Big Stone County is located in West Central Minnesota. Highway 12 runs through it, and if you've ever taken Highway 12 out to Aberdeen South Dakota stretches of 12 are often long and desolate. The Big Stone County Sheriff's Office recently took to social media to 'explain' why road crews weren't making progress on area roads. The picture that they shared blew my mind. Look at that pile of snow compared to the plow!

The post goes on to detail that the local crews in Big Stone County are doing their best and using the equipment they have on hand to clear the roads.

At times we know people wonder why our highway crews are “taking so long” to get roads opened. This picture taken today of the Big Stone County plow shows the challenges that they are facing. This is only one location of many across the county.
The Sheriff's Office wants to thank all our plow drivers and the mechanics that keep the equipment going. This year has been nothing short of a UFC match vs Mother Nature and it’s looking like we have at least another few weeks of it.
Please be patient as our local crews are using every resource possible including dozers, blowers, V-plows, graders, loaders, and plow trucks to get our roads open.

While I knew Duluth had been getting pounded by large snowfall events, I hadn't really been paying attention to our west and what they have been dealing with this winter.

While we here in Minnesota, have had an above-average year in terms of snow, it's nothing like what California has seen, where some areas are using extension ladders to find the ground!

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