Vikings running back Adrian Peterson advanced in the 2012 Madden video game voting this past week. Madden '12 is having an NCAA style bracket to see who the cover player will be.

Most people might think no big deal, but as most NFL fans know, being the Madden cover boy comes with a price. A good portion of the players featured on the cover over the years have had some type of injury causing them to miss games.

I urge Vikings fans to not vote for Adrian, simply for the fact we don't want to jinx him for the upcoming season (if there is one). I know this sounds somewhat petty, and I'm not really big into superstitions, but there has to be some truth to this jinx. History would tell us that it there is. We'll need Peterson to play a huge role in the upcoming season.

Adding the Madden curse to the equation is something we don't need in Minnesota. Send it to Green Bay and vote for Aaron Rodgers.