12th                   4-4

Ryan Joyce                              11th                   3-1

Avery Kouba              12th                   3-7

Kaden Brooks             10th                   1-1

Zaccory Anderson                    9th                   1-4



Sam Fernholz              38-8                 2nd Section/AC          (123-66 Career)

Jack Engel                               30-10               2nd Section/AC          (76-80 Career)

Andy Heckman                       24-6                 4th Section

Dylan Joyce                            21-11               6th Section/AC

Richard Emslander       4-26



Head Coach: Cole Wilson

Section 8AAA


Derik Gilbertson

Zach Brown

Taylor Lewandowski

Terry Kipka

The Storm will have back four section place winners and nine others with a wide range of experience. They did graduate three seniors, all were section place winners, including a state qualifier. Despite that, they should challenge those dual meet numbers from last season. They did struggle with injuries thru the past two seasons, if they stay healthy they should be able to challenge for a top four spot in a competitive section. Their key leaders should include: Andrew Wollak (23-12) 3rd Section, Alex Diederich (21-12) 6th Section, Cole Ackerman (13-9) 4the Section, Dante Haywood (16-17) and Joey Hoeschen (15-10).

10-11 Overall Duals                4-3 Central Lakes

-Eight Section Place Winners/One State Qualifier

-Fourth Place: Cannon Falls “Bombers” Invite: 119.5 pts. 7 placers

-Sixth Place: Faribault “Dick Shiels: Invite: 91 pts. 6 placers

-Eighth Place: STMA “Knights” Invite: 68 pts. 5 placers

-Eleventh Place: Redwood Valley “River Riot” Invite: 78.5 pts. 3placers


Returning Wrestlers:

Andrew Wollak                      12th                 23-12               3rd Section

Alex Diederich                        10th                 21-12               6th Section

Dante Haywood                     10th                 16-17

Joey Hoeschen                        12th                 15-10

Cole Ackerman                       11th                 13-9                 4th Section

Aiden Rollins              12th                   9-21               5th Section

Dane Dingmann                      11th                   9-3

Matt Krepp                             12th                   8-20

Brayden Ness              11th                   8-14

Jace Erickson              12th                   4-7

Sean Christopherson   10th                   3-12

Logan Culbertson                   11th                   3-1

Ethan Anderson                      10th                   2-1



Jared Spohn                37-7                 1st Section/AC                        (164-33 Career)

Hunter Farnick                        32-10               3rd Section/AC                       (52-27 Career)

Ben Gilbertson                        12-6                 4th Section                              (72-48 Career)



Head Coach: Travis Holt

Section 8AAA

Coaching Staff:

Tony Kenning

Cole Schrader.

The Tigers will have six section place winners, including a state qualifier and six other with a range of experience. They did graduate nine seniors last spring, including three state qualifiers, whom earned a state championship and fourth place honors. Despite the loss thru graduation they should challenge those dual meet numbers from last season. The key leaders should be: Jaxon Kenning (26-12) 2nd Section, Andy Johnson (21-19) 5th Section, Nick Hamak (20-20) 5th Section, Tucker Hugg (18-15) 3rd Section and Spencer Gustin (15-6).

11-5 Overall Duals                  5-2 Central Lakes

-Eleven Section Place Winners/Four State Qualifiers/Two State Placers

-Final Four Section 8AAA

-Gold Plaque MWCA Academic

-First Place: Monticello “Magic” Invite: 200.5 pts. 12 placers

-Second Place: Albany “Purple Pride” Invite: 170.5 pts. 11 placers

-Fourth Place: Orono “Spartans” Invite: 111 pts. 7 placers

-Sixth Place: Brainerd “Paul Bunyan” Invite: 119.5 pts. 9 placers

-Fifth Place: STMA “Knights” Invite: 109 pts. 12 placers

-Seventh Place: Foley “Tom Keating Memorial” Invite: 99.5 pts. 10 placers

-Sixteenth Place: Fargo “Rumble on The Red” Invite: 67 pts. 3 placers


Returning Wrestlers:

Jaxon Kenning                          9th                 26-12               2nd Section/AC

Andy Johnson             11th                 21-19               5th Section/AC

Nick Hamak                            11th                 20-20               5th Section

