It is still a job seeker’s market but you still need to do your homework to be the top candidate.

Resume Tips Capture their attention quick

• Employers spend less than 30 seconds screening your resume. Make it stand out
• Highlight the skills and experiences the employer is seeking
• Edit your resume with every application to align to each employer Be Complete • Don’t make employers connect the dots.
• Differentiate yourself
• What transferable skills will relate to the job you are applying to?
• Highlight your strengths that match employer requirements Be Accurate
• Don’t stretch the truth
• Be concise Be Professional
• Email address, grammar, concise, bullets are preferred over sentences
• Ensure resume is up to date Other considerations:
• Ensure you identify references that will present you in the best way.
• Update your references regarding jobs you are applying to/share job posting
• Consider new jobs and new industries. Transferable skills can be applied.
• Professionally persistent in follow up

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photo - Chris Wayne
photo - Chris Wayne

Interview Prep Do your homework
• Research the company – website, social media, employees
• Nail down the details – time, place, interviewer, door to enter
• Confirm the time/place and BE ON Time – early is even better. 47% of employers would discount a candidate who is late.
• Network – find out as much about company, its culture and priorities as you can from contacts, employees, etc – plan your questions appropriately
• Review job description thoroughly and prepare examples of how your experience aligns with skills identified
• Align your resume with the job you are applying to. Highlight experiences, but don’t stretch the truth. 90% of employers wouldn’t hire someone that lied on their resume.
• Prepare your list of questions. Be specific to company/opportunity Practice – be ready for anything • Practice interviewing with a friend, family member, mirror
• Answer sample questions (Jobspot has list to practice with)
▪ Anticipate questions – positive, negative, neutral
• Prepare your answers to be specific, concise, and well thought out
• Take a minute to think about answer Professional
• Dress to impress: Always come professionally dressed for initial interview. First impressions count. (Can always relax dress code down for follow up interviews if instructed to do so.) 71% of employers would not hire a person that missed the dress code memo. Dress to impress for virtual interviews as well.
• Smile through phone interviews – shows through your voice
• Remain professional and finish interview out – even if not good fit
• 81% of employers agree that badmouthing a previous employer is an interviewing deterrent.
• Be yourself. Let your personality shine through
• Eye contact, engaged
• Leave phone in your car – 90% of employers would disqualify a candidate if they simply touched their phone during interview.
• 8 of 10 employers would not hire a candidate with visibly bad hygiene or dressed inappropriately.
• 76% of employers would show a candidate the door if they appeared arrogant. (Be professionally confident – not arrogant) It all comes down to preparation and presentation. The candidates who are genuinely interested and want to prove their value are the ones who will take the time to research and show how they can fit into the organization. For job preparation tips or listing of all 7000 jobs available within a 10 mile radius in and around St. Cloud, visit

For tools available to assist in your job search.

Employers: find recruitment and retention tips on our GSDC website at:

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Gail Cruikshank it is available below.



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