As I was cleaning my house this weekend my brain randomly had the thought, "why doesn't St. Cloud have a waterpark?" I was doing nothing related to a waterpark, or swimming, but that was my main concern on Sunday morning.

If you think about it, other big cities in Minnesota have waterparks. Alexandria has Arrowwood. Duluth has Edgewater. The Brainerd/Baxter area has multiple waterparks, as does the Twin Cities area.

Why doesn't St. Cloud have one?

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We have easy access to both I-94 and Hwy 10, it is a destination town for shopping, there are multiple youth sporting tournaments that happen here throughout the year, and a huge convention center that brings people from all over together for days at a time. This seems like a prime location for families to have some fun going down slides and splashing around in the water.

We do have a couple of options for aquatic fun, the YMCA in St. Cloud has an AWESOME aquatic area, and Summerland has its waterslide open in the summer. There are plenty of splash pads to use in the summer, and swimming at Quarry Park, but there is no true waterpark. I feel like hotel chains are missing out on a huge opportunity by not building one here.

This is what happens when I am left alone with my thoughts to do mindless work. I start to worry about why there is no waterpark near St. Cloud. I need a hobby.

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