Tucker Hugg               10th                 18-15               3rd Section

Spencer Gustin                        12th                 15-6

Mahamat Hissein                    12th                 13-20               6th Section

Aidan Orth                              10th                 12-19

Jaden Dombrovski                    9th                 11-14               3rd Section

Sam Long                                  9th                 12-14

Logan Lunceford                      9th                 11-12

Ajay Amundson                        9th                   5-5

Cody Brott                              11th                   1-10



Taylor Hugg                            42-5                 1st Section/AC                        (120-50 Career)

Isaiah Green                22-5                 1st Sec./State Champ (71-23 Career)

Logan Hanson             30-13               3rd Section/AC                       (64-37 Career)

Aaron Voigt                            37-12               1st Sec/4th State                     (60-37 Career)

Hunter Haupert                       26-18

Jack Latterell               23-18               5th Section/AC

Carlos Agee                              1-5                 (26-20 Career)

Mason Thompson                      5-10               (18-28 Career)

Brett Kayfes                             3-9



Head Coach: Dustin Kramer

Section 6AA


Nate Humbert - Varsity Assistant

Nick Hoff - Varsity Assistant

Brad Kelvington - Jr High

The Spartans will have back six section place winners, including a state qualifier. Along with eleven others with wide range of experience. With the graduation of just one senior, however a state qualifier, they should challenge their dual meet  numbers from last season. If they stay heathy, I do see a great deal of potential improvement from this squad. Their key leaders should include, Austin Moscho (39-9) 2nd Section, Carter Thelen (24-20) 6th Section, Evan Moscho (21-12) 6th Section, Jack Major (18-18)  5th Section and Ben Hanson (15-24) 6th Section.


7-20 Overall Duals                  1-6 Central Lakes Conference

-Eight Section Place Winners/Two State Qualifiers

-Third Place: Robinsdale Cooper “Hawk” Invite: 127 pts.      8 placers

-Fifth Place: HLWW “Lakers” Invite: 98 pts.             7 Placers

-Tenth Place: Orono “Spartans” Invite: 42 pts. 4 Placers

-Twenty-Fifth Place: Redwood Valley “River Riot” Invite: 42 pts. 2 placers

-Second Place: Eau Claire, Wisconsin “Old Abe” Duals; (4-1)

Returning Wrestlers:

Austin Moscho                        11th                 39-9                 2nd Section/AC

Carter Thelen              12th                 24-20               6th Section

Evan Moscho                9th                 21-12               5th Section

Jack Major                                9th                 18-18               5th Section/AC

Ben Hansen                             12th                 15-24               6th Section

Ryan Kunz                              12th                 16-20

Ryan Rose                               11th                 14-23               5th Section

Luke Hemmesch                     11th                 11-21

Connor Stang              11th                   6-17

Grady Minnerath                       9th                  5-4

Mason Orth                                9th                  5-2

Henry Theis                             12th                   4-9

Aaron Baisley               8th                   4-13

Matthew Goebel                     10th                   3-11

Davey Maldonado                     8th                  1-1

Anthony Rodriguez       8th                  1-1

Bryan Mata-Avilles     12th                   1-10



Ben Primus                              32-14               2nd Section/AC          (74-53 Career)




Head Coach: Scott Gorecki

Section 7AA


Evan Warnert

Tee Baker

Chris Ratke

Jake Helmin

Tyler Spiczka

The Falcons will have back from their 40-3 dual campaign, Conference championship and Section 7AA championship. A total of  nine section place winners, including six state qualifiers returning.  They will also return six others with a great deal of experience, so despite the fact they had eight seniors, of which four were section place winners and three state qualifiers. Their leading wrestlers will include four 40+match winners: Elijah Novak (11th/49-8), Hunter Gorecki (12th/46-9), Logan Thorsten (12th/42-11) and Levi Jacobson (11th/41-10). In addition to that; they have a pair of 30+match winners: Andy Knutson (12th/33-9) and Greg Miller (12th/33-13) and 20 match winners: Caden Ruhoff (11th/25-17), Cole Rudnitski (10th/24-17), Cyler Ruhoff (9th/25-20), Joseph Thorsten (11th/26-10) and Alex Jennissen (9th/22-9). Three others seniors with 15 or more wins back; Evan Milejczak (19-13), Levi Henry (17-11) and Alex Vait (15-5-). Look for the Falcons to make a strong challenge to defend their Conference and Section honors and very possibly be a top four team in State AA.

