WASHINGTON, D.C. (WJON News) -- A congressman from Minnesota is expected to officially announce his run for President of the United States later this week.

Fluence Media Political Analyst Blois Olson says he's expecting Dean Phillips to make the announcement on Friday in Concord, New Hampshire.

Olson says Phillips has hired a new consulting firm and has been making a lot of phone calls to shore up some support to take on President Joe Biden for the Democratic bid.

He says he's going to focus on New Hampshire, see how well he does there and then move on.  I think he thinks if he is competitive he could draw someone else into the race which he says has always been his goal.

Phillips has been more of a moderate during his time in Congress, which could be appealing to some voters in both parties.

He's talked about Joe Biden's electability, there's too much at stake, all of these other issues.  His congressional races have been run on the premise that everyone is invited, they've been inclusive with multiple parities involved.

In the New Hampshire Primary, you don't have to in your own primary, so he could attract voters who don't want either Donald Trump or Joe Biden to be the next president.

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Over the weekend Phillips Tweeted that he would support and work with fellow Minnesota Congressman Republican Tom Emmer if he becomes the next Speaker of the House.

New Hampshire's Primary is on February 6th.

Phillips represents Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District.


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