I've never understood this kind of voyeurism.  Who gets their kicks recording women changing clothes?

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I guess one answer to that question is a janitor that was working at Alomere Health Hospital in Alexandria, Minnesota.

According to cbsnews,com, Douglas County Attorney's Office has charged Corey Johns, 34, with one count of interference with privacy after 3 women that work at the hospital reported  "a phone propped up by a shoe that was pointed at them where they were changing,"

The women reported the recording phone to police and before officers arrived, Johns asked the women to return his phone to him. According to police, Johns told the women  "I guess I don't know how to put it, I'm just a sad human being."

When police found a recording of a woman changing clothes on his phone, Johns was taken into custody. Staff at the Douglas County Jail also found a pen that was a recording device in John's possession when he was being booked into jail.

John's admitted that this wasn't the first time he had recorded women in the hospital's dressing rooms. He admitted to doing so going as far back as February of this year.

A conviction in John's case could bring up to a year in prison. No court date has been set yet.

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