40-3 Overall Duals                  6-0 Granite Ridge

-Fourteen Section Placers/Nine State Qualifiers/One State Placer

-Section 7AA Champions/Fourth Place Class AA

-Gold Plaque: 3.7 GPA MWCA Academic

-First Place: Brainerd “Paul Bunyan” Invite: 223.5 pts. 14 placers

-First Place: Foley “Tom Keating Memorial” Invite: 190.5 pts 13 placers

-First Place: Chisago Lakes “Wildcat” Duals: (4-0)

-Fifth Place: Fargo “Rumble on the Red” Invite: 112 pts. 4 placers (58 Teams)

-Second Place: St. Cloud Tech “Kiffmeyer” Duals: (3-1)


Returning Wrestlers:

Elijah Novak                            11th                 49-8                 1st Section/AC

Hunter Gorecki                        12th                 46-9                 1st Section/AC

Logan Thorsten                        12th                 42-11               2nd Section/AC

Levi Jacobson              11th                 41-10               1st Section/AC

Andy Knutson             12th                 33-9                 1st Section

Greg Miller                              12th                 33-13               1st Section/AC

Joseph Thorsten                       11th                 26-10

Caden Ruhoff              11th                 25-17               3rd Section

Cyler Ruhoff                  9th                25-30               5th Section

Cole Rudnitski             10th                 24-17               5th Section

Alex Jennissen               9th                 22-9

Evan Milejczak                        12th                 19-13

Levin Henry                            12th                 17-11

Alex Vait                                 12th                 15-5



Conor Thorsten                        51-7                 1st Sec./6th State/AC   (125-34 Career)

Isaiah Fitch                              43-12               1st Section/AC             (67-18 Career)

Ethan Oswald              35-13               4th Section/AC                        (65-38 Career)

Mitchell Rothfork                    33-14               2nd Section/AC                       (83-55 Career)

Max Henne                              22-17               4th Section

Sutherlin Schmit                      30-9                 Injured/AC                               (43-29 Career)

Daniel Halverson                     15-15


Head Coach: Alex Even

Section 6AA

Coaching Staff:

Adam Tate

Troy Hoffarth

Simon Bryce

The Huskies will return from the 16-5 dual meet campaign seven  section place winners, one was a state qualifier. They will also have ten with a range of varsity experience. So despite the graduation of four section place winners, look for the Huskies to challenge those dual meet numbers from last season and to possibly challenge for a top four spot in what should be a very good Section 6AA dual meet campaign. The leaders should include a pair of thirty match winner; William Mergen 12th (30-12) 2nd Section/AC and Hunter Tate 11th (30-14) 4th Section and a pair of twenty match winners; Tate Hoffarth 12th (26-14) 4th Section and Peyton Krumrei 11th (29-16) 4th Section/AC. Look for their younger wrestlers to show a great deal of improvement over the course of the season.

16-5 Overall Duals                  4-2 Granite Ridge

-Eleven Section Placers/One State Qualifier

-GOLD Plaque “TOP AA MWCA Academic Team” (3.879 GPA)

-Third Place: Big Lake “Hornets” Invite: 150.5 pts 12 placers

-Fifth Place: BBE “Jaguar” Invite: 103 pts. 9 placers

-Fourth Place: Albany “Purple Pride” Invite: 129 pts. 10 placers

-Seventh Place: Elk River “Elks” Invite” 99.5 pts 8 placers

-Twenty-third Place: Cass Lake-Bena “Big Bear” Invite: 59.5 pts 1 placer


Returning Wrestlers:

William Mergen                      12th                 30-12               2nd Section/AC

Hunter Tate                             11th                 30-14               4th Section

Tate Hoffarth              12th                 26-14               4th Section

Peyton Krumrei                       11th                 29-16               4th Section/AC

Devin Hanson             10th                 16-15               5th Section

Declan Crumley                      11th                 12-13               5th Section

