It's Opening Day for Major League Baseball and of course the Minnesota Twins. The Twins are in Kansas City for their opening series of the season, and if you are a fan of the game, MLB is doing something different this year. They are having first-time players wearing a debut patch.

In a Tweet from Major League Baseball this morning, it announced the patch and what happens to it after the player's first game.

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It's a really fun idea that hopefully will see more people attracted to collecting baseball cards again like people did back in the 80s and 90s.

The patch isn't big, and if you aren't sure what it looks like you could miss it, or mistake it for a normal part of the uniform. The patch is only about the size of a quarter and will only be worn for a game.

What's more, is that the patch can be worn anytime during the season for a rookie making their debut, so it's something you can be looking for all year long if you are a baseball fan.

You can catch the Twins all season long on WJON AM 1240 95.3 FM.

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