Last weekend, the University of Minnesota men's hockey team returned to St. Cloud for the first time since Bob Motzko left St. Cloud State to take the head coaching job with the Gophers. Normally, this would be a game circled on my calendar that I wouldn't miss.

However, instead of just being a single dude I am now a dad and husband. This means I have to buy three tickets for any event I wish to attend.

The cheapest tickets, located on a dirty bench with no seatback, came out to $35 each. For three tickets, that is $105 for two and half hours of hockey. Wow... that seems like a lot.

The Minnesota Wild are welcoming fans back this season, so I checked on the price to attend a Wild game. Mind you, a trip to the Wild game includes all sorts of costs that you won't find at an SCSU game like parking, gas and concessions.

In order for the three of us to sit in the nosebleeds way up behind the net for the Sunday, November 28th game against Tampa Bay, I'd need to cough up $176 just for the three tickets alone. Yowza.

Don't even get me started on the "Winter Classic" outdoor game set for New Year's Day at Target Field. The cheapest SINGLE ticket for that one (again, way up in the nosebleeds) is $205! Two. Hundred. And. Five. Dollars.

I know I am just a radio guy and there are many, many (many) better paying jobs out there, but who are these folks shelling out $1,000 for a family of four to attend a three hour hockey game outside in the freezing cold?! Couldn't be me.

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