Carson Holthaus                     10th                 12-7

Owen Carlson              9th                 11-21

Joseph Schmitt                          9th                 10-16

Connor Winkels                      12th                   5-10

Aaron Ainali                           11th                   4-9

Porter Caplan              11th                   4-4

Spencer Kollman                     10th                   4-6

Nick Bushman                        10th                   4-10

Jacob Adrian               11th                   6-23

David Bushman                      10th                   2-9

Mason Plumski                          9th                   2-3



Peyton Linn                            32-9                 3rd Section/AC           (59-41 Career)

Dustin Schmitt                        31-12               4th Section/AC           (99-64 Career)

Thomas Blattner                      28-14               3rd Section/AC           (46-37 Career)

Riley Rakotz                           14-5                 3rd Section                  (63-45 Career)



Head Coach: Matt Aho/Jeff Zimmer

Section 6AA

Coaching Staff:

Dustin Weege

Luke Salzer

DeWayne Sommerdorf

Jaydon Grommersch

Andy Saunier

The Bulldogs will have back from their 22-2 dual meet campaign, conference championship and section runner-up team, nine section place winners. This includes three state place winners, one qualifier and twelve with a wide range of experience. They did graduate three seniors including a pair of state qualifiers, despite that look for them to challenge those dual meet numbers, make a strong challenge to defend their conference honors. They should make a very strong challenge for section and possible state honors. The key leaders should include: Caden DeWall 12th (40-2) 1st Sec./3rd State/AC, Lukas Paulson 12th (37-7) 1st Sec./4th State/AC, Brayden Weber 12th (36-6) 1st Sec./6th State/AC, Ethan Anderson 11th (37-11) 2nd Section/AC, and Adam Jurek 10th (35-9) 3rd Section/AC).

22-2 Overall Duals                  7-0 Mississippi 8

-Eleven Section Place Winners/Six State Qualifiers/Three Placers

-Section 6AA Runner Up

-Gold Plaque MWCA Academic

-Second Place: Delano “Tigers” Invite: 195 pts. 12 placers

-Second Place: South St. Paul “Pete Veldman” Invite: 201 pts. 12 placers

-Third Place: BBE “Jaguar” Invite: 141 pts. 7 placers

-Eighth Place: Rogers “Holiday Matness” Invite: 114 pts. 6 placers (27 Teams)

-Fifth Place: Albany “Purple Pride” Invite: 112 pts 10 placers


Returning Wrestlers:

Caden DeWall             12th                 40-2                 1st Sec./3rd State/AC

Lukas Paulson             12th                 37-7                 1st Sec./4th State/AC

Ethan Anderson                       11th                 37-11               2nd Section/AC

Brayden Weber                        12th                 36-6                 1st Sec./6th State/AC

Adam Jurek                             10th                 35-9                 3rd Section/AC

Kylen Rish                               12th                 33-9                 3rd Section/AC

Ethan Duncombe                     10th                 21-16               4th Section

Kaden Rish                                9th                 16-10

Dylan Kolby                            10th                 15-6                 4th Section

Tyson Ricker               10th                 10-14               4th Section

Bryce Kuschel             11th                 10-16               5th Section

Ryan Boecker              10th                   7-13

Drew May                                  9th                   6-12

Mason Doucette                       11th                   6-4

Ryan Nelson                11th                   4-4

Dylan Weber               10th                   3-5

Joseph Goth                 11th                   3-3

Landen Kujawa                         8th                   2-1

Jake Rosenow                8th                   2-1

Isaac Regel                              11th                   1-3

Owen Angell                              8th                   1-4



Jake Nelson                             25-5                 1st Section/AC (105-52 Career)

Reid Krause                             35-14               2nd Section                  (46-14 Career)

John Stangler               11-10



Head Coach: David Joseph

Section 4A


Quinten Berres

Marcus Hamer

Ben Fox


The Cubs will have back from their 24-6 dual meet campaign ten section place winners, including six state qualifiers of which four were State place winners. They will also have ten back with a range of experience. They didn’t have anyone graduate last spring, so look for this team to likely challenge those dual meet marks from last season. The Cubs should be considered one of the top teams in Class A. They will be in one of the toughest Class A Conferences in the state and with last years Class A state runner up in Section 4A. If they stay healthy they could give both ACGC and BBE a strong challenge. Their key leaders should include: Ashton Hanan (39-8) 6th State, Zach Holtz (34-3) 6th State, Gavin Winter (33-8) 5th State, Alex Nelson (32-9) 6th State, Carter Holtz (35-2) 1st Section, Austin Donnay (30-16) 2nd Section, Cody Leither (22-13), Brett Schiefelbein (24-17) 5th Section and Lucas Jurek (13-10) Injured.


