I really make no secret of the fact that I like dogs better than most people. My wife often, kiddingly, accuses me of favoring our dogs Astro and Zoey over her. Not true, but close. jk

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So, it only goes to show that I will do whatever possible to make sure our dogs stay healthy and with us for as long as possible. Canine toxicity is a dog's reaction to things that are poisonous. These are several human foods that can cause canine toxicity which can result in sickness or even death in dogs.

Most of us know that chocolate is a big no no for dogs. The toxic substance in chocolate is theobromine. Dogs process this at a slower rate that humans. Small amounts can cause sickness like diarrhea, upset stomach, etc.  Larger amounts may cause irregular heartbeat, internal bleeding and seizures, which could result in death.

Peaches and Plums

These both contain cyanogenic glycosides, a form of cyanide. Even small amounts can harm your dog. This toxic substance slows your dogs enzymes that transport oxygen to their blood.

Onions and garlic

These foods can cause inflammation GIO tract and can result in the loss of red blood cells.


Large amounts of avocados can cause gastrointestinal problems and pancreatitis due to the high fat in the avocado.

Coffee, tea and soda

Although extremely small amounts of caffeine usually aren't harmful, however large amounts of caffeine can have serious side effects. Best to keep coffee, tea, sodas including energy drinks away from your dogs as they can cause a variety of heart and blood pressure problems.

Raisins & grapes

These are especially toxic to dogs and if ingested can cause death. The most common cause is kidney failure. The ASPCA receives thousands of calls every year about dogs ingesting raisins and grapes.


Dairy in large amounts can harm your dog. Dogs have a low amount of the enzyme needed to digest milk. Also, many dogs are lactose intolerant.

Take care of your pups because you want them around and healthy for as long as possible, right?

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