The PWHL Draft results are in for 2024, and 42 phenomenal women will be added in for the PWHL's second season.

Your Minnesota PWHL Draft picks are as follows:

Round 1: Claire Thompson- D

Claire Thompson plays defence and also played at Princeton. She has won an Olympic Gold Medal with team Canada in 2022, and is currently in Medical school at New York University. She is going to take a break from her medical studies for now, to play hockey for Minnesota. Although she loves medical school, she has two dreams. One to become a medical doctor, and the other to play professional hockey. Claire said, "My sights have been set on continuing to play professional hockey during this period of my life, so my goal had been to be able to do both."

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Round 2: Britta Curl-F (University of Wisconsin)

Britta Curl is a University of Wisconsin graduate. She is a forward who brings major talent to the team. However, on her social media accounts, she seemed to show support for a boycott of Target Stores for carrying products for the transgender community, which seems to go against the grain with the team, as Minnesota has hosted pride nights and has several players that are part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Round 3: Klara Hymlarova -F (SCSU)

In central Minnesota, we are rejoicing as SCSU player Klara Hymlarova, spent five months playing defense for SCSU. She was deployed as a center at time for Czechia in the World Championships. She is described by Czechia head coach Carla MacLeod as,'a well rounded player who has the capacity to play wherever the coaching staff needs her. She's been described as 'a player that helps teams win those tight games.'

Other picks included these amazing women:

Round 4: Brooke McQuigge, F (Clarkson University)
Brooke had 33 points and 13 goals this past year.

Round 5: Dominique Petrie,F (Clarkson University)
Dominique Petrie was a teammate of Brooke, and is another strong forward on the teams roster.

Round 6: Mae Batherson, D (St. Lawrence University)
Mae is from St. Lawrence and had 37 points this past season.

Round 7: Katy Knoll, F (Northeastern University)
Katy is a 5th-year student who captured 28 points last season.
The next PWHL season is expected to start later this year.


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