24-6 Overall Duals                  5-1 Central Minnesota

-Section 4A Runner Up

-Eleven Section Placers/Six State Qualifiers/Four State Placers

-Second Place: Glencoe/SL/LP “Don Hall” Invite: 151 Pts. 13 Placers

-Third Place: Ogilvie “Lions 40th Annual” Invite: 173 Pts. 10 Placers

-Sixth Place: Albany “Purple Pride” Invite: 111 Pts. 9 Placers


Returning Wrestlers:

Ashton Hanan              11th                 39-8                 1st Sec./6th State/AC

Carter Holtz                             11th                 35-2                 1st Section/AC

Zach Holtz                               12th                 34-3                 1st Sec./6th State/AC

Gavin Winter               10th                 33-8                 1st Sec./5th State/AC

Alex Nelson                             12th                 32-9                 1st Sec./6th State

Austin Donnay                        12th                 30-16               2nd Section

Brett Schiefelbein                    10th                 24-17               5th Section

Jack Bollman               10th                 23-25               5th Section

Cody Leither                11th                 22-13

Ace Meyer                              11th                 21-21               6th Section

Logan Kuseske                        10th                 13-16

Lucas Jurek                             11th                 13-10               Injured

Blake Brutger               10th                 12-11

Hayden Rosenow                      9th                   9-13

Chase Anderson                      10th                   8-12

Brandon Guggisberg    12th                   7-10

William Serbus                          9th                   5-20     5th in Section

Hank Meyer                               8th                   3-3

Sam Anderson               9th                   1-2





Head Coach: Terry Gorecki

Section 7A


Shane Fesenmaier

Wade Cruser

Brett Louden

Charley Rudy

Travis Holm

Spencer Elwell

Kevin Hines

Jason Kasella


The Royals will have back from the Section Championship team eight section place winners, Gabe Gorecki who was 30-9, before his injury in the Conference tournament and eight others with a range of experience and a transfer from Sauk Rapids with varsity experience. They did graduate four seniors, including three section place winners, of which one was a state qualifier. They should challenge those dual meet numbers from last season and make a strong challenge to defend their section championship. They are in a very tough conference with two of top class A teams in the CMC. Their key leaders should include: Jacob Leibold (45-13) 6th State, Mason Novitzki (32-11) 1st Section, Will Gorecki (36-16) 2nd Section, Gabe Gorecki (30-9) Injured, Austin Wensman (26-24) 3rd Section, Brayden Conrad (24-20) 4th Section, Michael Zimmerman (21-31) 5th Section and Sawyer Simmons (14-11) 6th Section 8AAA.

14-14 Overall Duals                2-4 Central Minnesota

-Eleven Section Placers/Four State Qualifiers/One Placer

-Section 7A Champions

-Silver Plaque MWCA Academic

-Second Place: Trinity at River Ridge “Tri-Hawk” Invite: 133.5 pts. 9 placers

-Fourth Place: Park Region Conference: 138 pts. 11 placers

-Sixth Place: Andover “Husky” Invite: 120 pts. 8 placers

-Sixteenth Place” Brainerd “Paul Bunyan’ Invite: 83.5 pts. 7 placers


Returning Wrestlers:

Jacob Leibold              11th                 45-13               1st Sec./6th State/AC

Mason Novitzki                      12th                 32-11               1st Section/AC

Will Gorecki                            10th                 36-16               2nd Section

Gabe Gorecki              11th                 30-9                 AC/Injured

Austin Wensmann                   12th                 26-24               3rd Section

Brayden Conrad                     12th                 24-20               4th Section

Michael Zimmerman   10th                 21-31               5th Section

Sawyer Simmons                      9th                 14-11               6th Section (Transfer Sauk Rapids)

Aidan Olson                            12th                 12-29               4th Section

Hunter Novitzki                      11th                 10-17               4th Section

