We all know that country music legend Garth Brooks is married to his very own country legend, and TV chef, Trisha Yearwood. She is the host Trisha's Southern Kitchen on the Food Network and I swear by her multiple cookbooks and recipes. I was so inspired by her cooking I even modeled my own kitchen's color scheme off of hers in the show. I'm a super fan.

Trisha has some incredible Thanksgiving recipes that she has featured over the years. Here are a few that you can make that Garth and Trisha might be having themselves:

No-Baste, No-Bother Roasted Turkey - Turkeys can be intimidating. They are the centerpiece of the holiday, and if they aren't done right they can ruin the day. Not with this recipe, Trisha is making it easy for us. Get her 5-star turkey recipe here! 

*Garth's Favorite* Mashed Potatoes - Garth told me himself that his favorite food that his wife makes is mashed potatoes. I was honestly shocked when he told me that, she has such a deep catalog of great recipes and still these mashed potatoes beat it all in Garth's book. Get Trisha's mashed potato recipe here. 

Herby Green Bean Salad - Up your green bean game this year. Anyone can mix cans of stuff together. This new take on green beans will excite the taste buds, and add a fresh element to your table. Your family will be wondering where this has been all this time. Get this side dish recipe here!

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Roasted Chestnut and Apple Dressing - Is it dressing or stuffing? Depends on who you ask. Either way, this side dish won't last long on the table once your guests take a bite. Apples add the perfect pop of sweetness and acidity to your dressing/stuffing. Get the recipe here! 

Sweet Potato Pie - Thanksgiving is all about the pies. This is the perfect combination of sweet and savory and can be eaten with dinner. Plus, what is more southern than a Sweet Potato Pie for turkey day? Get Trisha's recipe here! 

Sheet Pan Slab Pie - Why make five different fruit pies when you could put all the flavors on one sheet pan? This recipe satisfies everyone's taste preferences and makes 1/5 of the dirty dishes. Plus it'll save you some oven space. I know what I'm bringing with me to dinner this year. Get the pie recipe here! 

Going to try any of these this year? Let us know how they turn out here. See all of Trisha's recipes here.

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