Has it ever occurred to you that even in 2021 people are still setting world records?

How incredible is that -- the world has been around for centuries and centuries, and yet people are still finding ways to do things for the first time or better or faster than ever before! For instance, how many people do you know with hair on their head? Probably more than a few. And yet, a Minnesota man has so much hair on his head that he just set a new record for the world's tallest mohawk! How crazy is that?!

As a matter of fact, there's more to the fine people of Minnesota than just our "opes" and "you betchas" and "yah, fer sures;" we've made our mark on the world with our fair share of world records.

Below are what we personally think are 10 of the coolest world records set in Minnesota or by Minnesotans:

10 Cool Guinness World Records Set in MN or By Minnesotans

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