Johnathon Bzdok                      9th                 10-10

Bryce Holm                             10th                   1-0

Bryce Binek                             9th                   1-12

Logan Nundahl                         8th                   1-6

Brock Costanzo                      10th                   1-6

Jeremy Mugg              11th                   1-7



Matthew Kasella                     17-15               1st Section

Gage Louden              25-12               3rd Section/AC           (55-50 Career)

Isaac Kasella               11-29               6th Section

Chris Borash                 4-16




Head Coach: Dan Berg

Section 4A


Heath Kramer

Jeff Forcier

Joe Holdvogt

The Eagles will have back from their 18-11 dual meet campaign eight section place winners, including three state qualifiers. They will also have eight back with a wide range of experience. They did graduate three section place winners, but look for the Eagles for challenge their dual marks from last season. They also make a strong challenge for a top four spot in the section dual meet campaign. They will have two of the top teams in the state in their section and three in the CMC. They will be wrestling a very tough schedule. Their key leaders should include: Sam Nistler (33-19) 2nd Section, Teagyn Ludwig (33-11) 3rd Section, Austin Schlangen (35-14) 2nd Section, Gavin Mathies (25-17) 2nd Section, Carter Mathies (26-22) 5th Section and Gavin Caron (21-20) 6th Section.

18-11 Overall Duals                2-4 Central Minnesota

-Final Four 4A

-Twelve Section Place Winners/Three State Qualifiers

-Third Place: Monticello “Magic” Invite: 138 Pts. 9 Placers (16 Teams)

-Fifth Place: Litchfield “Dragon” Invite: 119.5 Pts. 11 Placers

-Eighth Place: Buffalo “Bison” Invite: 74.5 Pts. 7 Placers

-Sixth Place: Paynesville “Bulldog” Invite: 114 Pts. 9 Placers


Returning Wrestlers:

Sam Nistler                             10th                 33-19               2nd Section

Teagyn Ludwig                       11th                 33-11               3rd Section/AC

Austin Schlangen                    11th                 35-14               2nd Section

Gavin Mathies             11th                 25-17               2nd Section

Carter Mathies                        12th                 26-22               5th Section

Gavin Caron                10th                 21-20               6th Section/AC

Sonnie DeHeer                          9th                 18-21

Isaac Ortiz                                 9th                 14-11

Treyce Ludwig                          8th                   9-19               6th Section

Armando Walker                    11th                   7-16               5th Section

Ian Nistler                               11th                   7-25

Braden Kramer                         8th                   5-10

Jackson Geislinger      11th                   2-2

Luis Gomez                             12th                   1-1



Taylor Ludwig                        38-10               4th Section                  (134-65 Career)

Zach Nistler                            17-7                 3rd Section                  (122-73 Career)

Conner Lincoln                       19-27               5th Section



Head Coach: Logan Oellien

Section 7A

Coaching Staff:

Alex Lange

Jamey Koetter

Mike Jarnot

The Huskers will have back eight section place winners, including a pair of state qualifiers and seven with a range of experience. They did graduate six last year, including a pair of section place winners, of which one was a state qualifier. Despite that loss, they should challenge those dual meet numbers. They will be wrestling a tough schedule in the CMC, as that maybe one of the toughest Class A Sections in the state. They should challenge for a top four spot in what should be a well balance section dual meet campaign. Their key leaders should include Tate Lange (34-10) 2nd Section, Sam Harren (30-12) 1st Section, Drew Lange (25-13) 4th Section, Max Secord (23-11) 4th Section,  Brandon Doll (20-19) 4th Section and Luke Bieniek (16-15) 4th Section.

