HAWAII -- Spirits remain high and everyone is safe as the St. Cloud State University Volleyball team ride out Hurricane Lane.

The team is in Hawaii for a tournament this weekend, a trip planned long before the threat of the storm.

Head Coach Chad Braegelman says the team has handled the situation very well.

They've been doing well with it. We've had practice and they come back and their phones have several missed calls. They do a nice job keeping perspective.

Braegelman says players have remained in constant contact with their families providing updates.

He adds the team has also remained focused and looks for that to translate into the regular season.

Our conference is so good that during preseason time we are not just searching for the best teams to play, but focus on stuff on our side of the court as well.

The team's first game was postponed Thursday, but they will play two games Friday and Saturday before flying back home on Sunday.

Parts of Hawaii have already seen over 31 inches of rain in 36 hours.