ST. JOSEPH (WJON News) -- St. Joseph is preparing for a big day at the baseball park this summer.

On Wednesday, July 5th the community will be featured in the Fox 9 Town Ball Tour.

St. Joseph Joes Manager Pat Schneider says with the game coming one day after the town's Joetown Rocks festival, he's hoping that will help to draw a big crowd.

I do have a lot of alumni that are scattered throughout the country and they have already indicated that they plan to come for the 4th of July and stay an extra day.

Schneider says the Joes typically get between 50 and 60 people attending their games. He's hoping for many more than that on July 5th.

Activities will start in the afternoon with some events for kids on the field.

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The game will feature the Joes taking on the Avon Lakers at Schneider Park at 6:30 p.m. Schneider says he picked Avon as their opponent for that night because they are a fun team, their fans travel well, and they are local.

Organizers expect to have more details as the night gets closer.




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