13-11 Overall Duals                0-5 Central Minnesota

-Ten Section Placers/Three Qualifiers

-Final Four Section 7A

-Fourth Place: Paynesville “Bulldog” Invite: 131 pts. 12 placers

-Fifth Place: BBE “Jaguar” Invite: 107 pts. 8 placers

-Seventeenth Place: Redwood Valley “River Riot” Invite: 42.5 pts. 4 placers


Returning Wrestlers:

Tate Lange                              12th                 34-10               2nd Section/AC

Sam Harren                             11th                 30-12               1st Section

Drew Lange                             9th                 25-13               4th Section

Max Secord                             12th                 23-11               4th Section

Brandon Doll              12th                 20-19               4th Section

Luke Bieniek                 8th                 16-15               4th Section

William Pilarski                         8th                 13-19               6th Section

Cohl Clear                               11th                 13-21               6th Section

Gabe Urbanski                        12th                   8-16

Wyatt Novitzki                         8th                   8-6

Evan Petron                            11th                   4-11

Grant Welle                              9th                   4-21

Alex Welle                              11th                   3-6

Trevor Robak              10th                   1-2

Evan Lichy                                9th                   1-0



James Welle                24-18               2nd Section                 (115 Career Wins)

Michael Miller             19-18

Chase Boeckman                    13-15               4th Section

Wesley Kramer                         9-15

Coltin Petron                 7-5

Lance Harren                4-2


Head Coach: Jeremy Reiter

Section 5A


Max Meagher: Assistant Coach

Tracey Piepenburg: Assistant/JH Coach

The Bulldogs have back two section place winners and eleven with a wide range of experience. They did graduate six, including four section place winners. Despite that look for this young team make big strides of improvement thru out the course of the season. They should challenge those dual meet numbers from last year, but it will be in one of the toughest conferences in the state, among Class A schools. They could make a challenge for the top four in what should be a very good section 5A dual meet campaign. Their key leaders should include; Craig Schmitz (27-13) 4th Section, Spencer Eisenbraun (17-16) Injured, Aaron Mages (14-28) 4th Section and Caden Sankoh (13-10). They will have a new head coach, a former Bulldog wrestler, a fifth grade teacher. Former coach Tim Roberg will be missed, I am sure you will be one of their most supportive fans.

12-18 Overall Duals                1-4 Central Minnesota

-Six Section Placers

-Third Place: Paynesville “Bulldog” Invite: 138 pts. 12 Placers

-Eleventh Place: Foley “Tom Keating Memorial” Invite: 40 pts. 7 Placers


Returning Wrestlers:

Craig Schmitz             12th                 27-13               4th Section

Spencer Eisenbraun     10th                 17-16               Injured

Aaron Mages               10th                 14-28               4th Section

Caden Sankoh               9th                 13-10

Brandon Hess               9th                 13-23

Rene Hernandez                     11th                 13-19

Jose Anaya                                9th                   6-11

Chase Viessman                        9th                   3-10

Peyton Hemmesch                    8th                   2-2

Sam Lopez                              12th                   1-2

Vaughn McCray                     12th                   1-3

Preston Welling                         9th                   1-8

Trenton LeClaire                     11th                   1-8

Mason McNab                          8th                   1-0



Brandon Schlangen     27-10               3rd Section                  (56-30 Career)

Weston Roberg                       27-12               3rd Section                  (90-62 Career)

Riley Messer               29-12               5th Section                  (68-86 Career)

Brett Mages                              9-16               6th Section

Shawn Pinske              16-5

Trent Soine                                1-17

STATE RATINGS (First of the Season)







Class A


Gavin Winter                  No. 6          #126

Alex Nelson                   No. 3          #138

Zack Holtz            No. 4          #160

Ashton Hanan                No. 4          #170

Austin Donnay               No. 10        #182

Carter Holtz                    No. 5          #195

Nichols Bowen               No.10         #220



Will Gorecki                   No. 9          #132

Jacob Leibold                 No. 6          #145

Gabe Gorecki                 No. 9          #160

Mason Novitzki    No.3           #285



Austin Schlangen No.7 #285



Tate Lange            No. 7          #170


Class AA


Levi Jacobson                No. 8          #120

Logan Thorsten     No. 8          #152

Hunter Gorecki               No. 4          #195

Greg Miller           No. 8          #220

Elijah Novak                  No. 6          #285



Ethan Anderson    No. 8          #138

Lukas Paulson                No. 1          #145

Kyle Rish                       No. 9          #160

Caden DeWall                No. 2          #182

Brayden Weber     No. 4          #220



Austin Moscho               No. 9          #152


Class AAA


Jaxon Kenning               No. 5          #120

Tucker Hugg                  No. 10        #220



Spencer Johnson    No. 9         #120

Ashton Lipinski    No. 9          # 145



Andrew Wollak              No. 8          #145




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