The listeners are looking to get their first win in our Fantasy Football Challenge.  Red Wing Shoes is trying for their 5th straight win.  The listener challenger is Damian Rajkowski.  Lineups posted below.

Damian Rajkowski (Listener)        Red Wing Shoes                  Old Capital Tavern
QB, Drew Brees                            QB, Drew Brees                   QB, Tom Brady
RB, DeMarco Murray                     RB, David Johnson              RB, LeVeon Bell
RB, LeVeon Bell                             RB, LeVeon Bell                    RB, LeSean McCoy
WR, T.Y. Hilton                               WR, Antonio Brown              WR, Antonio Brown
WR, Antonio Brown                       WR, A.J. Green                     WR, Allen Robinson
TE, Greg Olsen                              TE, Rob Gronkowski            TE, Martellus Bennett
Flex, Lesean McCoy                      Flex, DeMarco Murray          Flex, David Johnson
K, Stephen Gostkowski                 K, Stephen Gostkowski        K, Justin Tucker
D, Denver                                       D, Denver                             D, Pittsburgh