ST. CLOUD - Many of the most memorable moments at the Olympics happen at Track and Field events.  Track and Field at the Summer games in Rio consists of 24 men’s sports and 23 women’s sports. 

I talked with Tech track and field head coach Craig Aycock about some of the competitions while they were practicing at South Junior High.

"Track is a closed sport, meaning we have exact science as to what will happen. We know exactly how many steps to take between the hurdles, how to get out of the blocks," says Aycock.

Aycock and Tech track and field athletes explained and demonstrated hurdles, long jump, triple jump, high jump, sprints, relays and discus. All events we will see at the 2016 Olympic Games.

"It's all about timing. Each athlete needs to train their body to know how to do their run or field event by continually practicing the same way over and over. Beings just a little off could separate you from first to last place," says Aycock.

The majority of the track and field events happen in the last week of the Olympics.

Demonstrators at Tech included: Max Martig (long jump, relays), Linus Segbe (triple jump, relays), Carlie Rein (hurdles, sprints), Blake Magnuson (sprints), Isaiah Anderson (high jump, discus), Jonas Oehrlein (triple jump, sprints).

Isaiah Anderson (photo - Alex Svejovsky)