The Major League Baseball Players Association submitted a counter offer to the MLB owners on a plan to play.  The plan reportedly isn't expected to be approved by the owners.  Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan says they are getting closer but the longer they take at negotiating more and more possible regular season games are slipping away.  The owners don't want to play regular season games beyond September 27 and appear to be holding to that requirement.


A 50-game regular season in baseball could be what is settled on.  Jim says that isn't enough time for the best teams to pull away and we could have some teams you don't expect in the playoff hunt.  Jim also said there won't be a minor league season and this really hurts the development of young players like Royce Lewis.

Royce Lewis may have made his Major League debut in 2020 but with a shortened season that seems unlikely.  Jim says Lewis could be a shortstop, 3rd baseman, or left fielder when he comes up.  Lewis, who is the Twins' top prospect, could also be a utility player when he joins the Major League team.  Jim thinks it is a possibility that Eddie Rosario will be traded after the season opening up a spot in left field for Lewis or someone else.

The Major League Baseball draft is tonight starting at 6pm.  The Twins have the 27th overall pick.  Jim says the Twins are predicted to take a power hitting first baseman or maybe a shortstop.

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